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Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. The BSCQ region covers a large area from south of Ayr to the New South Wales Border and west to the Northern Territory border.

Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is supported by BirdLife Southern Queensland and moderated by Andy Jensen, Dezmond Wells, Rob Morris and Sandra Gallienne.

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Moderators' Note

The Moderators have adopted a 2 tier sightings system. All legitimate reports will be published,with some sightings which the Moderators consider to be unusual for rarity, distribution or timing being published as 'Highlights' on this page. The following link will appear after sighting submissions which contains information about the species of interest plus the Unusual Record Report Form to be completed and submitted for relevant sightings: Reports that do not meet the reporting criteria will not be published and we encourage all individuals to submit lists to ensure their sightings are included. We encourage any one with a long list of species to enter them into eBird Australia. The Atlas and list entry components of Eremaea Birds moved to a new site called eBird Australia on 1st February 2014. Birdlines will remain here. In the meantime for entering all your lists register with eBird at

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August 2018
Sun 19pink-eared duck
Lake near Gracemere, central Queensland
The dry is pushing birds east. I saw 1,200 pink-eared ducks fly in and land on an unnamed lake near Gracemere.
Andrew McDougall 19/8 #235133
Brown Songlark
Korman Road, Dohles Rocks
Two male Brown Songlarks at Korman Road Dohles Rocks this morning on the claypan. Terrible record shot attached before my camera battery died. Also a fly through Pallid Cuckoo. A few drier country birds around Brisbane at the moment. Hopefully going to be a good spring...
Andy Jensen 19/8 #235128
Sat 18highlightBlack Honeyeater
Highfields Falls, near Toowoomba
At least three Black Honeyeaters (two males and one female) seen at about 8:40am near the middle of the Kingfisher circuit. Watched them for about 15min. They were mostly perched high up on dead branches, with intermittent hawking around the tops of trees. eBird checklist
Malcolm Graham 20/8 #235153
Fri 17highlightBlack Honeyeater
Goondiwindi Botanic Gardens
Five or six birds feeding on (males defending) flowering Eremophila bignonifolia
Mike Wood 20/8 #235151
Wed 15Red-backed Kingfisher, possible Black Falcons
Maryborough - Hervey Bay Rd
RBKF seen on powerlines two days in a row now near -25.3306, 152.7977. Just a bit further down the road towards Maryborough, where the big powerlines cross the road, I saw two falcons mating on the line above the freeway. Wrong giss for Brown Falcon; when the male flew off and the female followed they looked massive. Colouration and everything looked good but I couldn’t stop to confirm.
Elliot Leach 15/8 #235101
Mon 13Freckled Duck
Drovers Camp Billabongs Camooweal .
11 Freckled Duck on and around small island at shallow end of lagoon. eBird checklist
Ken Dredge. 14/8 #235100
Sat 11Baillon's Crake
Oxley Creek Common
One seen at Jabiru Swamp. Viewing from bridge, bird on right of lagoon working the edge of bullrush around where floating water plants end and open water starts.
Rob Dougherty and Colin Reid 11/8 #235063
Fri 10Rufous Songlark
Monsildale Rd Kilcoy
Sitting in the afternoon sun with a smokey glow from grass fires. Plenty of Raptors about too, hunting toasted insects. we saw plenty of Black Shouldered kites, Brown falcons, Kestrels and two Swamp harriers. Wedge tailed eagles were carving circles in the sky, always an awesome sight as they catch the thermals. Great day with a total of 71 species for the day. The highlight was the 17 - 25 brown quail, and the painted button quail, and a flock of at least 70 double bar finches, good to see that many.
Bernie and Linda McIvor 11/8 #235070
Painted button Quail
Kilcoy -Murgon road near jimmna
one female foraging by the dirt road. Further on we counted a covey of 17 - 25 brown quail.
Bernie and Linda McIvor 10/8 #235061
Tue 7Black-necked Stork
Waterford West
Visiting partners brother at Waterford West and saw a solitary Black-necked Stork flying in a westerly direction. My location would have been just north of the Logan River. The bird possibly could have been coming from Tygum Lagoon as it was not very high up.
Ron jAnderson 7/8 #235045
Mon 6Grey-crowned Babbler
Jirrima Cresent, Cooroibah
Three birds seen by roadside outside 4 Jirrima Cres, at 1010 hrs today, same location where 2 birds seen in May this year, and 400m from where 3 birds seen in Dec 2015. Possibility that there is a small resident population in area. eBird checklist
Russ Lamb 6/8 #235042
Sat 4Regent Honeyeater
Rainbow Beach Holiday Park
A Regent Honeyeater was seen and photographed at ~2pm today (4/08) by Rod and Karen Howie at Rainbow Beach Caravan Park. The bird was seen in a Eucalypt (type unknown at this stage), as well as an adjacent Banksia tree. It was apparently chased off repeatedly by Noisy Friarbirds. This observation is under 6km from the Tin Can Bay bird, photographed on the 18/07/2018. An analysis of photographs shows some similar features on the face so it is possibly the same bird, though we can't be conclusive. We hope it is a different bird!
Rod and Karen Howie per Mick Roderick and Dean Ingwersen 4/8 #235017
Fri 3Grey Goshawk
Cnr Old Bruce Highway and Gardner’s Road Federal
Perched on Bruce Highway overpass pylons
Lyn and Garry Robinson 4/8 #235015
highlightBarking Owl
D'Aguilar National Park--Araucaria Circuit (Enoggera Reservoir)
Seen near the head of the second (longer) inlet; pretty much over the track. Was gone when I walked back two hours or so later. Holding onto its prey, which seemed to be an Owlet-nightjar. eBird checklist
Niel Bruce 3/8 #235009
Australasian Bittern
Garnett's Lagoon, Hervey Bay
1 bird at this site for 3 weeks now eBird checklist
Greg Roberts 3/8 #235008
Thu 2Latham's Snipe
Tee Trees Wetland (Arundel)
I was a little surprised to see this species at this time of year! Very early arrival? (Moderators Note - SG: Just checked a few August reports on ebird - it seems there are several reports from mid-August - I found one from 11/08/2013 by Pauline Brennan at William Guise Foxwell Park (Gold Coast) and three for 14/08 by Collin Reid (2005) at Minnippi Parklands, BirdLife Southern Queensland (2011) at Eagleby Wetlands and Patricia Ferguson (2017) at Logan River Parklands.) eBird checklist
Todd Burrows 3/8 #235004
Wed 1Rufous Songlark
Monsildale rd Kilcoy
Sitting on the fence post, next post was aust pipits, and dusky wood swallows.Nearly every post had a bird, we believe its due to a cold burn bushfire in the area as the raptors were everywhere hunting through the ashes. Great bird day as we got 81 species for the day, 8am - 4:30pm.
Bernie and Linda McIvor 2/8 #234999

