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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

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Moderators' Note

The Orange-bellied Parrot National Recovery Team has asked that we do not publish any reports of Orange-bellied Parrots. Please send any sightings at the Western Treatment Plant, Werribee and The Spit Wildlife Reserve to and for all other areas to Chris Purnell at All Regent Honeyeater reports should be forwarded as soon as possible to Dean Ingwersen ( or freecall 1800 621 056), including any colour leg band details. It is requested that details of Swift Parrot sightings are forwarded to Chris Timewell ( Also, please note that Birdline Victoria won’t be publishing individual reports of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo in the greater Melbourne area. We have had so many reports of Koel that we will not be publishing anymore except for Koel in new areas or confirmed breeding reports.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

January 2019
Thu 17megamegaHudsonian Godwit
Sand Island (Swan Bay) (restricted access)
Presumably the same bird as seen last summer seen among a roosting flock of Bar-tailed Godwits and many other waders (including 15 Eastern Curlews) at high tide. NB: this is a highly restricted area and access across Swan Island to the site is not permitted.
Sean Dooley, Andrew Silcocks, Darren Quin, Amy Adams 18/1 #236613
highlightDiamond Dove
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Paradise Rd
A single Diamond Dove, initially sitting on the power lines and then flying to some nearby Cyprus.
Ron Sawyer & Peter Sawyer 17/1 #236609
Wed 16Song Thrush
John Street, Oak Park
Song thrush reappeared today in the backyard after not being sighted for a year(ish).
Greg Hunt and Max Arney 16/1 #236606
Australasian Bittern
Point Cook Cheetham Wetlands
Australasian Bittern at a drainage channel not too far from where Skeleton Creek meets Cheetham Wetlands. Also about 25 Banded Stilts and lots of the usuals all in the big pond near the bike-trail bridge at that location. Great view of Spotted Crake right beside same bridge but on North side in small pond.
David Gleeson 16/1 #236605
Tue 15Pacific Swift
Warrnambool Botanic Gardens
About 20 Fork-tailed Swifts over the Botanic Gardens at about midday. The temperature hasn't been too extreme here today. Less than 30 degrees.
Bernie McRitchie 15/1 #236601
highlightLesser Sand Plover
Albifrons Island Gippsland Lakes
Lesser Sand Plover sighted again today by Deb Sullivan and John Hutchison on Albifrons Island south of Paynesville on the Gippsland Lakes. This is most likely the same bird reported by Robert Wright in same area on 10/01/19 and the bird reported near Flannagans Island on 18/12/18.
John Hutchison and Deb Sullivan 15/1 #236598
Eastern Curlew
Flannagan Island
Possibly two birds sighted – one on southern shore of Rigby Island and about 15 minutes later a second bird about 1.5km away on the eastern end of Flannagans Island on the Gippsland Lakes west of Lakes Entrance. The Eastern Curlew is not often sighted on the Gippsland Lakes.
John Hutchison and Deb Sullivan 15/1 #236597
Mon 14Intermediate Egret
Dandenong Valley Wetland
Clear views of a medium-sized egret with an orange bill, yellow at the base, and black on only the lower portion of legs. Gape did not extend past the eye. First reported by Drew Stevens and Charlie Watt via eBird at the same location between 9:50am and 12:45pm the same day. We observed the bird at 8pm. Photo by Karina Sorrell two ponds north of the bridge at the east end of the wetland. eBird checklist
Daniel Terrington, Ben Viola, Karina Sorrell 14/1 #236594
megamegaRed footed booby
Pascoevale sth primary school
The children and myself, (Moreland city council school holiday program) found a Red footed Booby on the basketball court this morning being mobbed by the local magpies. Only 500 meters from city-link! We rescued the bird and took it to a vet in Essendon. After a thorough examination we are happy to report that it has since been moved onto the Royal Melbourne zoo. Dear editor. Is this a first record for Victoria? Poor quality image from mobile phone attached.
Con Baltas 14/1 #236591
Sun 13highlightFluttering Shearwater
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Bird Hide
Fluttering Shearwater flew in from the north, landed in front of the hide in shallow water, swam about 50 m out to sea then took of back north. Probably not in full health but seemed to take off OK in calm conditions. Bit of a surprise given the location. Heavily cropped image.
Mark Stanley 13/1 #236582
Sat 12Fluttering Shearwater
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
Small Shearwater ca. 30 cm long, with a crisp white front. Unfortunately I didn't see the underwings. The lone bird was attempting to land on the reef near the survey mark, but was captured in flight by an adult Pacific Gull, which was determined to kill/drown the Shearwater until I approached. The action of the Pacific Gull attracted the attention of Silver Gulls and 3 Pelicans which also surrounded the distressed Shearwater. After ca. 10 mins the Shearwater took flight, but was again downed into the water by the Pacific Gull before being rescued by a member of the public.
