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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour. Likewise we will not be publishing every Square-tailed Kite sighting posted to Birdline because of a significant increase in reports in recent years, particularly in coastal areas (with the exception of the far north coast).

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

July 2018
Sun 22Ground Parrot, honeyeaters
Ground Parrot Site, Hyams Beach Rd, Jervis Bay
2 sightings of a ground parrot on the heath behind Hyams Beach. The first flushed off the track late Friday afternoon, the second late this morning as a bird flew up out of the low heath close tongue track. Both times the bird flew skittering low back into the dense low heath. I hear birds calling here regularly but cannot recall seeing them previously so to get 2 sightings over the same WE is very pleasing indeed! Also on the heath + adjacent woodland are hundreds of honeyeaters zipping about all over the place; principally a New Holland, White-cheeked, Yellow-faced, White-naped + Fuscous with Lewin's calling in the woodland + a few Tawny-crowned on the open heath. Calling eastern bristle-bird today and both hunting peregrine and a pair of quartering swamp barriers in Friday all making for a very rewarding brace of visits to this gem of a spot!
Michael Ellison 22/7 #234922
Sat 21Glossy Black Cockatoo (breeding),
Wallaroi Ck 20km SE of Condobolin, private property
The Glossy Blacks I reported at this site a few months ago now have fledged chicks. Only just left the nest in the last week. There are four pairs nesting here in a loose colony in redgums along the creek. Today I saw my first juvenile flying around with its parents and at ten to five this afternoon I saw a female feeding a large chick in another nest hollow. Well worth the two hour wait in the cold.
Warren Chad 22/7 #234923
highlightFreckled Duck
South Nowra
About 40-50 Freckled Ducks present on small artificial wetland. Turn onto Firetail Street than onto Swallow Street. These birds were initially reported locally by Duade Paton a few weeks ago and are still present.
Demetrios Bertzeletos 21/7 #234918
highlightHudsonian Godwit
Lake Wollumboola
Bird still present. Could not find the Banded Stilt or the Red-kneed Dotterel. Otherwise shorebird and tern numbers and species as previously reported. Beware of large stingrays if you go wading!
Demetrios Bertzeletos 21/7 #234917
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
At least 3 birds chasing insects in eucalypts, high in the trees. (Moderator's Note: Remarkably, this sighting comes the day after the Regent HE at Old Bar yesterday 20/07/2018 [#234912], with these being the first Regent Honeyeater sightings in NSW since late January [171 days to be exact] and the first wild birds reported from anywhere since mid-May. Hopefully many more to follow! MR)
Bill Kinsey 21/7 #234916
Fri 20Swift Parrot
Charles Sturt University, Port Macquarie Campus
At Port Macquarie (Charles Sturt University) we managed to locate at least 5 Swift Parrots on the south side of the uni car park as documented by Alan Morris and others recently. Another first for us.
Darren Earnshaw and Fiona Earnshaw 21/7 #234919
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Old Bar Beach
A last minute turn off to Old Bar Beach and the car park area just before the 4WD access to the beach itself. We parked here and a Regent Honeyeater was seen perched briefly when we got out of our car, then flew across the car park 15-20 metres away from us with good views as it flew by. Our first ever sighting of this species! (Moderator's Note: The bird has been seen and photographed this morning 22/07/2018. MR).
Darren Earnshaw and Fiona Earnshaw 21/7 #234912
Pale-headed Rosella, Eastern Rosella, Red-rumped Parrot
approxiamtely 3km north of Ashford
A huge winter flock comprising at least 150 Pale-headed Rosella, 80+ Eastern Rosella and 30+ Red-rumped Parrots. Many rosella hybrids within this flock. Also present large numbers of Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and Galahs. Largest winter flock of these species I have seen.
David Charley 21/7 #234910
Thu 19highlightBanded Stilt
Eurobodalla National Park--Lake Brou
Single Banded Stilt in breeding plumage-bit of a South Coast invasion going on it seems!
Dion Hobcroft 19/7 #234902
Wed 18Painted Button-quail, Pheasant Coucal
Jerrara Dam near Kiama
One Painted Button-quail observed feeding in rainforest area near carpark and a Pheasant Coucal flushed from long grass near creek line. Also seen was one Brown and Grey Goshawk.
