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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

We will publish reports of birds that are rare or unusual, outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

April 2021
Wed 14Cattle Egret
Newells Paddock Wetland Reserve
One Cattle Egret non- breeding plumage seen today. A first for me at this site
Anne Palamountain 14/4 #260014
White-winged Black Tern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Bird Hide
Single bird in full breeding plumage.
Ian Sutherland 14/4 #260013
Tue 13Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, Australasian Darter
Royal Park, Parkville
On a good day of nearly 50 species during a three hour walk around Royal Park, I saw a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater north of the Hockey Centre along the bike path just to the east of the railway line and an Australasian Darter flying over nearby along with a Mistletoebird and a couple of Golden Whistlers near the waterhole. There were about 70 Galahs, 50 Crested Pigeons and 20 Red-rumped Parrots enjoying something on Brens Oval.
Chris Lester 13/4 #260007
Mon 12highlightBlue-faced Honeyeater
Was asked by a friend to id bird photo posted to Facebook. Enquiries revealed two birds present on Monday morning 12 April 2021 in observer's garden attempting to poach food put out for Australian Magpies. This appears to be the second record of this species in the Portland District.
Robert Jones (per Peter Barrand) 14/4 #260015
Eastern Spinebill
Flagstaff Gardens
One immature birds feeding on flowers in the gardens. One Grey Fantail also foraging in eucalypt.
Doug Robinson 12/4 #260002
Sun 11highlightPeregrine Falcon, race calidus
I watched a Peregrine Falcon flying directly in front of me, from my office, which is on the third storey of my home. As the bird circled around I was surprised to observe it had large glistening white cheek-patches and the upperparts were pale grey, similar in colour to a Black-faced Cuckooshrike. I have no doubt that I had been watching the calidus race of Peregrine Falcon. I was not aware that this migrant from Eurasia could be encountered in southern Australia. My reason for this note it to alert other birders to the possibility of observing this bird, anywhere in Australia.
Chris Doughty 13/4 #260006
Wed 7Budgerigar
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Chiltern Valley #1 Dam
2 budgies seen flying over the dam. Havn’t seen them in the Chiltern park since February. Poor photos taken.
Jasmine Boehm 13/4 #260010
Tue 6Flame Robin
Eumeralla Flora Reserve (Anglesea)
2 females and 1 male seen on the fence between the cliff and the boardwalk. Surprisingly there are very few records of Flame Robin in Anglesea on both eBird and Birdata. Males seem to be particularly rare. eBird checklist
Ryan Kilgower 6/4 #259983
Fri 2Square-tailed Kite
Apex Park, Mildura
A single bird soaring over red gum woodland after midday. Noticeable upswept wings, square cut off tail, prominent 'finger tips' and pale head. Not unheard of from NW Vic, but certainly not a great deal of records. eBird checklist
Isaac Clarey 7/4 #259990

March 2021
Wed 31Scarlet Honeyeater
Rushworth State Forest
Six birds observed in Box-Ironbark Forest. Some flowering Box Mistletoe and a little Grey Box flowering. eBird checklist
Don Roberts & Russ Jones. 1/4 #259969
Sat 27Grey Goshawk White Morph
Braeside Park
Seen by all on Birdlife Melbourne Beginners Outing. Perched on top of a stump in the wetland adjacent to Governor' Road where it was much photographed. Later flew across into trees near bird hide. Eleanor Dilley provided this photograph.
Alan and Hazel Veevers, and 21 BM Beginners Members 29/3 #259958
Powerful Owl
Piggy Hill Boronia, Western Road
A good find. I haven't found them here before.
Adrienne and Des Palmer 28/3 #259951
Musk Lorikeet
Won Wron State Forest--White Womans Waterhole Campsite
About 40 Musk Lorikeets in the camp ground.
Rohan Bugg 27/3 #259946
Thu 25megamegaWhite Tern
Tarra Bulga NP
Bird found on roadside of private land near cafe near Visitor Centre of Tarra Bulga NP. Recently deceased (hours) with no rigor mortis and no visible trauma. Reasonable muscle coverage of sternum. Have just had a quite cold night in Traralgon on BirdLife East Gippsland Autumn camp after the big rain event of a low pressure system heading south down the east coast of Australia. Assume that, as totally removed from normal range (1,368km from Lord Howe Island), this bird has been battling strong winds and succumbed to hypothermia at this point. Body to be given to Museum Victoria. Moderators note : this a new record for Victoria SB. eBird checklist
Rob Wright, Jack Winterbottom, BirdLife East Gippsland 25/3 #259933
Mon 22White-bellied Sea-eagle
Werribee Overpass
A non-adult Sea-eagle circling slowly over the overpass near Highway West at 11:00am today. We were driving directly below in the work truck. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie 22/3 #259919
highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Balliang East
Seen along the Geelong-Bacchus Marsh road near Balliang East around 11.30am. Was gliding through and around the treetops of the roadside plantings. Followed for 2+ kms north along the road. Occasionally came low over the car and across the road. Local Magpies and Galahs all following. A worn adult with no signs of juvenile plumage.
Simon Starr 22/3 #259916
highlightSatin Bowerbird
Very surprised to hear a Satin Bowerbird call twice this morning and then see an adult blue male fly over southwards. Closest record I'm aware of is over 25km away on the fringes of the Dandenongs.
Sean Dooley 22/3 #259910
Sat 20Little egret
Tankerton, French Island
1 little egret seen feeding along waterline on exposed mudflat next to the jetty at Tankerton, French Island at 11am. Very small egret (silver gull and great egret were nearby allowing for good size comparison) with dark legs and a dark bill. First time I’ve seen this species on the island. Cropped phone photo attached.
Harry Saddler 20/3 #259903
White Headed Pigeon
Lakes Entrance
Juvenile landed and feed on seed at holiday log cabins
Helen Andrews 20/3 #259897
Fri 19Far Eastern Curlew
Altona Coastal Park
I bird seen at approximately 6:30pm to the left of the Great Egret sign. Bird was observed for about 10 minutes before flying in the direction of the Great Cormorant sign.
Nick Koutoulis 20/3 #259894
Swift Parrot
Newstead township
Single bird chased from our backyard Yellow Gums by a Red Wattlebird
Geoff Park 19/3 #259893
Thu 18Barking Owl
Barking Owl call heard for 2 consecutive nights at the Beechworth Holiday park. I heard 2 calls, the first night "screaming lady" and the second night clearly the "bark".
Gaylene Notenboom 22/3 #259912
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