Val Stajsic 13/1 #236585
Common Sandpiper
Nooramunga Marine Park--McLoughlins Beach
1 Common Sandpiper was at the boat ramp along with 15+Sharpies
Rohan Bugg 12/1 #236576
Fri 11Black Kite and Little Penguin
Wye River
A Black Kite soared over the beach today. First time sighted. Also found two dead fairy penguins washed ashore. Super fresh and still floppy. They were both large and looked healthy. First time we have sighted them in ten years coming to this same spot.
Paul Brown 11/1 #236566
Thu 10highlightLesser Sand Plover
Crescent Island (Ocean Grange)
Single Lesser Sand Plover on a sand bar seen during GLCC survey.
Robert Wright 12/1 #236573
highlightEastern Whipbird
Merri Creek--Blyth St - Moreland Rd, E Brunswick
Distinctive whip-crack call of an Eastern Whipbird heard well at 7:50am just northeast of the Blyth St / Arthurton Rd bridge over Merri Creek. Couldn’t stop and listen any longer as I was running late for work, but no doubt as to ID. Heard again on the morning of the 11th just south of this location by Michael Livingston. eBird checklist
Leigh Pieterse and Michael Livingston 11/1 #236565
Wed 9highlightTufted Duck
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
Tufted Duck still showing well this evening at 18:30 in Pond #1 Other good birds around: Freckled Ducks (3 T-section) Glossy Ibis (T-section & Western), Lewin's Rail, Pacific Golden Plovers (2), Black-tailed Godwits (3), Red Knot (1)
Mark Stanley & James Preston 9/1 #236553
Cape Barren Geese
Altona Lakes Golf Course
Pair of Cape Barren Geese sighted at Altona Lakes Golf Course about 10am. Never seen them here before.
Keri Chater 9/1 #236549
Olive-backed Oriole
There was an Olive-backed Oriole sitting in one of our garden trees this morning.
Chris and Rosemary Lester 9/1 #236548
Tue 8Sacred Kingfisher
Maribyrnong River, Avondale Heights
Pair frequenting a stretch of river since mid-December.
Jim Caine 10/1 #236558
Peaceful Dove
Marlo Plains Rd, Cape Conran East Gippsland
Time: approx 7am. Single bird on ground flew up into tree, then returned to ground while we watched. Pics taken. Site was in forest beside a driveway/track, with clear farmland nearby, about 1km West of junction with Cabbage Tree-Conran Road. eBird checklist
Janine Duffy 10/1 #236557
highlightTufted Duck, Australasian Bittern, Black-tailed Godwit.
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
Much reported duck found in western end of Pond #1 around 06:30am. With Shelducks; swimming and diving. Warren, Warwick and Trevor also shared great views and the excitement. Also great views of at least 1 Australasian Bittern flying about pond #7 and 2 Black-tailed Godwits loafing in pond#5. eBird checklist
Craig Morley, Sarah Mueller, Ivy Ciaburri, Christian Cormier 8/1 #236541
Mon 7Zebra Finch
Lancefield Golf Club
A pair of birds, male and female, in the bushes beside the rear dam of the golf course. Not an unusual bird for Victoria but this is my first record here.
Peter Houston 7/1 #236539
Little Lorikeet
Royal Park --Trin Warren Tam-boore
A flock of Little Lorikeets feeding in a flowering eucalypt to the right of the ridge track parallel to the bike path/train line at 8:30am, ten metres before the gate to the ridge on the north end. Birds can be heard from the bike path. The tree is relatively short and below the level of the ridge, allowing unusually good views of this species.
Harry Saddler 7/1 #236535
Sat 5highlightTufted Duck
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
The much-admired male returned to pond T1 late afternoon after apparently disappearing for 3 hours. It fed and preened there among coot, Hoary-headed Grebes and just a few Hardhead (and lots of shelduck). At ~1920 it flew off with a Hardhead, circled for many minutes before the Hardhead landed on pond 2, but the Tufted Duck continued flying and joined a Pacific Black Duck heading north-east towards the Western Lagoon. When feeding it often moved several metres underwater.
Richard Loyn 6/1 #236530
highlightTufted Duck
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
Seen in Ponds 1 and 2 for a duration of 2 hours from 6.20 am. Displaying characteristic traits of diving regularly, swimming amid the other ducks present.
Jenny Stephens 6/1 #236521
highlightTufted Duck
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
The previously reported Tufted Duck is still present at the T Section Ponds. First sighted by Bruce Richardson at Pond 1 and then by many others.