Terrill Nordstrom, Dave Rower, Ralph Stadus 18/7 #234897
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Redheart Rd 47km NNE of Condobolin
Birds were feeding in Belah trees just Nth of "Redheart" mailbox. There were two adults and a very young fledgling. I found them via the very noisy begging coming from the young bird. A friend called this morning and said he had seen six birds there earlier today.
Warren Chad 18/7 #234896
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Three pairs and at least one begging immature found feeding low in pines and a type of tall bush. Found after following calls from Merrygoen Rd into woodland on the southern boundary of the town. An interesting record in terms of location between populations of the species in Goonoo to the south and Pilliga to the north. eBird checklist
Max Breckenridge 18/7 #234895
highlightBanded Stilt (4)
Werri Lagoon, Gerringong
4 Banded Stilts flew in from the South along the beach and landed near the lagoon entrance ~4pm this afternoon. The lagoon has been opened to the sea recently and the reduced water level has opened up some mudflats that the ibis, lapwings, egrets, teal etc have been feeding on. The stilts were feeding till after sunset and then roosting about 100m West of the lagoon entrance on dark.
Lachlan Hall 18/7 #234892
highlightHudsonian Godwit
Lake Wollumboola east
After 35 minutes, a small number of the Godwits flew from a sandbar in the lake, to the mid southeast side. I observed the white rump, black tail and large black patch under the wings when in flight. Too far away for decent photos. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 18/7 #234889
Beach Stone-Curlew
Wall Reserve, North Haven, near Edith st
Single bird observed flying across the Camden Haven River from Gogleys Lagoon and landing in parkland behind a salt-water pond that it was observed near in February this year. Found resting in semi-bush at 11am.
Stephen Gallivan 18/7 #234887
Tue 17highlightPacific Baza
Mt. Ulamambri Private Property (restricted access), Coonabarabran
One Baza seen well circling around the house and then flying low overhead and heading north. My first sighting in the area and one of only a few this far west in NSW. An Azure Kingfisher on the Castlereagh River in Coonabarabran was another fairly western record. (Moderator's Note: During my time in the Coonabarabran area 1975-85 I had them as far west as Gulargumbone. AKM).
Max Breckenridge 18/7 #234894
highlightBlue-billed Duck
Westdale Effluent Reuse Farm
Approximately 160 Blue-billed Ducks seen on large effluent reuse dam near Tamworth whilst I was sampling. Counted by tens, with as many males as females. (Moderator's Note: According to population estimates eg this count is somewhere around 1% of the total population of the species, so is of significance. MR). eBird checklist
Matt Hinze 18/7 #234888
Nankeen Kestrel
Henson Park Marrickville
To my great surprise, a bird of prey suddenly appeared and briefly swooped down on to the oval, before flying back up to one of the floodlights and then away. . Exciting to see in the inner west of Sydney.
David George 17/7 #234886
Mon 16highlightSwift Parrot
Sturt University Campus car park, Port Macquarie
A 20 minute 2ha survey at this now well known carpark at 2pm found 14 Swift Parrots roosting in a flowering Forest Redgum. However the birds were really only properly seen when they all took off as a result of a disturbance. Prior to that I could hear the birds softly calling to each other which is the reason that I managed to find them. The usual other Lorikeets and honeyeaters were present. Posted for the benefit of the non-locals!
Alan Morris 17/7 #234883
Blue-billed Duck (52), Freckled Duck
Lake Wallace
Two Freckled Ducks at the southern end of the drive and the previously reported large number of Blue-billed Ducks still present: I counted 50 in one group on the open water in front of the Wallerawang Sailing Club and at least another 2 at the southern end of the lake towards the dam wall. This is by far the largest number of Blue-billed I've seen there. Other species included Australasian Shovelers, Musk Ducks displaying, several very vocal Little Ravens and two Noisy Miners (which I haven't previously seen at Lake Wallace).
Carol Probets 16/7 #234877
Sun 15White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
Although more common in the Capertee Valley I've been informed that 2014 was the last report of these birds around Mudgee. First photo taken last Sunday. I also photographed a dark morph at the wetlands last December.
Mark Leary 18/7 #234898
Cotton Pygmy Goose
Ballina Heights wetland
Great views of the adult male Cotton Pygmy-Goose in this wetland beside the soccer playing fields. The bird has been resident at this wetland for some time but last reported at this site in May on Birdline, so this is an update!
