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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

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Moderators' Note

The Orange-bellied Parrot National Recovery Team has asked that we do not publish any reports of Orange-bellied Parrots. Please send any sightings at the Western Treatment Plant, Werribee and The Spit Wildlife Reserve to and for all other areas to Chris Purnell at All Regent Honeyeater reports should be forwarded as soon as possible to Dean Ingwersen ( or freecall 1800 621 056), including any colour leg band details. It is requested that details of Swift Parrot sightings are forwarded to Chris Timewell ( Also, please note that Birdline Victoria won’t be publishing individual reports of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo in the greater Melbourne area. We have had so many reports of Koel that we will not be publishing anymore except for Koel in new areas or confirmed breeding reports.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

December 2019
Wed 4Koel
Heard calling a few times at 7:35pm from the car park outside Woolworths on Barrett Lane.
Ben Sinclair 4/12 #242979
highlightLittle Crow
North of Wandown Fauna and Flora Reserve
About 1000 Little Crow appear to be feeding in an almond orchard on the north side of Wandown F&F Reserve. (Flying around above and landing in the almond trees). An extraordinary number of Little Crow to be sighted in Victoria.
Philip Maher & Judith Allanson 4/12 #242977
Long-toed Stint
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
Great extended views of two Long-toed Stint feeding on muddy margin on the western side of pond 4. Crake like feeding behaviour with both Stints in close proximity to each other. Photos taken
John Newman, Jeff Dagg and David Tytherleigh 4/12 #242976
Mon 2Red-capped Robin
Strath Creek Victoria
Chris Cobern 3/12 #242965
Eastern Koel
Rutherglen Primary School Grounds
Scott Jessup 2/12 #242964