July 2018
Tue 31highlightGreen Pygmy Goose (Male)
Lake McDonald near Cooroy
First sighted by Jane Cooksley near the Fearnly Bird hide Lake McDonald, seen later by several observers late afternoon. Poor distant shot attached. eBird checklist
Steve Popple 1/8 #234986
Mon 30highlightAustralian Bustard
Australian Bustard seen foraging on cultivation outside harrisville snap photos due to bird not normally seen in area. checked bird books. and they confirmed it was outside it natualral range. eBird checklist
Matthew Wilkie 31/7 #234980
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Tin Can Bay
A single Regent Honeyeater was photographed at 6:50am on Wednesday July 18th in Wes Mitchell Park at Tin Can Bay by ‘Questagame’ player Campbell Paine. The attached photograph shows the bird sitting in a flowering Swamp Mahogany. This is the northernmost record of the species since a single bird was seen at Stanmore for several days in October 2013. The only records from further north come from near Duaringa (one season sometime between 1874 and 1924), Byfield Creek (1930), and Mackay (1963). Well done to Campbell on an outstanding record. In the image the tree still appears to have some unopened bud, so it would be worth checking the area, as blossom is likely still present. eBird checklist
Campbell Paine per Mick Roderick and Dean Ingwersen 30/7 #234971
Sun 29Red-rumped Kingfisher, Cockatiel, Australian Bustard
Lake Callide, Banana Shire
On our way to Lake Callide on power line (just 2 km before the lake) were perching 83 Cockatiels, further down to the lake 2 Red-backed Kingfisher and several Black-faced Woodswallows and Rainbow Bee-eaters. On the lake was a large mobile island (dark black dotted with white). It was a raft of Little Back Cormorants (2000+) with 200 Pied Cormorants and several LP Cormorants and A Pelicans. We observed the spectacle with our scope for nearly an hour. They were pushing fish to the shore with military precision and then gorging on them (look boiling water full of fish and birds heads). Magic moment.
Ted and Alex Wnorowski 30/7 #234976
Fri 27(Hyper-melanistic) Laughing Kookaburra
Main Green Swamp Road, near Moreton Vale (Gatton)
A single hyper-melanistic Laughing Kookaburra ("Black Kookaburra") was spotted along Main Green Swamp Road, about half-way between Lake Clarendon and Seven Mile Lagoon, near Gatton, at about 10 this morning.
Michael Eaton 28/7 #234961
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