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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

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We will publish reports of birds that are rare or unusual, outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2020
Sun 22Eastern Koel
Mont Albert
Calling for a short time at 6.00 am.
Stewart Monckton 22/11 #259224
Banded Stilt
Cairn Curran Reservoir
12 Banded Stilts with 3 Red-necked Avocets. My first record for this site but not at all unexpected.
Geoff Park 22/11 #259223
Sat 21Sanderling
Sandy Point South Gippsland
Aprox 100-150 Sanderlings and 8 R-N Stints south of the surf club this afternoon.
Rohan Bugg 21/11 #259221
Eastern Koel
Montrose Brickworks Flora Reserve
Single bird calling sporadically between 2-3pm.
John Bond 21/11 #259216
Thu 19Grey-tailed Tattler
Blue Rocks
Late yesterday, on a falling tide, a Grey-tailed Tattler was feeding on the rocks with a flock of Red-necked Stints and a few other waders. eBird checklist
Margaret and Richard Alcorn, George Appleby and Chrissie Freestone 20/11 #259207
Wed 18Common Sandpiper
Yan Yean Reservoir Park
Common Sandpiper seen at around 10:00am, on the shores of the ponds between Recreation Rd and the playground.
Rohan Long 19/11 #259200
Tue 17highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Brisbane Ranges National Park
I'm reporting a raptor seen and photographed by Beverley Phillips at her property. She sent me the I-phone photos and I was very impressed. I haven't seen this species anywhere in the district myself. eBird checklist
Beverley Phillips 20/11 #259213
Pacific Koel
Heard by Kathy Costello then myself. It was calling from the near the top of the big oak tree on Oak St. Then both of us found the male bird in the tree. This is my first record of a Koel for Seymour. Recording to be uploaded to eBird list in due course. eBird checklist
Kathy Costello, Val La May 17/11 #259190
White-Throated Gerygone
West Bendigo
Heard distinctive downward cascading call at 5:30pm, seen and photographed well in young eucalypts along Harvey St in West Bendigo, close to the Long Gully Trail. eBird checklist
Lachlan Wild 17/11 #259189
Eastern koel
Glen Iris
Heard the call of male eastern koel about 6am today 17 November. Took recording but no visual.
Alexa Delbosc 17/11 #259188
Sun 15Eastern Koel
Croydon-Mooroolbark boundary
Solitary bird called briefly about midday. The familiar diagnostic call, but somewhat subdued.
John Bond 15/11 #259157
Sat 14Black-eared cuckoo
Warby-Ovens National Park--Spring Creek Picnic Ground
Janet Chapman & Greg hardham 15/11 #259156
Black kookaburra
51 Colwells Road newham Victoria 3442
Dark coloured kookaburra baby ( black)
Clare Anderson 15/11 #259148
Fri 13Eastern Koel
Pershing Street, Reservoir
Heard calling every morning this week between 6:30am and 8am. Have not been able to pin point exact location, but was very close by this morning and calling for 5 minutes or so.
Laura Pine 13/11 #259138
Thu 12Cicadabird
Bend of Islands
Heard in the morning moving toward the Yarra river
Robyn Duff 12/11 #259133
Wed 11Australian Tern
Woady Yaloak river 5 kms south of Cressy
At least 11 Australian Terns in breeding plumage seen from the Colac-Ballarat road a few kms south of Cressy. Hundreds of Whiskered Terns and Pied Stilts amongst other the other waterbirds
Simon Starr 12/11 #259134
highlightGround Cuckooshrike
Wyperfeld National Park
The five birds (two adults and three flying young) are still in the earlier place just to the west of Gunner's Track, about halfway between the south end (branching off Outlet Creek Track) and the intersection with Racecourse Track. Getting to the site is very easy for a 2WD vehicle.
Chris and Rosemary Lester 11/11 #259131
Leaden Flycatcher
Gemmill Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve
A single male observed, this is the second male observed this spring. eBird checklist
Don Roberts 11/11 #259130
Eastern Koel
The grounds of St Paul’s Anglican Church, Chiltern
Heard and seen.
Scott Jessup 11/11 #259129
Tue 10Scarlet Honeyeater
After seeing and hearing them from Sale ,Woodside,Foster Fish Creek and Walkerville in the last two months I have finally found them in my own backyard in Toora.
Rohan Bugg 10/11 #259127
Eastern Koel
Cranbourne Road, East Frankston
Calling at 6.30 am but not seen.
David Stabb 10/11 #259126
Sun 8highlightRainbow Bee-eater
Woodlands Historic Park
2 birds initially heard calling and eventually located (-37.651834, 144.864444). Also Male Satin Flycatcher at same location. eBird checklist
Dan Ashdown 9/11 #259120
Eastern Koel
Laurimar Parks and Wetlands
Heard calling during the night. Coming somewhere in one of the parks.
Aleks Arsoski 8/11 #259119
Eastern Koel
Chapel Street North, Maldon
Calling repeatedly just before dusk
Damien Cook 8/11 #259118
Thu 5Eastern Koel
Edwards Lake Park, Reservoir
Heard calling briefly at 6pm in the athletics field area.
