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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

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Moderators' Note

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic all bird watching must now comply with the current Victorian restrictions. See for more details. We will publish reports of birds that are rare or unusual, outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2020
Wed 21megamegaTawny Grassbird
Dandenong Valley Wetland
Along the westernmost track heading north approx. 100m up from the main cycle path. Heard calling and saw in flight late in the afternoon. Blurry record shot taken, and was seen by another birder (Bruce Wedderburn) at the same time. eBird checklist
John Daniels 21/10 #258969
Arctic Skua (Jaeger)
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
Single dark morph harrying a juvenile Pacific Gull at ~17:00.
Mark Stanley 21/10 #258966
Tue 20Lewin's Rail
Mullum Mullum Creek Reserve
In the open outside childcare centre over the bridge from Beasley's nursery. Retreated rapidly to bracken ferns and undergrowth. Very unexpected sighting as there are very few reedbeds in the creek or surrounds.
Geoff Witten 20/10 #258957
Fri 16Scarlet Honeyeater
Koomba Park
Male seen and heard in the general area around the boardwalk entry gate, down from the car park. Calling often, and active. eBird checklist
John Daniels 16/10 #258932
Thu 15Blue winged parrots
Jacks Creek Rd, Whittlesea
approx 20 , mostly feeding on capeweed through paddocks and calling in flight.
Greg Cobern 16/10 #258931
Whiskered Tern
Jells Park
9 birds arrived from the general direction of South-West at around 11.50am and did a few circuits over the lake, interacting with 7 Silver Gulls which were present, before departing back to the SW. Most were in breeding plumage. eBird checklist
John Daniels 15/10 #258929
Wed 14Channel-billed cuckoo
Kings Cove Metung
Flew over caling loudly and pursued by magpies First seen for the season
Gary Smith 14/10 #258919
Tue 13Albino Magpie
Darebin Parkland North
Spotted a rare fledgling albino Magpie sitting on the path in the Northern segment of the Darebin Parklands. The fledgling is on the opposite side of the creek from the CH Sullivan memorial park (Heidelberg West).
Clancy Fraser 13/10 #258917
Sun 11Red Knot
Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve
Single bird loosely associating with 4 Bar-tailed Godwits along tideline. eBird checklist
Mark Stanley 11/10 #258907
Sat 10Noisy friarbird
Dereel Lagoon
Single bird present at an open clearing along the south side of the lagoon. Fairly vocal and seen flying across open spaces to perch in emergent trees. Was very surprised to see it so far south.
Indra Bone 10/10 #258896
Thu 8highlightAzure Kingfisher
garden Fraser St Middle Park
sitting on BBQ next to pond. It had a very short tail. It had a very bright orange chest and brilliant blue back. It was not a big bird.It was sitting on a metal bar about 2 inches from the ground and its tail did not touch the ground. It seemed confused fluttering around between the ground and the gutter of the single storey house behind. When I went to get a camera it fluttered up to the gutter and fluttered around the house only alighting once. I could not get a photo.
Zoe M Hogg 8/10 #258880
Tue 6Dollarbird
New Crossing Place, Seymour
Heard the unmistakable harsh cackle of 2 Dollarbirds, then immediately saw a Raven fly by in that direction. Couldn't find the Dollarbirds in their usual roost trees. This is my earliest record for this site & also Seymour River Walk. Usually seen from late Oct. eBird checklist
Val La May 6/10 #258861
Lower Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve
Heard at junction with Bembridge Avenue
Jenny Hattingh 6/10 #258859
Sun 4Scarlet Honeyeater
Britton Street Castlemaine
At least 1 Scarlet Honeyeater calling constantly from street eucalypts near Britton St/Railway Ave on 4/10, and Britton/Vincent Sts on 5/10 (S74549414 & S74549469) eBird checklist
Lawrie Conole 8/10 #258879
highlightScarlet Honeyeater
Plenty Gorge Park--southern section
Three males seen very well in rocky river woodland west of the plank bridge over the Plenty (roughly around -37.6818589, 145.0951726). Calling constantly, feeding on yellow gum blossoms.
Rohan Long 7/10 #258870
Bar-Tailed Godwit
Corner Inlet Marine and Coastal Park--Toora Beach
Aprox 250 to 300 B-T Godwits on the Toora mudflats today.
Rohan Bugg 4/10 #258848
Painted Honeyeater
Rifle Butts Road, Mansfield
One bird seen and heard in mistletoe on a Long-leaved Box. Leaden Flycatchers, Sacred Kingfishers and Rainbow Bee-eaters also recorded. eBird checklist
Kaz Wilson 4/10 #258846
Sat 3Common Sandpiper
Nooramunga Marine Park--McLoughlins Beach
The C Sandpiper has returned to the boat ramp this Spring.
Rohan Bugg 3/10 #258840
highlightLittle Buttonquail
Royal Park, Parkville
Flushed at grassy circle N end 3:50pm, only flew approx 30m into tall native grassland. Later was flushed again into low bushes. ID'd by photos and later seen also Scott Baker, Dan Ashdown and Oakley Germech. Photo Scott Baker. eBird checklist
Ken Tay 3/10 #258836
Rufous Songlark
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
This was a surprise to see walking along the coastal path near the signal marker (towards the life saving club end of Ricketts Pt)
Mel Mitchell 3/10 #258834
highlightRainbow Bee-eater, Brown Songlark
La Trobe University--Darebin Creek sports fields
Two Rainbow Bee-eaters seen this morning at La Trobe University sports fields / Darebin Creek area. Observed initially perched in row of cypress just south of the La Trobe golf park, and later in flight and in eucalypts on golf park fenceline. Brown Songlark female sighting an hour later also of note (is an uncommonly sighted species in Darebin area), flushed from long grass near NW corner of sports field lake. eBird checklist
Leigh Pieterse and Gareth Pellas 3/10 #258832
Banded Stilt
White Lake, Douglas
A huge flock of an estimated 60,000 Banded Stilts at White Lake today. Also about 900 Red-necked Avocets. We checked most of the Natimuk-Douglas hyper saline wetlands, starting in the north at Lake Wyn Wyn, and found them either dry or devoid of birds. eBird checklist
Margaret and Richard Alcorn 3/10 #258829
Fri 2Cicadabird
Cemetery Track (Cann River)
A Cicadabird's distinctive call was recorded from a forested area along Cemetery Tk this morning. Although the area was burnt during this year's bushfires,much of the canopy had only been lightly scorched. Over a 10 minute period the bird moved slowly through the tree tops while continually calling. Like Chris Healey's observation at Fairhoope (01/10), this is our earliest record of this species in any area east of Orbost.
Len and Jacquie Axen 3/10 #258841
Lewin’s Rail
Point Cook Coastal Park
Yesterday at about 9:18am I was siting by a little body of water and saw a Lewin’s rail and a chick. The rail was about ten meters from me and had just moved out of the longer grass outlining the pond with chick in tow. After a few seconds the chick appeared again by itself and moved back into the long grass after the adult. To get to the property of 85 point cook homestead road (which is the last private property on that road) you have a little access gate to the coastal park. This little gate has a rocky type park and if you follow that (this paths is in line with 85 point cook homestead rd side fence) for maybe 100 meters you’ll come past a body of water on your right which is well kept by national parks and I found the birds in there. The pond is just before the road that goes through the coastal park. There’s a tiny hill between the two little body’s of water/ponds which gives a good vantage point and on top of that is round piece of concrete (maybe for storm water?)..I sat on that and looked towards the two ponds and I saw the birds moving out of the longer grass which is beside the larger pond/body of water (this pond is in a sort of “horseshoe shape” as it horseshoes around a little area of land which has some Reeds on it.)
James O'Connell 3/10 #258827
Latham’s Snipe
Tirhatuan Wetlands Conservation Reserve, Rowville
69 Snipe counted. Most were among young Prickly Tea-tree and and Coarse Twine-rushes on damp ground.
Gio Fitzpatrick 2/10 #258825
Thu 1Cicadabird
Fairhope (12 km N of Bairnsdale)
First record for the season, heard calling in ridge-top forest. The is the earliest record for the locality in 10 years; the mean date of first records for the locality is 18th October (range 5th to 30th Oct).
Chris Healey 1/10 #258816
Corner Inlet Marine and Coastal Park--Toora Beach
6 Whimbrels at the bird hide this evening.
Rohan Bugg 1/10 #258815
Sacred Kingfisher
Near wetlands in Royal Park, Parkville.
Spotted by several observers and photographers in a bushland area just east of the wetlands and between the wetlands and the railway line, but much closer to the wetlands.
Rodger Scott 1/10 #258812

