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Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. The BSCQ region covers a large area from south of Ayr to the New South Wales Border and west to the Northern Territory border.

Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is supported by BirdLife Southern Queensland and moderated by Dezmond Wells, Rob Morris and Sandra Gallienne.

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Moderators' Note

The Moderators have adopted a 2 tier sightings system. All legitimate reports will be published,with some sightings which the Moderators consider to be unusual for rarity, distribution or timing being published as 'Highlights' on this page. The following link will appear after sighting submissions which contains information about the species of interest plus the Unusual Record Report Form to be completed and submitted for relevant sightings: Reports that do not meet the reporting criteria will not be published and we encourage all individuals to submit lists to ensure their sightings are included. We encourage any one with a long list of species to enter them into eBird Australia. The Atlas and list entry components of Eremaea Birds moved to a new site called eBird Australia on 1st February 2014. Birdlines will remain here. In the meantime for entering all your lists register with eBird at

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2017
Sat 18megamegaStejneger's Petrel
Offshore--Southport pelagic
A great spring trip today. Highlights: A single Stejneger's Petrel was the first bird we saw when we stopped in 120 fathoms. Seven other petrel species seen - Tahiti (many), Cape (1), Mottled (1), Gould's (2-4), Kermadec (10+), Grey-faced (c20) Providence (2-3). Also Long-tailed (3), Pom and Arctic Jaeger, Sooty Tern and Masked Booby. Paul Walbridge will put out the formal report
Rob Morris and all on board the Southport Pelagic organised by Paul Walbridge 18/11 #232817
highlightGreen Pygmy-geese
Atkinson's Dam
Probable pair of Green PG at drain (-27.414173, 152.427990) Definitely Pygmy-geese but Swedish birder Mikhail had good view of heads and categorically ruled out Cotton. My views were not so good but can confirm that they were PG from wing-pattern.
Tom Tarrant 18/11 #232810
Fri 17Freckled Duck, Hoary-headed Grebe, Black-tailed Godwit
Lake Clarendon
2 Freckled Ducks, also Pink-eared & Shoveler plus all 3 grebes. Single godwit eBird checklist Further information
Greg Roberts 18/11 #232807
Blue-winged Kookaburra
Forest Hill
eBird checklist Further information
Greg Roberts 18/11 #232805
Australian Painted Snipe
Noosa resource recovery centre
Drive in, turn right to op shop car park, walk through car park then turn right along dirt track parallel to drain. Bird was on far side of drain adjacent to boom gate. Please beware of heavy vehicles driving in area.
Carl Billingham 18/11 #232802
Thu 16Australian Little Bittern
Parklakes Wetlands (Bli Bli)
The Australian Little Bittern (Black-backed Bittern) has returned and was very vocal this morning. Possibility of two as one flew from cover on other side of pond just after I heard the call. First spotted by Chris Watts yesterday in middle pond who got a good photo of it sitting in open. Also saw first Spotless Crake in several weeks since the high water levels eBird checklist
Paul Jensen, Mary Hynes, Chris Watts 16/11 #232779
Tue 14Sooty Owls
D'Aguilar National Park--Mt Mee section
A pair by the side of the road. Four other night birds were active - Marbled and Tawny Frogmouths, Southern Boobooks and lots of Australian Owlet Nightjars calling (the last 3 lower down nearer to Dayboro). And a Lewin's Rail was calling away in the lower valley.
Rob Morris & Andrew Sutherland 15/11 #232778
Superb Fruit-Dove
Canungra Creek at Boyland Bridge on Biddaddaba Road, Boyland, SEQ
A single juvenile bird was feeding on wild Mulberries in creek side vegetation on the western side of the bridge. Apart from a female at my house in Beechmont 5 years ago this is the only Superb Fruit-Dove I have seen in SEQ.
Barry Davies 15/11 #232777
Mon 13Southern Boobook
Big old gum tree overlooking Royal esplanade Manly
Sitting in full view with one eye on the traffic.
Linda and Bernie Mcivor and Willy. 13/11 #232761
Mon 6highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Kianawah Road Wetland (Hemmant)
eBird checklist
Deb Merton 6/11 #232654
Sun 5Tawny Frogmouth with two chicks
Dunning lane...a dirt side road off Old Cove road Stanmore.
Not rare or unusual but very cute.
Linda and Bernie Mcivor and Willy. 5/11 #232643
Crested Shrike tit
Old Cove road
In the company of golden whistlers, not the best photo as was a very quick shot as the bird didnt stay long. Also the rufous song lark was present again too.
Linda and Bernie Mcivor and Willy. 5/11 #232642
Sat 4highlightCommon Blackbird
A common blackbird was seen on the side of the main road 200m from the Beechmont Primary School (Canungra side) at 6:15pm on Saturday the 4th November. This is the first sighting I am aware of in this location. A clear view of the bird was obtained and it then flew over a hedge of lantana and disappeared. eBird checklist Further information
Daniel Blunt 6/11 #232651
Black-chinned Honeyeater
Lake Moogerah Road, Mount Edwards
Five birds heard and seen in tall mixed forest of gum-topped box, forest red gum and brush box. Other species included Little Bronze-Cuckoo and Cicadabird. Near Cunningham Highway.
Roger Jaensch 6/11 #232649
Fri 3Grey Goshawk
Mungarra Reserve, Petrie
In flight with several crows on its tail. Direction North to South Further information
Pip Grant-Taylor 5/11 #232638
Thu 2Horsfields Bushlark
Lions Road near Rathdowney.
Nearly every second or third fence post along the lions road had a Horsfields Bushlark, Golden-headed Cisticola and Australian Pipit. Was a good day with a personal best of 67 species all up, from 6am till 5pm.
Linda and Bernie Mcivor and Willy. 5/11 #232624

