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June 2019
Fri 7highlightPurple Heron
South Point, Christmas Island
Single bird standing in the middle of South Point Road around midday.
Martin Schulz 10/6 #239631
Sun 2highlightJavan Pond Heron
Parry Lagoons, Wyndham, WA
Pond Heron in non breeding plumage at birdhide at Parry Lagoon at 0715. The bird flew across lagoon to perch in clear view about 8 metres from the hide. It changed posture from presenting a front view to side view and departed after about five minutes a short distance away but obscured. Observed and photographed by several observers. The white wings were observable when in flight contrasting to the brown body. I have seen these frequently in South east Asia. Separation of Javan Pond Heron from Chinese Pond Heron can be tricky. This bird had neck streaks which were not distinctly white and dark. Legs are greenish yellow. There were no noticeable darker smudges on tips pf primaries. Moderators will no doubt comment.
Malcolm Turner 2/6 #239581

May 2019
Fri 24Eastern Yellow Wagtail
Ash Island--Wagtail Way, New South Wales
I was lucky enough to encounter multiple Yellow Wagtails this afternoon on at Fish Fry Flats on Ash Island. Three bird initially seen well and then nine birds flushed and flew towards Wagtail Way. A total of ten birds were later seen on Wagtail Way. There are odd records from SE Aust. of May and June records, however 10 birds is unprecedented. Majority of birds were in full breeding plumage however at least two were birds were still showing immature plumage. (Moderator's Note: There is one May record for the Hunter Estuary, being of a single bird 2/05/2012 on Ash Island, and there was a bird present on Hexham Swamp 22/06-8/07/2014, possibly overwintering? But these numbers in late May is unprecedented in southern Australia and this represents the biggest count ever in NSW for any time of year. MR). Further note: as of midday today [25/05] numerous birders had been out on the island looking for the birds since first light without luck (MR).
Ian Benson 24/5 #238535
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Early arrival; late departure
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