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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker and Simon Starr.

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Moderators' Note

We will publish reports of birds that are rare or unusual, outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

December 2021
Thu 2highlightDollarbird
Dollar bird perched in dead trees on the Rhyll headland 300 metres west of yacht club. A very unusual occurrence here.
Derek Whitehead 2/12 #262302
Wed 1Little Lorikeet
The Musk Lorikeets have arrived in force in Beaumaris (seem to return in numbers late Nov/early Dec) and have had a couple of sightings of Little Lorikeets amongst them. This evening there were 3 in the flowering eucalypts of the Concourse Shopping Centre. One for people in the area to look out for to get a glimpse of these locally uncommon birds.
Sean Dooley 1/12 #262299
megamegaBrown Cuckoo-Dove
Gypsy Point, East Gippsland
We had one Brown Cuckoo-Dove fly in on the walk near Gypsy Point lodge. There are quite uncommon here.
Rosemary and Chris Lester 1/12 #262298
Pacific Reef Heron
Bastion Point (Mallacoota)
There were 2 Pacific Reef Herons at Bastion Point this morning.
Rosemary and Chris Lester 1/12 #262297
highlightGlossy Black Cockatoo
The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve
A pair of birds feeding in scrub along Panorama Trk. Second sighting in as many months.
John Morrissey 1/12 #262292

November 2021
Tue 30Eastern Bristlebird, Topknot Pigeon
Croajingalong National Park--Howe Flat
We saw 3 Eastern Bristlebirds and a flock of about 15 Topknot Pigeons. We couldn't find any White-cheeked Honeyeaters, unfortunately.
Rosemary and Chris Lester, Neil Macumber, Angus 1/12 #262296
Sun 28Square-tailed Kite
Hilltop Dog Park, Guildford
One bird soaring overhead. Long square greyish tail, reddish underparts, prominent primaries "fingers" and bullseyes. Mobbed tentatively by Pied Currawongs. Continuing the run of very many more than normal number of local sightings. eBird checklist
Lawrie Conole 1/12 #262294
Topknot Pigeon
Lake Curlip State Game Reserve
A flock of more than 20 Topknot Pigeons observed feeding on Muttonwood fruit. Multiple observations of the species in and around the Muttonwood stands in the Reserve over the past month.
Tony Mitchell 29/11 #261285
Sat 27highlightPainted Honeyeater
Birremathool, Bailieston (restricted access)
Bird in clump of mistletoe near top of large grey box; initially calling “georgee” loudly and frequently; after a while silent and still, sometimes preening, in centre of same mistletoe. After a while flew to an adjacent tree, seen again briefly, then disappeared into another mistletoe, calling infrequently. eBird checklist
Margaret and Richard Alcorn 29/11 #261287
Leucistic Willie Wagtail
Shays Flat
Looked like a young but quite independent bird at times in the company of one normal Willie Wagtail on a timbered creek line in cleared farmland
Robert Brinkman 28/11 #261282
Fri 26Common Koel
Vincent rd Morwell vic
Last year and this year we have a male Common Koel in Morwell Victoria there seems to be only one. Is it rare for them to be so far south?
Luke Willis 26/11 #261272
Wed 24Eastern Koel
A bird heard calling just before midnight, perhaps somewhere in the vicinity of the Beaumaris Library.
Sean Dooley 25/11 #261263
Painted Button Quail
West Preston
This painted button quail was hiding on the path round the side of my house this evening, it scurried into my backyard, and then flew over the back fence just after I snapped a photo of it on my phone. I never expected to see a quail in my very suburban backyard, located near the corner of Gilbert rd and Bell st eBird checklist
Matt Le Feuvre 24/11 #261262
Rufous Songlark
Royal Park, Parkville
A Rufous Songlark was seen again in the grassy area adjacent to the creek where the old camp used to be. This is approximately the same place where I and others saw it on 6 November.
Chris Lester 24/11 #261258
Tue 23Eastern Koel
Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral Close, Wangaratta
Scott Jessup 23/11 #261254
Sun 21Pied Stilt
Newells Paddock Wetland Reserve, Maribyrnong
There were two Pied Stilts on the wetland. There are pretty uncommon here.
Rosemary and Chris Lester 24/11 #261259
Hopetoun Grove Eaglemont
I havent seen the bird, but I clearly recognize its call, having recently returned from Pambula Beach in NSW, where one has been especially noisy. I thought they seldom travelled far from the NSW/VIC border area.