Alan Morris 17/7 #234884
Eastern Osprey
South Woy Woy
Spotted a new nest atop the Communications tower near the very busy roundabout at Rawson Rd and Ocean beach Road. One bird visible overlooking the nest. (Moderator's Note: It should be noted that this nest was first reported with photos on the Central Coast Birders Facebook Page by Laurie Smith on 6/7/18. This is the 5th confirmed CC nesting pair! AKM).
Andrew Whitaker 16/7 #234874
highlightFreckled Duck
Kingsworth Lake, Nambucca, NSW
During an outing of Bellingen Birders, two birds were seen on the lake, both female / juvenile plumage. Please note the site is private property, with permission required to access.
Gary Phillips 15/7 #234870
Painted Button Quail, Diamond Firetail
Back Yamma State Forest- NE Dam
Called in late this afternoon to see if the Swift Parrots might still be there. No parrots but did get a good look at a PBQuail and two DFiretails drank at the dam. The area around the dam had lots of sign of quail activity
Warren Chad 15/7 #234867
Pacific Gull
Mill Stream Lookout, Botany Bay
A juvenile with some Silver Gulls
Barry Lancaster 15/7 #234865
highlightRegent Bowerbird.
Crosslands Reserve,Berowra valley National Park
Highlight of a birdwatching trip this morning to Crosslands Reserve was a female Regent Bowerbird my first record from Sydneys northern suburbs in 30 years.
Michael Ronan 15/7 #234864
Sat 14Giant Petrel, Brown Skua, Yellow-nosed Albatross, Prions
Mistral Point, Maroubra
Had a good 3 hour sea watch from Mistral Point in Maroubra with very high swells and moderate SW winds. During that time I had at least 40 Black-browed, at least one Campbell, 5 Shy and a Yellow-nosed Albatross, a Giant Petrel, at least 20 Prions, about 400 Fluttering Shearwater, 200 or more Australasian Gannets, a Brown Skua and adult 3 Kelp Gulls. Also good to see 3 Humpback Whales and a Fur Seal during that time.
Edwin Vella 15/7 #234869
Pacific Gull (6)
La Perouse (Sydney)
Was surprised to see 6 Pacific Gull at La Perouse on Saturday (certainly the most I have seen in Sydney). There were 4 juvenile (one with more yellow in the bill), a sub-adult and an a adult bird (as per attached photo). There were no Kelp Gulls seen there during that time.Good to also see a few Prions and some nice views of Humpback Whales from the National Park there too.
Edwin Vella 15/7 #234868
Cape Petrel, Fairy Prion, Wandering Albatross
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
Highlights from yesterday's Sydney pelagic included Cape Petrel (4), Wandering-type Albatrosses (2), Fairy Prion (300), Grey-faced Petrel (3), Northern Giant-Petrel (3) with one banded NGP, as well as an assortment of Albatrosses including Shy-type, Indian Yellow-nosed, Buller's, Campbell and Black-browed. All in good numbers. High numbers of the expected Providence Petrel were also seen mostly well out to sea. Cape Petrel records off Sydney have been declining over the past decade or so with our last sighting being of a singe bird in July 2016 with very few records for the previous 6 years. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan, Nigel Miller and all observers on the Avalon IV 15/7 #234863
Fairy Prions
Booderee National Park--Cape St George
The sea offshore was full of them. Saw a Sea-eagle attempt to take one. Later on the path back, disturbed same Sea-eagle from its favourite feeding log where it left behind an uneaten Fairy Prion corpse, so I assumed all birds were this species.
andrew wood 14/7 #234859
Govetts Leap Look out, Blackheath
Single, very confiding Rockwarbler, at Horseshoe Falls lookout. Too close to focus binoculars. It nearly hopped onto my shoe!
Martin Snowball 14/7 #234858
Fri 13Marbled frogmouth
Nightcap National Park--Protestors Falls
Arrived at the picnic area at 4.20am and heard call of female around 4.30am quite some distance away. The pair (I assume) moved closer and I got great close-up views of one bird around 5.30am and one briefly flying above me. Both male and female heard calling at 5.30am. Both gobble and kooloo calls continued until 6.25am. It's taken me a dozen or so attempts to see this bird over a decade including several unsuccessful trips to Conondale National Park in QLD and Terania Creek (where I have heard the call before but never seen).