October 2017
Mon 30Emerald Dove
South Pine River at Cashs Crossing, Eatons Hill
A single unknown gender found foraging on the path near the River. Flew off before I could catch a photo.
Joseph Francesco Deinnocentis 31/10 #232567
Sun 29Glossy Ibis, Yellow-billed Spoobill
Boynedale Bushcamp
During our 12hrs twitchaton we found Glossy Ibis (1), Yellow-billed Spoonbill (2), Great Crested Grebe (6) and White-necked Heron (5)
Ted Wnorowski and Tony Longson 2/11 #232586
Sat 28Painted Buttonquail
Chelman's Rd. Eungella
One not too timid bird at side of road. Various buttonquail species have been reported on Eungella oval but a lot of work is being done there now and I didn't see any.
Jim Sneddon 31/10 #232571
Eungella Honeyeater
Chelman's Rd. Eungella
Two birds seen while on walkway in national park at the end of Chelman's Rd.
Jim Sneddon 31/10 #232570
Rose-crowned Fruit-dove; Grey Goshawk
Gold Creek Reservoir
RCFD- At least two birds, one adult and one immature, feeding low down and giving good views in a fruiting tree just a little way in from the front gate, heading towards the dam and stream. Quite a bit of bird activity here (primarily figbirds) to indicate where to look. GRGO- One grey-morph bird at the last stream crossing before arriving at the front gate.
Russell Yong; M. Barnes; J. Ringma 29/10 #232518
Spotted Harrier
Nathan Road Wetlands Reserve
Observed low over eastern side of road, dropped into long grass adjacent to earthworks for new football field. Waited 15 minutes without resighting. 12 Glossy Ibis flew over west to east during wait. eBird checklist
Paul Marty 28/10 #232508
Thu 26Grey Plover
King Island (Moreton Bay)
Taken on the far side of King Island at 7.30am just after the turn of low tide . eBird checklist
Ken Doy 26/10 #232476
Wed 25Pair of Rufous Songlarks
Avoca creek road Avoca Vale...via Linville
Very active and vocal.
Linda and Bernie Mcivor and Willy. 26/10 #232474
Sun 22highlightCommon Sandpiper
Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve
One individual hunting along the brook edges.
Dez Wells 23/10 #232420
Fri 20Magpie Goose
Whisling Kite Reserve, Russell Island
First eBird siting of Magpie Geese for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, although Magpie Geese are frequently observed on the mainland of the Redlands. Four birds (possibly more) observed towards the centre of this small reserve perched in small trees where on previous occasions White Ibis have been seen. Also unusual sight of flock of at least 18 Dollarbirds swooping low over swamp part of reserve catching insects. eBird checklist
Kathy R. Clark 20/10 #232387
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
Rare migrant
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