September 2020
Wed 30highlightScarlet honeyeater
Jells Park
Vijay Parate 30/9 #258805
Mon 28White-bellied Sea-eagle
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
A fly by of a White-bellied Sea-eagle at 2:50PM put up the terns and cormorants (poor quality photo attached)
Mel Mitchell 29/9 #258794
Rose Robin
Yarran Dheran Reserve
Female Rose Robin yesterday (28/09/2020) at Yarran Dheran Nature Reserve, Mitcham. On the walk nearest the creek with the wooden post and rail fence.
Stephen Garth 29/9 #258793
Sun 27highlightStubble Quail
Mt Buller, Victoria
Whilst out snowshoeing, a single bird bird was found sheltering in a snow ‘pocket’. No previous record of this species at this site on eBird. Closest recorded sighting appears to be Eildon. Possibly relocated due to strong winds on Friday?
Rhylla Morgan per Andrew Hogg 28/9 #258785
Sat 26Rufous Whistler male
adjacent to St Kilda Botanic Gardens
I thought someone was playing tricks with me when I heard the unmistakable call during my morning walk. It didn't take long to find the male calling loudly as he moved around a small deciduous tree. Happy to have me approach within less than 2m for a rock-solid ID. First I've heard or seen in the 15 years I've lived in the area.
Russell Cockman 26/9 #258774
Blue-winged parrot
Tanunda Wetlands, Mill Park
1 bird certainly, possibly a second, in weed-paddock to south of wetlands eBird checklist
Peter Bennet 26/9 #258773
Fri 25Blue-winged Parrot
Elwood Foreshore
Male flushed from ground to a low branch. Less than 5m away from where I saw one in Oct 2014. Medicago truncatula had been chewed on the ground where the parrot had been.
Gio Fitzpatrick 29/9 #258792
Thu 24Painted Honeyeater
Muckeford SF
At least three probably more seen along Welshmanes Reef Road
Nevil Amos 25/9 #258765
Wed 23Ruddy Turnstone
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
2 on rocks right up against the shore due to high tide. First record for me in 9 years of living in the area.
Sean Dooley 23/9 #258752
Tue 22Blue-winged Parrot
single bird seen on our property. Only about the third record in thirty years but all at this time of year.
Doug Robinson 23/9 #258747
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