Charles Hunter 14/7 #234857
highlightBlue-billed Duck
Lake Wallace
57 Blue-billed Ducks counted at the eastern end of the loop road. Males in breeding colours. Appeared to be in three seperate groups on the open water. (Moderator's Note: A known site for the species but an exceptional count. MR)
Graeme Robinson and Geoff Ball 13/7 #234856
White-fronted Tern
Barry Stoneham Park
One White-fronted Tern fishing in the general area around the netted beach within the Tuncurry Breakwall. The bird has just been identified, its been here about two weeks - it regularly perched on the rocks on the Breakwall and on the beach within the breakwall. eBird checklist
Barry M Ralley 13/7 #234851
Thu 12Great Crested Grebe
Glenbrook Lagoon
Single immature bird. Uncommon in the Blue Mountains. eBird checklist
Mark Ley 12/7 #234842
Wed 11Spotted Harrier, Black-necked Stork
Teven Road wetland, West Ballina
Single adult harrier observed quartering over swamp. Single Black-necked Stork also present.
David Charley 12/7 #234847
highlight(possible) Singing Honeyeater
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
One Singing Honeyeater feeding with a flock of Yellow Thornbills and Weebills in Perimeter South Trail. (Moderator's Note: Publishing this as a 'possible' while we seek some details from the observer. No description was provided. MR)
Ronan Mann 11/7 #234840
Tue 10highlightTawny-crowned Honeyeater
Dolphin Point - heath
The Tawny-crowned Honeyeater was a big surprise at Dolphin Point in the heath first time I have seen it in this region. Many others about in all different areas, with the Rose Robin also showing up after a late start in some areas. more images
Charles Dove 10/7 #234833
Mon 9highlightSwift Parrot
Cougal, NE NSW
Two birds observed flying mid-canopy. Some flowering Blue Gum and Forest Red Gum in area so probably feeding locally
David Charley 12/7 #234843
White-naped Honeyeater
Eastlake Golf course
I was pleased to see a good number of White-naped Honeyeaters feeding with New Holland and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters in the lane beside the first hole at 7.30 this morning. Very few ducks, but two Swamp Harriers, an Intermediate Egret and two Black-fronted Dotterels made for a pleasant morning's walk despite the cold winter wind.
Ted Nixon 9/7 #234831
Sat 7Red-capped Robin
West Ballina STW
Single immature female still present and often easily approached.
David Charley 12/7 #234844
Spotted Harrier
One adult bird seen next to the quarry beside Castlereagh Rd. It's been about 2 years at least since I have seen one in Sydney.
Edwin Vella 7/7 #234813
Red-capped and Scarlet Robin, Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo
Wianamatta Nature Reserve, Cranebrook
Was lucky to see 4 species of Robin within 3 hours at the nature reserve including 2 female/Immature male Red-capped, an adult pair of Scarlet, an adult male Rose and Eastern Yellow Robin. Also present was a Collared Sparrowhawk, Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo and lots of Double-barred Finches (including one group of 30-40 birds seen).
Edwin Vella 7/7 #234812
Fri 6Yellow-nosed Albatross, Prions
During a 2 hour afternoon sea watch from next to the Kiama blow hole had about 10 Black-browed and a Yellow-nosed Albatross, a stream of 200 plus Prions (in the second hour), 50 or so Fluttering Shearwaters and about 30 Australasian Gannets. A pair of Australian Hobbies were also flying over the lighthouse. No cetaceans were seen during that time.
Edwin Vella 7/7 #234814
Striated Heron
Dee Why Lagoon
One adult, rather tame, on rocky wall at mouth of lagoon. (Estimated status of this species at D Y Lagoon: "infrequent visitor". Known to breed at nearby Narrabeen Lagoon).
David Sawyer 7/7 #234809
highlightHudsonian Godwit & Banded Stilt
Lake Wollumboola
Hudsonian Godwit & Banded Stilt still present. Viewed from the northern shore around 8 am & still present at 12 noon when we left. Observed & photoed by myself, Kim Touzel & two other birders. Will post photos to my ebird list when time permits. eBird checklist
Paul Lynch & Kim Touzel 6/7 #234806
highlightWhite-faced Storm-petrel
Double Bay
As the ferry headed in towards the Double Wharf at about 12.15pm today I was astounded to see a Storm-petrel beside the ferry, at the outer line of moored boats. As the ferry was heading into the wharf and the Storm-petrel was heading out of the bay into the North/North-westerly wind, I had a brief view of the front of the bird as it passed the ferry and then a mostly dorsal view as it flew away from me. Overall impression was of a grey-plumaged bird, with whiter rump band - not dark plumage of a Wilson's. Characteristic storm-petrel flight, skipping over the waves, using paired feet, legs trailing. I stayed on the ferry for the return to see if I could see the bird again but without luck. The Storm-petrel's flight appeared perfectly normal so not an injured or exhausted bird. (Moderator's Note: A very interesting record and worth staying on the ferry for!. MR)
Robert Griffin 6/7 #234802
Wed 4Swift Parrots
Charles Sturt University Carpark Port Macquarie campus
Observed 10-12 swift parrots feeding in gum trees opposite Learning Commons building.