Boyce Felstead 22/11 #261245
Sat 20megamegaHudsonian Whimbrel
Corner Inlet Marine and Coastal Park--Toora Beach
Continuing bird first reported almost 1 week ago by Alison Kuda and subsequently viewed by many observers appears a very likely candidate for Australia’s first [confirmed] record of Hudsonian Whimbrel. Several features incl dark rump and orange/buff barring on underwing coverts and auxiliaries to distinguish from regular Whimbrel well documented [photograph taken by Merlyn Cantwell on 22nd and published with permission]. Bird has been reported daily [generally high tide] at the Toora bird hide. Is getting plenty of attention, most agree ID pretty solid but obviously subject to a BARC submission. eBird checklist
Scott Baker 23/11 #261252
highlightWhite-throated Gerygone
Newport Lakes Park
North-west of the lake. First alerted to by its distinctive song. eBird checklist
Ryan Kilgower, Christopher Brown, Benedick Furniss, Steve Law 23/11 #261251
Eastern Koel
Frankston South
Eastern Koel has been to our area the past few years. Very distinctive call. All hours of the day. Hard to spot but have once or twice
Bobbie-Lee Robson 20/11 #261225
Fri 19Pacific Koel
Tatura resident heard a bird he hadn't heard before, and recorded it on his phone. It's obviously a Koel. Says it's been calling early in the morning recently.
Nick Corbo, reported by Peter Shute 21/11 #261242
Granya Grove, Mt Eliza
Heard calling at 8.15 am. Two distinct, different calls.
Terry Gourley 20/11 #261227
Red-necked Avocet
Lake Victoria (Point Lonsdale)
10 were resting on a sand bar near the Shell Grit works. I have been observing them there from our property since August when there was one. In October there were 2 and most of November there have been 8-10. The lake is very full so roosting sites are rare. eBird checklist
Robin Spry 20/11 #261224
Eastern Koel
Montrose, between Montrose Rd and Pine Hill
Familiar diagnostic call heard today between 1-2pm.
John Bond 19/11 #261221
Thu 18Australasian Figbird
Myers Street, Lakes Entrance
An Australasian Figbird was heard calling in Myers Street this afternoon before the onset of a rain squall. Finally seen flying overhead and towards the estuary.
Len Axen 18/11 #261216
Topknot Pigeon
Willis Avenue
A flock of 30-40 Topknot Pigeons were observed flying coastwards over our house and the Snowy River estuary around 0730hrs this morning. In recent years this phenomenon has occurred on an annual basis as they move in a direct south westerly flight path towards the coastal dunes around Corringle.
Jacquie and Len Axen 18/11 #261215
highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Gemmill Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve
A single bird observed in flight. Only the second record I have for this Reserve in 54 years, the previous 16/3/2018. eBird checklist
Don Roberts 18/11 #261212
White-headed Pigeon
Marlo Post Office
White-headed Pigeon at roadside puddle 100m north of the Marlo post office. Excellent views of distinctive bird, unfortunately unable to relocate when I returned with a camera. An infrequently sighted species in Marlo.
Robert Clay 18/11 #261211
Wed 17Topknot Pigeon
Frenchs Narrows, Marlo
Flock of 32 Topknots burst out from coastal dune scrub beside the beach access track. Quite likely feeding on Coast Beard-heath berries. One of several flocks observed in recent months flying through nearby coastal forests.
Tony Mitchell Wendy Elsner 17/11 #261204
Bassian Thrush
Namatjira Reserve
Injured bird found on ground near cricket oval. Photo was taken to determine ID on the Facebook ABID group and was surprised that it was identified as a Bassian Thrush. Taken to a local Vet as advised by Wildlife Victoria. eBird checklist
Melissa Nicholas 17/11 #261202
Tue 16highlightRed-chested Button-quail
Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve, Clydesdale
Single bird flushed whilst walking dog in paddock adjacent to Rise & Shine. Identified in flight by strongly buff-coloured flanks.
Dave Dickson 16/11 #261198
Sun 14Tereek Sandpiper
Stockyard point - Jam Jerrup
9 Terek Sandpiper. App. 500 Curlew Sandpiper. 30 Gull - billed Tern including one Asian ssp Affinis.
Noel & Brenna Billing 14/11 #261194
Sat 13Australasian Figbird
Willis Avenue, Marlo
Female Figbird. Initially heard calling from a number of secluded gardens during the week, but finally observed at close range and photographed in our backyard today.
