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Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. The BSCQ region covers a large area from south of Ayr to the New South Wales Border and west to the Northern Territory border.

Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is supported by BirdLife Southern Queensland and moderated by Andy Jensen, Dezmond Wells, Rob Morris and Sandra Gallienne.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

The Moderators have adopted a 2 tier sightings system. All legitimate reports will be published,with some sightings which the Moderators consider to be unusual for rarity, distribution or timing being published as 'Highlights' on this page. The following link will appear after sighting submissions which contains information about the species of interest plus the Unusual Record Report Form to be completed and submitted for relevant sightings: Reports that do not meet the reporting criteria will not be published and we encourage all individuals to submit lists to ensure their sightings are included. We encourage any one with a long list of species to enter them into eBird Australia. The Atlas and list entry components of Eremaea Birds moved to a new site called eBird Australia on 1st February 2014. Birdlines will remain here. In the meantime for entering all your lists register with eBird at

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2018
Thu 15Grey Plover
Cooloola Cove
1 bird at shorebird roost eBird checklist
Greg Roberts 16/11 #236132
Broad-billed Sandpiper
Cooloola Cove
1 bird . Report: eBird checklist
Greg Roberts 16/11 #236131
Black Bittern
Tin Can Bay
1 in mangroves. Report: eBird checklist
Greg Roberts 16/11 #236129
Radjah Shelduck
Tin Can Bay
4 birds present golf course & caravan park. Details: eBird checklist
Greg Roberts 16/11 #236128
pale vented bush hen
Cornubia Forest Park, West Mt Cotton
We had heard strange calls late at night for several days in a creek reserve near our home. We recorded them and were advised that it was a bush hen. Then the calls started about 5pm 15/11 so we clambered through the under growth to the creek and finally got good sighting and video of the bush hen with a bright coloured bill shield. About 15 years ago we had seen two adults and two chicks in the same vicinity so it is pleasing to see that they are still around.
Col and Chris Fitzell 16/11 #236126
Little eagle
Displaying over the golf driving range for about 5 mins then flew south
Pete Jones 16/11 #236125
Wed 14Sanderling
Inskip Point
2 at point. eBird checklist
Greg Roberts 16/11 #236130
Sat 10highlightWhite-backed Swallow
Cooby Dam--Lovedays Cove
3 possibly 4 White-backed Swallows near the toilet block near the boat shed. Associating with the Fairy Martins, Tree Martins and Welcome Swallows.
Sandra Gallienne 10/11 #236070
Fri 9Brown Songlark
Barra Fishing Park, Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast
1 bird in fields eBird checklist
Greg Roberts 9/11 #236064
Wed 7highlightOriental Plover, Australian Pratincole
Lake Clarendon Lockyer Valley
John Hadley has reported seeing 11 Oriental Plovers and 3 Australian Pratincoles. Jim Sneddon Moderators note - no sign of any Oriental Plover or Pratincoles the following day (8/11) but a small group of Pacific Golden Plover among other waders. Will be interesting to see if the pratincoles and Orientals are re-seen, and other birders can keep an eye out
John Hadley 7/11 #236049
Mon 5Black-tailed Native-Hen
Yelarbon Common
Two birds there at present -a single bird at nearby Yelarbon Lagoon.
Mike Wood 6/11 #236043
Barred Cuckoo-shrike
Gladstone, New Auckland
Three Barred Cuckoo-shrikes were feeding with A. Figbirds in a fruiting fig tree in our backyard. During the last two weeks a small flocks (2-16 birds) of Barred Cuckoo-shrikes appeared at Gladstone whenever the fig tree are fruiting. It is the first time we have seen them in such numbers here.
Ted and Alex Wnorowski 5/11 #236034
Pacific (Fork tailed) Swift
Pinbarren - Sunshine Coast hinterland
6 Pacific Swift accompanying a flock of White throated Needletails. First sighting of Pacific Swifts this season {Moderators note - there seems to have been a small arrival of Pacific Swifts in SEQ over the last few days. We will not be publishing further sightings unless they are a significant count, unusual location etc }
Steve Popple 5/11 #236023
Sun 4brolga
Ray Stewart
100 Brolgas on Beardmore Dam St George
Ray Stewart 5/11 #236019
Brown Songlark
Archerfield Airport
Singing male on the airfield viewed from the junction of Balham Rd and Barton St. eBird checklist
Richard Fuller 5/11 #236018
Sat 3Australian Little Bittern
Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
An adult male observed at 07:00 in reeds on far side of pond after flushing from western side of track near viewing platform.
Arthur & Sheryl Keates 6/11 #236040
Australian Little Bittern
Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
Adult male feeding at edge of reed-bed at far side of pond behind viewing platform, from 0845 to 0855 am. A second bird calling softly deeper inside the reed-bed.
Roger Jaensch 5/11 #236022
Fri 2Black-eared Cuckoo
Mosquito Creek Rd
Bird uttering soft mewing calls, in roadside shrubs under remnant woodland, with cleared fields adjacent, about 1.5 km north of highway. North of Coolmunda Dam.
Roger Jaensch 5/11 #236024

October 2018
Wed 31musk lorikeet
Glendale, north of Rockhampton, central Queensland.
I was alerted to call by single flying bird, landed in top of tall gum nearby then off again after about half a minute. Not with any rainbows or scaly-breasted lorikeets although there were plenty about. Second sighting of musk lorikeets here in 16 years.
Andrew McDougall 31/10 #235956
Mon 29Broad-billed Sandpiper
Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve
One Broad-billed Sandpiper. At one stage standing close by the Long-toed Stint as reported by Ged Tranter on Saturday. No sign of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper but light very poor, with intermittent drizzle. Sharpies were very mobile.
Terry Reis 29/10 #235917
Sun 28Brolga
Ubobo, Boyne Valley
30 Brolgas were feeding on the freshly harvested oat field near Ubobo in Boyne Valley. This was excellent finale for our Twitchaton .
Ted Wnorowski and Tony Longson 2/11 #235975
Brown Songlark
Tuchekoi Road, Bollier (Mary Valley Road end)
Seen today, also seen in the same spot last week.
Donna Tomkinson 28/10 #235913
Asian Dowitcher
Toorbul High Tide Roost
one bird seen briefly [among hundreds of Bar-tailed Godwits, several Great Knots and a couple of Red Knots] at c. 11am before flock was spooked by raptor.
Ken Cross 28/10 #235906
Sat 27megamegaBuff-breasted Sandpiper & Long-toed Stint
Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve
Both birds at the wader roost at the end of the peninsula. See eBird list for site access info. eBird checklist
Ged Tranter 27/10 #235899
Thu 25highlightBlack Honeyeater
Strathyre Rd, @28.1179 151.4913 Karara
8 Black Honeyeaters were seen 2.5kms down Strathyre Rd Karara this morning feeding amongst trees next to the road. With Julie Sarna, Ross Smith & Catherine Hirsch eBird checklist
Sue Lee, Julie Sarna, Ross Smith & Catherine Hirsch 25/10 #235877
Sat 20Cotton Pygmy-goose
Lotus Lagoon area, Rockhampton
51 cotton pygmy-geese in about a quarter of a hectare (50m x 50m) or less water.
Andrew McDougall 21/10 #235826
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
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Rare vagrant
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