Malcolm McKenzie 6/7 #234801
King Parrot
Gloucester Caravan Park & adjacent Town Park
75 counted on the ground near the running track adjacent to the caravan park. There were more in the surrounding trees. They were feasting on the cones of a Pinus sp. (Moderator's Note: Similar aggregations of up to 100 king-parrots have been reported in Sydney and other areas recently. MR). eBird checklist
Barry M Ralley 6/7 #234800
Caspian Tern, Pied Oystercatcher
Woy Woy Channel
At 2pm strolling along the waterfront saw 12 Caspian Terns some with full black cap others with partial cap flecked white, and 2 Pied Oystercatchers resting on the private jetties. Had not seen them here before. Also 50+ Black Swans on the sand bar opposite.
Rafael Furniss 5/7 #234793
Ninox strenua Powerful Owl
One Powerful Owl heard calling near the detention basin at the end of north street. Calls lasted approximately 5 minutes from 6:30pm.
Ashleigh McTackett 4/7 #234785
Tue 3highlightWood Sandpiper
Moseley Park Swamp, Lord Howe Island
First seen Friday 29th June and still present Tuesday 3rd July. According to Ian Hutton, probably the first record of Wood Sandpiper for the Lord Howe Island.
Andrew Silcocks per Mick Roderick 5/7 #234788
Little Lorikeet
Umina, Vernon and Dulkara rds.
Little Lorikeets seen at Umina yesterday. saw 3 but prob up to 6 at 7am Vernon st. then had 2 fly past me up the creek/drain about 11am . Musk and Rainbows also seen.
Michael Price 4/7 #234784
Musk Lorikeet
Backyard, Kellyville
We always have Rainbow Lorikeets in the neighbour's Gum tree and they become quite noisy around feeding time. Today though I noticed a difference in the sound of the bird chatter. I observed a small number of Musk Lorikeets feeding on the gum blossoms. I have only seen them here on one other occasion. (Moderator's Note: There has been an obvious influx of Musk Lorikeets in coastal/sub-coastal NSW this year, which started in late summer when Little Lorikeets were also often reported with them. MR)
Narelle Wajzer 3/7 #234778
Swift Parrot
Charles Sturt University, Port Macquarie Campus
Observed only 2 Swift parrots feeding on lerps next to the car park at midday
Stephen Gallivan 3/7 #234777
Blue-and-yellow Macaw (4)
Bondi Junction
Regularly sight 2 birds in this area but this morning there were 4, close to the northeast corner of Centennial Park. Watched for several minutes out of my office window. Possibly a parrot keeper in the eastern suburbs letting them 'free range'. (Moderator's Note: We don't normally publish escapees, but in this instance it might be worth posting in case the owner is trying to track them down!). eBird checklist
Eric Finley 3/7 #234772
Mon 2Large-billed Scrubwren
Great River Walk, Penrith
Two birds seen in bell-vine-infested riparian corridor near the quarry at the end of the pathway
Mark Fuller and Paul Johnstone 2/7 #234763
megamegaHudsonian Godwit, Banded Stilt, Red-kneed Dotterel, Red-rumped Parrot
Lake Wollumboola
I confirmed the bird reported as a possible by Vincent Mourik from the 01.07.2018. It was present with and fed with the Banded Stilt. Red-rumped Parrots also appear to be present (heard 1-2 birds). Though I am not sure of their provenance- the species is rare on the SE coast of NSW. A very disheveled Red-kneed Dotterel was also present. Shorebird and tern list: 100+ Bar-tailed Godwit 1 Hudsonian Godwit 140 Red-necked Avocet 1 Banded Stilt 50 White-headed Stilt 12 Pied Oystercatchers 12 Masked Lapwing 1 Red-kneed Dotterel 5 Black-fronted Dotterel 8 Red-capped Plover 50 Caspian Tern 30 Crested Tern 6+ Australian Gull-billed Tern Other birds of note Red-rumped Parrot Little Eagle Black-shouldered Kite 2 Australian Hobbies Numerous Whistling Kites Beautiful Firetail (calls) Plus the usual suspects in terms of ducks and cormorants (No black swans though). Lake conditions are fantastic for shorebirds atm and- if maintained into the spring and summer period- should attract sizable aggregations. As for the Hudwit, given that it is overwintering and assuming that conditions hold, it should be present for the next 10 or so moths...
