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Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. The BSCQ region covers a large area from south of Ayr to the New South Wales Border and west to the Northern Territory border.

Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is supported by BirdLife Southern Queensland and moderated by Dezmond Wells, Rob Morris and Sandra Gallienne.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

The Moderators have adopted a 2 tier sightings system. All legitimate reports will be published,with some sightings which the Moderators consider to be unusual for rarity, distribution or timing being published as 'Highlights' on this page. The following link will appear after sighting submissions which contains information about the species of interest plus the Unusual Record Report Form to be completed and submitted for relevant sightings: Reports that do not meet the reporting criteria will not be published and we encourage all individuals to submit lists to ensure their sightings are included. We encourage any one with a long list of species to enter them into eBird Australia. The Atlas and list entry components of Eremaea Birds moved to a new site called eBird Australia on 1st February 2014. Birdlines will remain here. In the meantime for entering all your lists register with eBird at

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

August 2017
Mon 21Fairy Gerygone
Buderim Forest Park
eBird checklist Further information
Greg Roberts 22/8 #231599
Black Bittern
Lake Doonella, Tewantin
Further information
Greg Roberts 22/8 #231600
Eastern Shrike-Tit
Eprepah Environmental Centre, Victoria Point
Good views in casuarinas at the SE corner of the mangrove boardwalk.
George Chapman 21/8 #231592
Sun 20Baillon's Crake
Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
Seen well from reeded path between first and second big ponds, at crossroad junction. Initially spooked from edge into waterline vegetation, but then settled and skulked/foraged in a small thicket for over a minute. Unusual for this time of year. eBird checklist
Russell Yong, C. Louvard 21/8 #231589
Fri 18Rufous Songlark
Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
Sighted on the pathway between the first two Lagoons In the vicinity of the observation deck. First seen around 8.30 am and still there at 10am. eBird checklist
Ken Doy 18/8 #231573
Thu 17King Quail
1 km s,w of 442 Bunburra road, Bunburra. 4310
A pair seen in improved pasture paddock which has been fairly grazed down. When flushed flew into a ungrazed block next to the one they were seen in. Coloured male and a female seen.
Errol stenzel 17/8 #231570
Beach Stone-curlew
Burleigh Heads National Park
Single BEACH Stone-curlew flew in from the heads and onto the rocky shore along the Talllebudgera Creek inlet on the Burleigh side, calling, around 130pm. Stayed for 30 seconds then flew across to the other side and towards the ocean again. Heard it call for a few more minutes but didn't see it again. To avoid misunderstandings, there is no doubt that it was a Beach rather than a Bush Stone-curlew. It gave several unmistakable calls, I saw it, and I have worked with Bush Stone-curlews and am a Guide at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat. I also spoke to the Park Rangers working on the track immediately above where it landed who saw it and they may pass the info to others in QLDNP. eBird checklist Further information
Luke Flesher 17/8 #231566
Sun 13Lathams Snipe
Lake Kurwongbah--Scout Road Reserve
Flushed while walking along the edge of the dam, first for the season. eBird checklist
Dez Wells 14/8 #231539
Black-eared Cuckoo
Mosquito Creek Rd
Initially two heard, then one adult seen very well while the second bird called from the other side of the road. Potentially a pair. Other good birds: 2 Yellow-billed Spoonbills, 15 Banded Lapwings and 2 Pallid Cuckoos (likely a pair). eBird checklist
Nikolas Haass & Raja Stephenson 13/8 #231528
Sat 12Noisy Pitta
Lake MacDonald Noosa Botanical Gardens
eBird checklist
Donna Tomkinson 12/8 #231519
highlightRufous Songlark
Oxley Creek Common
Perched up briefly in paddock beside Pelican Lagoon - heard here previously. eBird checklist
Colin Reid 12/8 #231515
Mon 7Channel-billed Cuckoo
Pinbarren (Sunshine Coast)
A single bird flying strongly towards the north-west.
Steve Popple 7/8 #231489
Sat 5Australian bustard
Durong South near township
A group of 10 Australian bustards observed over a couple of days in cultivation and grassed paddocks. I have not seen this many together before.
Andrew McDougall 9/8 #231498
Wed 2highlightSwift Parrot
Durikai State Forest
A minimum of 8 Swift Parrots were observed and photographed in the northern section of Durikai State Forest on the 26th July. The birds were feeding in flowering Broad-leaved Ironbark and what could be a hybrid ironbark species. The northern part of Durikai currently has good blossom in Broad-leaved / Mugga Ironbark trees and there is bud showing on Yellow Box and Forest Red Gums. The Swift Parrots were recorded amongst 13 species of honeyeaters and 3 species of lorikeets. Other good birds found included Turquoise Parrot and Diamond Firetail. Image taken by Harry Hines. eBird checklist
Harry Hines per Mick Roderick 2/8 #231461

July 2017
Sun 30Brown Skua
Sunshine Coast Pelagic
Skua with freshly killed Providence Petrel. eBird checklist Further information
Greg Roberts & all aboard Sunshine Coast pelagic 31/7 #231444
Sat 29Radjah shelduck
Hamilton Island, Whitsundays
Out browse cutting for animals at the wildlife park on a trail opposite the road from the lake at the sports field. Walking up this trail was a solitary duck on the path approximately 50m away. Stopping to observe it, the duck came running towards me stopping only three meters away. Good observation, I'm gonna assume it's a duck the usually frequents an area where it's fed by people. eBird checklist
Andrew O'Brien 30/7 #231439
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Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
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