Len and Jacquie Axen 18/11 #261214
Barwon Heads Rd at Bluestone School Rd, Connewarre
7 Brolgas foraging in salty lands to south of Barwon Heads Rd opposite Barwon Heads Aerodrome.
Ian McConchie 13/11 #261187
Wed 10megamegaSpectacled Monarch
The Narrows
Bird previously found a few weeks prior at the start of The Narrows walking track relocated ~250m further along track. Seen initially in small Pittosporum undulatum by David, before crossing track and making its way slowly through mid size shrubbery and eucalypts, giving great views to all present. Small adult monarch with stark black face mask with orange u-shaped intrusion onto cheeks, orange chest, steely grey uppers, and black tail with contrasting white tips to outer rectrices. Seen well by six observers.
Leigh Pieterse, David Adam, Gareth Pellas, John and Merlyn Cantwell, Grace Lewis, 10/11 #261179
Tue 9White-headed Pigeon
Willis Avenue, Marlo
One adult White-headed Pigeon observed sheltering on our balcony during yet another storm that struck Marlo today. Stayed for over an hour until the worst of the gale force winds and rain abated.
Jacquie and Len Axen 18/11 #261213
Little Desert Nature Lodge
Seen atop a Cypress-Pine on the track to Big M's Pond. It flew before I had a chance to try to get an ID photo. Nearest sightings on eBird are to the north: Wyperfeld N.P. Wonga Campground in 2020 and to the SE: Lake Wyn Wyn in 2004. eBird checklist
Val La May & J. Lawson 12/11 #261185
White-Headed Pigeon
Coongulla Township (Eastern Side)
Two white-headed pigeons have appeared in my yard over the past two days whilst feeding seed to other native birds. Also in next door's bird feeder. Do not appear to be particularly timid. Happy for me to be within a few metres when photographing.
Rod Seabrook 9/11 #261175
Eastern Koel
Male with it's near incessant call has been in the eastern area of the town for at least a week.
Rod Seabrook 9/11 #261174
White Bellied Sea Eagle
Koomba Park Wantirna
Adult WBSE flying south at 5.20 pm
Darren Wallace 9/11 #261171
Mon 8Budgerigar
Indigo Valley
A small flock of seven birds flushed from a roadside paddock.
Beau Meney 17/11 #261203
Mount Eliza
Heard calling a few times near the corner of Canadian Bay Rd and Kenaud Ave at about 7:20pm.However,it was mobile and shortly after it was heard calling much further away.
Ben Sinclair 8/11 #261164
Sun 7Red-backed kingfisher
Two red-backed kingfishers calling each other.
Paul Jackson 8/11 #261160
Eastern Koel
Mallacoota township
Heard calling over five days then two males seen perched close together in a Eucalypt. Black bird with a long straight tail, pale beak and red eyes.
John Eichler 8/11 #261156
Square-tailed Kite
Inglewood Nature Conservation Reserve
Approx 800 m SE of communications tower, close to Inglewood-Powlett Rd. Single bird cruised around area for a few minutes and then continued on. Soon lost sight of it but I think it was heading north.
Catherine Noone 7/11 #261153
Pacific Koel
Affleck Street, Warragul Vic 3820
A male has been hanging around calling out for few days now. I finally looked him up online, identified and could see him with binoculars sitting on top of neighbours tree.
Mari Nelson 7/11 #261150
Sat 6highlightBudgerigar
Two budgerigars stayed in tree for over an hour. Also seen were Red-backed kingfisher, Rainbow bee-eaters, Black-tailed Native hen
Paul Jackson 8/11 #261162
Fri 5Striated Grasswrens
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park Nowingi/Konardin Track
3 or 4 Grasswrens hiding in spinifex and shrubs. Not a good shot
Paul Jackson 8/11 #261163
White-throated Needletail
Croajingolong National Park--Shipwreck Creek
A group of birds seen flying over the campground in the late afternoon.
John Eichler 8/11 #261158
Painted Buttonquail
Abbotsford, Victoria
Sadly I found the remains of this bird in the street today. Apologies - the image is not pretty and do not feel you have to post this, I just thought it may be of interest. It appears to be a Painted Buttonquail to me. The wings are short in length, head and wing feather patterns match that of PBQ. The bill is longer than you would expect on a Brown Quail and head feathers do not match Stubble Quail. I'd be interested in your thoughts.
Andrew Hogg 5/11 #261138
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