Demetrios Bertzeletos, Daniel Hickley 2/7 #234762
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
Lions Park Berkeley Vale
A Channel-billed Cuckoo was seen feeding on Figs today. An early returnee or an overstayer? (Moderator's Note: Very interesting in light of the Royal Botanic Gardens record last Sunday [24/06/2018]. See comments made there, #234752. MR).
Christina Port 2/7 #234758
Sun 1Caspian Tern
Lake Cargelligo STW
Good numbers of birds back on the ponds after a lean summer. 6 Caspian Terns, 4 Aus Shelduck, 75 Silver Gulls, 15 Shovellers , 100 Pink Ears and a water rat.
Warren Chad, Fiona Lumsden, John French and Dan Florence 2/7 #234764

June 2018
Sat 30Rose-Crowned fruit-Doves
Iluka Nature Reserve
6 or 7 Rose-Crowned fruit-Doves in Iluka Nature Reserve today first time i have seen these doves in the middle of winter.
Michael Ronan 30/6 #234739
Speckled Warbler
Macleay valley, west of Kempsey
Two pairs of Speckled Warblers found today at different spots in the Moparrabah/Toorooka area of the Macleay valley. It has been several years since this species has been reported in the region so I was pleased to find multiple birds still hanging on in small patches of suitable habitat.
Liam Murphy 30/6 #234737
Glossy Black Cockatoo, Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Misons Road
A single male Glossy Black Cockatoo at Misons Road. Also a single Scaly-breasted Lorikeet in among Rainbow, Musk and Little Lorikeets.17 Topknot Pigeons, Southern Emu Wrens and good numbers of Fuscous and White-eared Honeyeaters were also seen.
Demetrios Bertzeletos, Daniel Hickley 30/6 #234736
Topknot Pigeon
Cooks River Bridge at Wardell Road, Marrickville/Earlwood
One topknot pigeon sitting on wires above Wardell Road bridge over the Cooks River. Harassed by noisy miners and flew away. Royal spoonbill and eastern rosella seen nearby as well.
Fiona Campbell, Anthony Wood 30/6 #234735
Banded Stilt
Lake Wollumboola
A Single Banded Stilt is still lingering with the Red-necked Avocets to confirm other who have also seen it recently.
Darren and Fiona Earnshaw 30/6 #234734
Ground Cuckoo-shrike
West Dubbo
Four birds were seen perching on the fence and feeding in the paddocks opposite to the John Deer along the Mitchell Highway.
Stanley Tang and Jill Molan 30/6 #234730
Fri 29Powerful Owl
Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens
Roosting male observed at about 20m high, seen by a number of visitors to the park at mid day
Stephen Gallivan 30/6 #234733
Thu 28highlightSwift Parrot
Charles Sturt University, Port Macquarie Campus
Approx 50 Swift Parrots observed feeding on lerp in forest red gum adjacent to Uni carpark and nearby forest red gums. Rainbow and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets present. Trees in heavy bud with small amount of flowering starting. Spectacular views and great photo opportunities.
Chris Slade, Bronwyn Ellis, Graham Marshall 28/6 #234721
Eastern Osprey
Gore Cove, Greenwich
3 p.m. Flew across the cove into a tree on the Wollstonecraft side, was bombed three times by a magpie, then flew back and out of my sight. Presumably the same bird that I saw in Gore Cove in early May on several occasions.
Ted Nixon 28/6 #234719
Wed 27Turquoise parrot
Nail Can Hill Reserve
8 turquoise parrots flushed while walking on nail can Hill west of albury TAFE near the ridge track. First time seen in this part of the reserve
Janet chapman 27/6 #234715
highlightBanded Stilt
Lake Wollumboola
Single Banded Stilt still present at Lake. There are 140 plus Red-necked Avocets and the Banded Stilt was located roosting with the Avocets.
