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Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. The BSCQ region covers a large area from south of Ayr to the New South Wales Border and west to the Northern Territory border.

Birdline Central & Southern Queensland is supported by BirdLife Southern Queensland and moderated by Andy Jensen, Dezmond Wells, Rob Morris and Sandra Gallienne.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

The Moderators have adopted a 2 tier sightings system. All legitimate reports will be published,with some sightings which the Moderators consider to be unusual for rarity, distribution or timing being published as 'Highlights' on this page. The following link will appear after sighting submissions which contains information about the species of interest plus the Unusual Record Report Form to be completed and submitted for relevant sightings: Reports that do not meet the reporting criteria will not be published and we encourage all individuals to submit lists to ensure their sightings are included. We encourage any one with a long list of species to enter them into eBird Australia. The Atlas and list entry components of Eremaea Birds moved to a new site called eBird Australia on 1st February 2014. Birdlines will remain here. In the meantime for entering all your lists register with eBird at

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

September 2019
Tue 17White-throated Nightjar
Mt Coot-tha Reserve--JC Slaughter Falls
F Hurrey 17/9 #241199
Sun 15Musk Duck
Fraser Island - Lake Mckenzie
One Musk Duck on the sterile Lake at 3pm, no other birds at all. 30 metres from shore. Dark colour, low profile and diagnostic flap under bill.
Peter Johnston 16/9 #241186
Thu 12Yellow tailed black cockatoo
Coal crescent Tannum sands
Yellow tailed black cockatoos heard flying over house. Walked outside to see 4 birds landing in a large gum tree next door, which was beside a dam that is empty at present. Called loudly for approximately 20 - 30 seconds before flying off. I I have seen then pass here in previous years. first time seen this year. Noticeable call and yellow tail flashing usually red tail blacks present in this area not the yellow tails
Phillip Bosci 16/9 #241183
Wed 11Fairy Gerygone
Kumbartcho Sanctuary
1, possibly 2 Fairy Gerygone's seen & heard at the end of our route in riverine riparian section at end of Dugandan Rd Picnic area beside the South Pine River. Other observers were Kumbartcho monthly survey group eBird checklist
Sue Lee 12/9 #241131
Mon 9channel-billed cuckoo
442 Bunburra road. Bunburra 4310
First one this season.
Errol stenzel 13/9 #241140
Sun 8Black-breasted Buttonquail
Inskip Point
Two birds along the track. Female moved first just after we had passed her; male moved shortly thereafter. Very good looks. We had walked the track twice and were headed back toward the parking area when we saw them.
Robert N Wiedenmann 14/9 #241147
Sat 7Ground Parrot
1.5km east of Cooloola Way, Great Sandy National Park
Two Ground Parrots seen ~1030h while we (two observers) walked through the heath ~100m from a track. One flew ~15m ahead of two observers. The second bird was seen while we returned to the track, and flew perpendicular to our line of travel, flying ~25m; the second bird was also seen by one observer who waited along the track. We turned off Cooloola Way onto a rough road and traveled about 1.6 km to where the road and terrain flattened out. We then walked on a track to the right (south or east). I did not get coordinates, but we were at or near the site named above.
Robert N Wiedenmann 14/9 #241148

August 2019
Mon 26Gull sp
Maroochydore River - picnic point
Gull, similar size silver gull. Beak yellow, red tip, thin elongated. Eye black. Tail white. Alone and resting. Moderators note - further discussion with the observer determined it was similar to Silver Gull in plumage, with black on primaries and white tail, and was the same size as silver gull. The observer is very familiar with Pacific Gull and Kelp Gull from southern waters (and obviously these species would be a lot bigger). Obviously balance of probabilities is this is a young Silver Gull (as the features described don’t really match any species) but putting news out just in case, for anyone in the Maroochydore area to keep their eyes peeled.
Geoffrey Wayne Parker 26/8 #241030
Sun 25Black-breasted Button-quail
Inskip Point Recreation Area
A late report as I have had no internet access since the sighting, but I thought it worth posting due to at least some continued speculation re the continued presence of this species at Inskip Point. A brief view of the bird as it crossed the track to the west of the access road to the barge loading point to the north of the roundabout. A poor photo record, but at least identifiable as a BBBQ.
John Laing 1/9 #241058
Grey-headed Honeyeater
Besm Rd, Lake Bindegolly
At least 2 GHH in flowering Bloodwoods with Pied and Black Honeyeaters and Masked Woodswallows. Appears well beyond normal range. Some ID shots taken.
Colin and Lynne Cannard 26/8 #241026
Red Wattlebird
Gold Creek Reservoir
One bird seen near the creek crossing about 200m west of Hillbrook Rd intersection.
Nick Leseberg 25/8 #241013
Thu 22Horsefield's Bushlark
Monsildale Road near Kilcoy end.
Our first for the year, saw two birds in all. They were just happy to sit and sing for us. And 72 species for the day. 10 hours in all. Happy with that, as it was dry and windy.
Linda and Bernie Mcivor and Wilma. 22/8 #241000
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
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Rare vagrant
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