Laura Pine 5/11 #259096
Tue 3Superb Parrots
Chiltern Forest. West Side
Jo Ludeman 5/11 #259107
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
Bend of Islands
Calling bird flew over heading towards Wonga Park / Warrandyte. eBird checklist
Gavin Masters 4/11 #259093
Eastern Koel
Fossil to Birdrock Beach, Mornington
As usual for the past 3 years an Eastern Koel has arrived in the Dava Estate area. Calling mostly before dawn for the past 4 days. They seem to be arriving earlier each year as they expand their migratory path.
Keith & Judy Humphreys 3/11 #259090
Scarlet Honeyeater
Cape Liptrap Coastal Park--Walkerville
2 M birds feeding in Drooping Mistletoe,more calling close by.
Rohan Bugg 3/11 #259088
Mon 2Intermediate Egret
Lilydale Waste Treatment Plant
Bird seen in second last pond heading east eBird checklist
Deb Oliver 2/11 #259085
Eastern Koel
Yarra Valley Trail, Yering
Bird heard calling from trees on private property. It was calling when I cycled by at 8.00am and still calling three hours later when I cycled back! eBird checklist
Deb Oliver 2/11 #259081
Sun 1Eastern Koel
Rutherglen Golf Course
Heard calling this morning.
Scott Jessup 4/11 #259094
Scarlet Honeyeater
Brimbank Park
Adult Male heard and seen well along Maribyrnong River (-37.726002,144.832761). Obviously a few about but records are scarce out Western side of Melbourne even during influxes like we are seeing now. eBird checklist
Dan Ashdown 1/11 #259072
Chestnut-rumped heathwren
Lerderderg State Park
Pair located on a ridge among xanthorrhoea australis. The site was close to the most northerly point at which ironbark occur in the park. Not many reports in the lerderderg, but the second time I’ve seen them in the park.
Indra Bone 1/11 #259071
Lewins Rail
Frenchs Narrows, Marlo
Foraging pair, just over bridge to the left of boardwalk on waters edge.
Denise McLarty 1/11 #259069

October 2020
Sat 31Scarlet Honeyeater
Banyule Flats Reserve
Instantly recognised the calls after having observed them the previous week at Bushy Park Wetlands. Got a clear view of x1 male perched on top of a dead branch. ID also confirmed by another observer with me. eBird checklist
Laura Camilleri 1/11 #259068
Eastern Koel
Heard calling,(not seen) at dusk from the The Glade park at the entrance to the inlet. No sign of it this morning.
Deb Crosby 1/11 #259064
highlightScarlet Honeyeater, Eastern Whipbird
Werribee Park
At least 3 Scarlet Honeyeaters were seen in eucalypts throughout Werribee park, many more heard (at least 7). Also surprisingly present was Eastern Whipbird calling infrequently from scrub in the ornamental gardens. Seen briefly. A good westerly record!
Fred Booker Malcolm 31/10 #259062
Gemmill Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve Mooroopna
Ongoing bird from yesterday, unlike yesterday when I was unable to observe the bird today I had good views of a male.
Don Roberts 31/10 #259061
Fri 30Eastern Koel
Hawthorn East
Been hearing an Eastern Koel calling each the evening for the past three days. Somewhere near the junction of Burke Rd and Barkers Rd. Haven’t seen it yet.
Martin Norvick 30/10 #259058
Gemmill Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve Mooroopna
A bird called twice, I was unable to sight the bird. I have two previous records for this Reserve since 1967 those being 15/1/1984 and 14/11/2005. eBird checklist
Don Roberts 30/10 #259053
Thu 29Dollarbird
Wyperfeld National Park--Wonga Camp Ground
Amazing. Almost the first bird we encountered as we arrived at Wonga Hut campground. First seen flying towards us at tree top height with undulating spiralling flight and uttering raucous calls. Perched atop Red Gum at our campsite where photo taken. Largish dark dumpy bird with white circles displayed in wing in flight. eBird checklist
Margaret and Richard Alcorn 2/11 #259080
Tue 27Scarlet Honeyeater
Three birds seen/heard. One male feeding on a flowering mistletoe at the edge of town. Three birds also seen/heard on and near a flowering bottlebrush in town on the 29th. eBird checklist
Kaz Wilson 1/11 #259065
Mon 26Blue-winged Parrot
Royal Park
Spotted a male in a tiny dead shrub between the skink habitat and bitumen walking track just before 7 pm. Dropped into a dense field of weedy Malva and grasses but was refound a few minutes later and seen/photographed on this second occasion by four other observers. Circled through a few trees but originally returned to its initial perch and dropped back into the weeds - seemed to be fairly settled. Not common here - eBird has previous reports of single birds from only 2007, 2009, 2016, and 2019. eBird checklist
Oakley Germech 27/10 #259037
Scarlet Honeyeater
Foster(South Gippsland)
On a nature strip tree in Foster.
Rohan Bugg 26/10 #259027
Sun 25Brown Gerygone
Hamman's Reserve, Leongatha
At least four heard calling and observed.
Doug Robinson 26/10 #259035
Wonga Pigeon
Distinctive repetitive advertising call heard well ("Woa, woa, woa, woa"....) down in gully immediately west of where I was standing off Ten Chain Fire Access Track (-37.513853,145.190889) out the back of Yan Yean Reservoir. Would be 1st record for City of Whittlesea and most Westerly in Victoria on eBird. eBird checklist
Dan Ashdown 25/10 #259021
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