Jason and Renea Camilleri 5/1 #236518
highlightPeaceful Dove
Serendip Sanctuary
Seen in pines near the fire tower eBird checklist
John Daniels 5/1 #236517
Crimson Rosella
Donald MacDonald Reserve, Beaumaris
An adult bird. First I’ve seen in this park and a species that only occasionally turns up in Beaumaris but usually only in the autumn.
Sean Dooley 5/1 #236511
Fri 4Little Button-quail
A single bird, probably a female judging by the brightness of the the rusty upperparts, flushed near the corner of O'Donohue Road and Great Ocean Road from ankle-high heath that is regenerating after a controlled burn in the autumn.
Sean Dooley 14/1 #236586
Thu 3Superb Parrot
Two birds seen and heard on roadside near home. First record for district.
Doug Robinson 3/1 #236500
megamegaTufted Duck
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
Confirming earlier sighting of mega rare Tufted Duck. Bird very similar to scaup and/or Ring necked Duck species which we see regularly in Canada. Bird observed diving then preening. Key diagnostic features evident were yellow eye, broad grey bill with light dark tip, dark upper body, bright white flanks and very distinct crown plume. A very exciting bird indeed. [Moderator's Note: WTP closed tomorrow due to Total Fire Ban. MA] eBird checklist
Hedley and Irena Earl 3/1 #236498
Glossy Ibis
Warrnambool Port Fairy Rail Trail at Warrnambool
10 birds observed along with 80 Sharpies, 1 Curlew Sandpiper with Whiskered Terns and Swamp Harriers,
David and Bruce McInnes 3/1 #236497
megamegaTufted Duck
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
The duck was first found on Pond 2 of the T Section by Michael Doherty who ask Peter and myself to confirmed the sighting at about 10.30am. We were unable to get close to the bird so the pictures are very grainy but clearly highlight the species.
Ron Sawyer, Peter Sawyer, Michael Doherty 3/1 #236495
Tue 1Square-tailed Kite
Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve, Clydesdale
Adult hunting over the reserve at ~ 7pm.
Geoff Park 2/1 #236487
Common Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper
Skeleton Creek Boardwalk (Sanctuary Lakes)
One Common Sandpipier along with many Sharp-tailed, several Marsh and at least one Pectoral Sandpiper on the banks of Skeleton Creek at the margin of Cheetham Wetlands.
Jackson Willows 2/1 #236486

December 2018
Mon 31Magpie Goose
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale
A single magpie goose observed from hide resting on branch over water in fenced part of wetland, flew over road to southern wetland about an hour later. Also single Freckled Duck and single Lewin's Rail observed.
Clive Heywood Barker 1/1 #236477
Sun 30highlightLittle Stint
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
A single bird, beach-front south of hide, feeding with Curlew Sandpipers, Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and Red-necked Stints.
Clive Heywood Barker 30/12 #236471
Corner Inlet Marine and Coastal Park--Toora Beach
11 Whimbrels +8 Greenshanks on the mudflats between the jetty pylons+the boatramp channel,both species seem to like that area of the mudflats.
Rohan Bugg 30/12 #236469
Banded Lapwing
Thompson Creek at Pettavel Road, Freshwater
Pair with 30% grown chick in bare horse paddock.
Colin Cannard 30/12 #236461
Sat 29Noisy Friarbird
Oswin Roberts Reserve, Phillip Island
Following Rhyll observation of Ross McGrath on Dec 17th,first heard on east track near dam.Then two birds overhead on West track flew into dead gum and stayed for several minutes.
Sally & Derek Whitehead 29/12 #236456
Pacific Swift
Dispersed flock of about 200. Generally moving east below a heavily overcast sky at about 1015
Bill & Jackie Morecraft 29/12 #236453
Fri 28White-bellied Cuckooshrike
Carmichaels Rd, Stony Creek (SW end)
1 unusually pale bird seen in flight and perched in tree. Short black mask from beak to eye clearly seen.
George Appleby & Chrissy Freestone 4/1 #236501
megamegaLittle Stint
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Bird Hide
Seen at about midday on the foreshore at the hide near Lake Borrie. ID confirmed by members of Australian Bird Identification. [Moderator's Note: identified from a single photo. Confirmation with more photos would be helpful. MA]
Tobias Ley 29/12 #236459
Pacific Swift
Little Hampton, Hepburn Shire
Large very dispersed flock of around 250 birds flying low generally West to East just before sunset. eBird checklist
Lawrie Conole 29/12 #236452
'Commic' Tern
St Kilda Harbour
No binoculars. Plunging near base of pier at 13:30
Gio Fitzpatrick 28/12 #236449
White-throated Needletail
South West Wodonga
About 20 WTN circling high over South West Wodonga at 9am
Jane Holwell 28/12 #236446
Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Mirboo North
A single bird in a flock of one hundred plus Little Corellas . It has been around for a few weeks but my first chance to get a photo.
