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October 2017
Sun 15highlightRed Necked Pharlarope
Alice Springs Sewage Ponds, Northern Territory
Bird noted by visitor and brought to my attention, the eye patch could only be Phalarope, black curving stripe through eye, small mostly white bird with brown wing feathers, needle like beak, behaviour was circling and dipping beak in water. No call noted
Pam Walker 16/10 #232317

September 2017
Fri 29Little Curlew, Oriental Plover, Australian Pratincole
Hexham (Swamp and adjacent paddocks)
3 Little Curlews and 2 Australian Pratincoles were found today along the disused Richmond Vale Railway corridor on the northern edge of Hexham Swamp (-32.8489396, 151.6494901). According to a quick search of eBird Little Curlews have only been reported in northern Australia since about the 18th September. The birds were using wet fields to the north of the railway line, which are quite extensive given how dry it is elsewhere. There were also 320 Whiskered Terns counted (also using swamps to the south of rail corridor), ~1500 Black-winged Stilts, 1300 Grey Teal, 3 Latham's Snipe and a couple of Black-fronted Dotterel. Numerous raptors, including 25 Black Kites and a likely immature Spotted Harrier. The site requires a long, exposed and rather arduous walk, across old railway sleepers and requires crossing creeks and old rail bridges, one of which is in disrepair. The 10 Oriental Plovers are still at the site on Hexham Swamp that they have been present at since Tuesday. IMPORTANT NOTE: As of Tuesday 3rd October there will be a locked gate at the main access to Hexham Swamp via the Tarro interchange. Very little notice was given about this. The Hunter Bird Observers Club are working with authorities to broker access for birders (to be advised). Image of Little Curlews by Alex Berryman. Further information
Mick Roderick and Alex Berryman 29/9 #232060
Tue 26highlightOriental Plover (9), Australian Pratincole (1) and Orange Chat
Hexham Swamp (Hunter Wetlands National Park)
The epic birding east of the divide continues. A single Australian Pratincole was original found by Leslie in the stubbly swamp known as Smithy's. The area is just beyond the dumped tyres on private property on the left after you go over the cattle grid on the way into the National Park. Later on when looking for the Pratincole, nine Oriental Plovers found in close proximity to the Prat. (-32.8455, 151.6824) Brief views of a female Orange Chat were also had in the same location, unfortunately the bird flew off and was unable to be relocated. Cuckoos and Songlarks continue to be seen in good numbers. (Moderator's Note: The timing of the arrival of these Oriental Plovers is near identical to the 'invasion' of birds in NSW in spring/summer 2013, when birds were first reported 27/09/2013 from Bushells Lagoon (2 birds) and Dairy Swamp, Tuggerah (1 bird), followed by several subsequent reports. Of interest I photographed 2 waders that flew over my house in Shortland on Mon 25/09 that have subsequently been identified as Oriental Plovers, so this was their first known arrival date in the Hunter Estuary. Note that Oriental Plover is on the review list for NSW ORAC. MR). Further information
Leslie, Judi Thomas, Ian Benson plus many others. 26/9 #232027
Australian swiftlet
Taabinga Home, Kingaroy.
A loose flock of 60 birds, very high, straggled over 2 to 3 kilometers, in the vicinity of cloud heads, taking 10 minutes to pass overhead. eBird checklist
Douglas J Armstrong 26/9 #232026
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