November 2019
Sat 30Baillon's Crake
Dandenong Valley Wetland
One adult and two very young chicks, still in black down. eBird checklist
Michelle Morrison and Christian Doerig 1/12 #242950
Powerful owl
Between Doongalla picnic ground and TV towers above walking trail. On tree limb above trail eating prey.
Simon Buckley 1/12 #242948
Cardinia Reservoir Park
I observed 5 Emu inside the cardinia reserve alongside Wellington Road
Donna Mason 30/11 #242943
Eastern Koel
83-87 Boneo Road, Rosebud
Eastern Koell alone calls out in the evening. Then at midnight then at 2 to 3 am calling. This is the second time that this bird has appeared here 2 years running. Starting at the end of November and carrying on through to early January and then disappears.
Cameron Walker local for 48 years 30/11 #242942
Brush Cuckoo
Enfield State Park
Brush Cuckoo calling on Incolls Road in the Enfield State Park.. Photographed soon after near the cleared, heathy hill. (Field day hill), at the crossing of Incolls and Misery Creek roads. At least 14 Blue-winged Parrots present and a male Spotted Quailthrush.
Indra Bone 30/11 #242941
Wilby private property
Late this afternoon, 40+ cockatiels and there juveniles, some where screeching to be feed, oberseved perched on a dead gum tree. I've never seen so many cockatiels in a flock before in wilby
Brendan Toll 30/11 #242939
White-Winged Triller
Great Southern Rail Trail(Foster/Toora).
My first observation of a W-W Triller down this way in 17+ years of living here,this one was tucking into a green stick insect.
Rohan Bugg 30/11 #242937
Fri 29Latham's Snipe
Heart Morass State Game Reserve
F & G Aust restricted access lucky to come across an area favoured by Latham,s snipe flushed 30 and counted 5 more near where i was able to get a photo eBird checklist
Mark Broomhall 2/12 #242959
Wed 27highlightAustralian Little Bittern
Yan Yean Reservior
In reeds in the pond and perched in melaleuca on far bank, difficult to get clear view. eBird checklist
Andrew Corrick 27/11 #242919
Mon 25Australian king parrot
Merri Creek--Hall Res-Quarries Pk Clifton Hill
One king parrot heard and seen near Hall Reserve in Clifton Hill at about 6pm, the same location where I reported two king parrots on the 9th of October this year. Still an extremely unusual bird for this area, particularly at this time of year, though I've often seen them not much further up the Yarra.
Harry Saddler 26/11 #242912
White-Fronted Chat
Lake Buffalo
Female Chat landed on fence in front of 4 observers, gave front and rear views for 20 seconds. Unfortunately no photos. About 50km SE of any previous eBird reports
Ian Cheyne 25/11 #242908
Sun 24highlightWhite-throated Gerygone, Southern Whiteface
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
The Gerygone was feeding in the canopy of a Grey Box. The loud, clear call gave it away. A pair of Southern Whitefaces were doing food runs for a newly fledged young one. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie 24/11 #242888
Black Honeyeater
Warby-Ovens National Park--Killawarra Forest
At least 4 Bkack Honeyeaters in ironbark just across the road to the west of the dam on north west track.
Janet Chapman and Greg Hardham 24/11 #242883
highlightAustralasian Bittern
Johnson Swamp
Seven Australasian Bitterns at Johnson Swamp this morning. A group of five flushed by a Swamp Harrier and watched for several minutes in flight, and at least two more heard booming from reed beds on south-east side. Recent water releases providing great habitat for large numbers of birds. Other notables amongst fifty odd species included at least 1500 Black-tailed Native-Hen, 29 Glossy Ibis, one Lewin’s Rail. eBird checklist
Leigh Pieterse & David Adam 24/11 #242880
Sat 23Rufous Fantail
Newport Lakes Park
A single bird was observed for 15 to 20 minutes flitting around in low bushes beneath Eucalypts on the western side of the high-level track around the lakes. A totally unexpected sighting for Birdlife Melbourne Beginners on their monthly outing. Photo by Eleanor Dilley.
Alan and Hazel Veevers, with 35 other BM observers 25/11 #242909
Freckled Duck
Joyces Creek
2 birds with a single Pink-eared Duck and ~ 50 Hardheads.
Geoff Park 23/11 #242874
Fri 22highlightBrown Treecreeper
29 Mile Road Western Treatment Plant
A single bird sitting high in dead branches being harassed by 2 Superb Fairywren. Strong (100 kph) n-w winds on 21/11may have blown it in from the You Yangs. First report for WTP on Birdata and eBird since June 2008. Report for 2008 was said to be first ever report and was from the Borrow Pits area.
Jen Spry; Joy Tansey 22/11 #242869
Thu 21White-throated Needletail
Knobs Junction, St Andrews
Approx 20 birds fairly high up over our house but clear view with binos ... very turbulent conditions
Deb Oliver 21/11 #242864
Pacific (Fork-tailed) Swift
Emperor Drive, Ocean Grove
Sixty-three Swifts circling & hawking in front of a cool change to a very hot windy day.
Tom Fletcher 21/11 #242862
Pacific Koel
One calling near the Canterbury Girls Secondary School at 4.20 pm. My first for Victoria !
Graham Beal 21/11 #242861
Wed 20Sacred Kingfisher
Doongalla Pony Club
First time I have recorded this species in 20 years of observations.
Des Palmer 20/11 #242855
Tue 19White-winged Triller
Inverloch foreshore camping
Male White-winged Triller seen in the campground during our Branch camp based around Inverloch. We also saw WWT's at the Desalination Plant on 17th and at Wonthaggi Heathland on the 16th. There are few records of this species in this part of Gippsland. eBird checklist
Birdlife Murray Goulburn 25/11 #242900
Brookfield, Wunghnu Vic.
A small flock of Budgerigars along Watters Road next to Brookfield, the Budgerigars were on the ground foraging and flew up into a small Eucalyptus tree as we came driving along Watters Road. Flock size approximately 15
Richard & Catarina Gregson 19/11 #242843
Mon 18Sacred Kingfisher
Mullum Mullum Creek bike trail
Juts where the new boardwalk section finishes and meets the old pipetrail upstream from Heads Road, Donvale (there is an informal dirt track along the creek side here too). Heard first and then located in tree - very vocal. An unusual sighting for Mullum Mullum Creek. eBird checklist
Mike Hone 18/11 #242838
Sun 17Glossy Ibis
Lake Anderson (Chiltern)
One Adult feeding on the lake edge.
Alan Mott 17/11 #242832
Sat 16Dusky Woodswallow
Miller Park, Boronia
Since I first moved here in 1986 (bushblock backing onto bushland and Miller Park) I have kept birdlists from my property (an interesting study in itself regarding decline and rise of species but I'm off the mark!). For the first 7 years without fail, come summer large flocks of Dusky Woodwswallows would shelter in the Messmates in my backyard. Then suddenly they disappeared. I knew that they were nearby in the paddocks around The Basin but not here. Yesterday I spotted one flying over my Gumtrees, first sighting for 26 years.
Alf Forbes 17/11 #242824
Common Sandpiper
Nooramunga Marine Park--McLoughlins Beach
1 C-Sandpiper on the left side of boat ramp.
Rohan Bugg 16/11 #242810
Fri 15highlightBudgerigar
Bacchus Marsh West Golf Course
Presumably wild Budgerigar with a flock of about 50 White-browed Woodswallows. It didn't allow us to approach too closely, acting like a wild bird. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie, David Whelan 16/11 #242813
Wed 13highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Pine Lake (Horsham)
Down curved bill with yellowish base, brown crown, indistinct supercilium. Heavily streaked breast with sharp cut off. Clean crisp white belly and flanks. Yellowish legs. eBird checklist
Angus Schmidt 14/11 #242791
Red-capped Robin
Reynolds Reserve, Eltham
Single Juv/Imm seen foraging near Yarra River (-37.733126, 145.173052) this afternoon. Also ~10 White-browed Woodswallows present seeming quite settled in area and ubiquitous White-winged Trillers about.
Dan Ashdown 13/11 #242790
Tue 12highlightPlains Wanderer
Rupanyup district
Female Plains Wanderer flushed from fallow paddock while looking for Pratincoles. Paddock has short remnant standing barley stubble from last years harvest.
Ian Morgan 12/11 #242783
Mon 11Pacific Swift, White-throated Needletail
Fairy Dell Nature Reserve
Flock of 10+ Pacific Swift over hill forest at Fairy Dell (near Wiseleigh/Bruthen, East Gippsland) at c 1130 this morning, Also a single White-throated Needletail. Early records for this area.
BirdLife East Gippsland group, per Chris Healey 11/11 #242776
Superb Parrot (male)
Great Alpine Road Tarrawingee
Male Superb flew very close three metres above head. Flying slower than usual, as though it may have just taken off from the paddock next door where Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Little Corellas are feeding on Cootamundra Wattle Seeds, pods which are still quite green.
Michael O’Sullivan 11/11 #242774
White-winged Triller
Woodlands Historic Park--Back Paddock
Pair of trillers along the fence line near the back paddock
Jason Camilleri 11/11 #242771
Sat 9Arctic Jaeger
Bird Hide at Little River
One bird observed flying low off shore near bird hide
Giles Daubeney, Nina Tsilikas 10/11 #242755
highlightAustralian Pratincole
Rupanyup district
One pair of Pratincoles have been on fallow paddock for four days. Several pairs of Banded Lapwings also in same paddock. Lapwings breeding.
Ian Morgan. 9/11 #242752
Thu 7Budgerigar
Nason Track, Glenrowan
Deb Oliver 7/11 #242727
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