Harry Anton 28/12 #236445
Thu 27Pacific Swift
Black Rock
40+ swifts flying low over cliffs at Half Moon Bay 1300hrs
Gio Fitzpatrick 28/12 #236448
highlightTerek Sandpiper
Stockyard Point
19 on the point, flew in and out after about 9 mins on the shore, photographs taken. Definitely the most I have seen here! eBird checklist
Brad White & Matt McCrae 27/12 #236442
megamegaLittle Curlew
Marsh road, Patho plains
One feeding with a few Banded Lapwing in grassland close to a mostly dry swamp.(south end of Marsh road, west side of road) Flew off at 8.50am, but likely still in the area, where recent rains have greened up the native grasslands.. Bad photos due to heat haze
Simon Starr 27/12 #236439
Wed 26Black-eared Cuckoo
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
Juvenile Black-eared Cuckoo being fed by Speckled Warblers. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie 27/12 #236440
highlightEastern Yellow Wagtail
Balbirooroo Wetlands
Wagtail first seen at midday today after some observers had been there since very early a.m.
Arthur & Denise Carew and many more. 26/12 #236436
Little Lorikeet
Maribyrnong River, The Boulevard
While walking the river loop between Maribyrnong Rd and Afton St was very surprised to see a pair of Little Lorikeet feeding in the trees. At first assumed they were Purple-crowneds but confirmed as Little. Never seen this species in the 8 years that I’ve lived here.
Jason Camilleri 26/12 #236430
Little Lorikeet
Pt Leo
3 birds flew into flowering Eucalypt at campsite, 1st time have observed here. Are rarely recorded on the Mornington Peninsula with only 3 previous records on eBird.
Dan Ashdown 26/12 #236429
Tue 25highlightEastern Yellow Wagtail
Dam adjacent to Balbirooroo Wetland
Seen around 9am on paddock railing. eBird checklist
Malcolm Cousland 25/12 #236425
Mon 24highlightEastern Yellow Wagtail
Balbirooroo Wetlands
Reported earlier today by local birders Jeff and Sue Campbell. Bird still present this afternoon on private lake that can be viewed from public area. Took some time ' showed eventually.
Scott Baker and many others present 24/12 #236422
White-throated needletail
Toolangi State Forest--Wirrawilla Rainforest
At least 40 birds circling for almost an hour from 7AM, visible through the trees from the lower part of Quarry Rd. Impossible to count accurately due to restricted view but at one stage the sky was full of them! eBird checklist
Peter Bennet 24/12 #236421
Crusoe Reservoir, Bendigo
Observed for 15 mins atop a tall, dead eucalypt on the edge of the pine plantation. Species not listed on eBird for the site.
Simon and Judy Smith 24/12 #236418
Rufous Songlark
Karkarook Park
NW corner of park. Uncommon bird in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. eBird checklist
Michael Fuhrer 24/12 #236416
Sun 23Cape Barren Geese
Hastings Foreshore Reserve
At 7am approx. 30 Cape Barren Geese flew over the boardwalk behind the motel towards the bay.
S and S King 24/12 #236414
Sat 22White-throated Needletail, White-browed Woodswallow
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Honeyeater Picnic Ground
About a dozen White-throated Needletails seen flying low above the forest just south-east of Honeyeater Picnic Grounds and then again over adjacent farmland at about 4pm. Also several small groups of White-browed Woodswallows scattered throughout the forest and farmland.
Harry Saddler 23/12 #236411
White-throated Needletail
Reef Hills State Park--Centre Road Dam
Maybe as many as 50 at high altitude in a clear blue sky at 1600. Rapidly moved off to the north
Bill Morecraft 22/12 #236407
highlightAustralasian Bittern, Wood Sandpiper
Reedy Lake (Geelong)
2 Aust Bittern flushed approx. 300m apart ,from knee-high inundated vegetation. Wood Sandpiper roosting with 250+ Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Photos taken. eBird checklist
David Tytherleigh, Jeff Dagg, John Newman 22/12 #236406
Fri 21highlightDiamond Dove
Mt Korong, north of Bendigo
Reported to me by Susan Myers: 2 birds seen clearly - unmistakable red eye ring and call heard. Approximately midday. In big basin between hills where the western perimeter road heads inland away from boundary. A fair bit of surface water around after recent rains. Also still good numbers of Painted Honeyeaters present, particularly near recently filled waterhole on north branch of perimeter road, and west side of park. White-backed Swallows also present.
Susan Myers, passed on by Janine Duffy 26/12 #236433
White-winged Chough
Healsville-Koo wee rup Road, Macclesfield
1 bird on the shoulder of a road-side cutting just north of Camelot Castle; unsure if there were others; Not sure if the sighting is of significance, these birds seem to be thinning out around Greater Melbourne.
Greg Cobern 24/12 #236415
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