Terrill Nordstrom, Dave Rower 27/6 #234714
Eastern spinebill, Yellow tailed black cockatoo
Lewisham Sydney
Was about to get into my car to go to work today, when I found a dead Eastern spinebill on the road. I've seen Eastern spinebills in my backyard only three times over the last decade, although the last two were in the last couple of years. My place is not far from the light rail and Greenway corridor where quite a few small birds, gerygone, thornbills and others are sighted regularly. Also sighted 3 Yellow tailed Black Cockatoos flying South across West St Petersham (near Petersham Park) yesterday Tuesday 26th.
Madeline Hourihan 27/6 #234713
Swift Parrot, Turquoise Parrot
Hunter Economic Zone (Button-Quail Junction)
Despite being very hard to find currently at other Cessnock sites, Swift Parrots are still in HEZ. There were about 40 birds this morning spread across three distinct sites, but the vast majority at 'Button-Quail Junction' (-32 49 43, 151 26 33). Birds were again taking food and moisture from the foliage of various eucalypts, including small saplings. I also heard a Turquoise Parrot; my first record at Button-Quail Junction.
Mick Roderick 27/6 #234711
Scarlet Myzomela, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Eastern Spinebill
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Scarlet Myzomela first seen on June 26th by Marylon Coates on the south end of Mission Field near Equestrian Area. Male and female birds resighted on 27th in a mixed feeding flock of Yellow-faced and New Holland Honeyeater, Eastern Spinebill and Silvereye, by Anne Brophy. The Scarlet Myzomela is not mentioned in Ern Hoskins list of birds of Centennial Park, so a rare sighting.
Marylon Coates & Anne Brophy 27/6 #234710
Tue 26Rock Warbler
Flint and Steel Track, West Head
One bird was on the track after the turn off to the beach track, near the palm grove. He didn't seem to mind me standing very close and watching him.
Judy Clark 26/6 #234707
Gang Gang Cockatoos
Grono Firetrail, Parr State Conservation Area
3 M & 2 F, good range of other species - always pleasing to come across Gang Gangs
Glenn Vickery 26/6 #234702
Mon 25Red-backed Kingfisher
Belmore River
Just before 595 Belmore River North Bank Road and also directly opposite in South Bank Road eBird checklist
Barry M Ralley 30/6 #234732
highlightSwift Parrot
Back Yamma State Forest
At least 5 Swift Parrots feeding on lerps and white box flower. Very minor flowering in the forest, but the parrots were seen consistently over three days around the dam in the north-east corner of the reserve.
Max Breckenridge 28/6 #234718
Fuscous Honeyeater, White-throated Gerygone
Yarravel, near Kempsey
At least two Fuscous Honeyeaters present on private property at Yarravel, just west of Kempsey, feeding in planted Grevilleas and Spotted Gums. This is a rare species on the mid-north coast. To my knowledge there is nowhere that they occur regularly in the Manning/Hastings/Macleay and only a small handful of records exist for the region. White-throated Gerygone also heard calling here and at numerous other sites locally in recent weeks. There seems to be more than usual overwintering this year. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 27/6 #234712
Black-necked Stork
Lake Chickiba, Ballina
Immature Stork observed feeding at low tide. First time I have observed this species in two years observing the lake.
Nick Priest 26/6 #234704
Sun 24highlightChannel billed Cuckoo
Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney)
Saw him in woods behind Mrs Macquarie's chair (Moderator's Note: A fascinating record. There are no records of Channel-bills near Sydney [or virtually anywhere in NSW] in June on eBird or Birdata. There are some July records which were considered to be early returns. It is difficult to say that this bird would be an early return and is probably an overwintering individual. MR). eBird checklist
Hitesh Kavle 1/7 #234752
highlightBanded Stilt
Lake Wollumboola
Checking my photos 26/6/18, from Sundays visit to the lake & just found one adult Banded Stilt flying amongst a flock of Red-necked Avocet. Viewed birds from the NE shoreline.
Paul & Carol Lynch 26/6 #234706
Little Eagle
One bird a kilometre north of Berrima township, circling low over a hill. I've never seen Little Eagles in this location before, though they have been seen a little south of Berrima, closer to Medway Rd and the Hume Highway.
Lorne Johnson 24/6 #234695
White-headed Pigeon
Between Bowral and Berrima
2 birds on power lines by Oxleys Hill Rd, halfway between Bowral and Berrima. I've never seen White-headed Pigeons in this location before. And an odd spot for them as there are paddocks everywhere and there is no dense forest for kilometres.
Lorne Johnson 24/6 #234694
highlightSwift Parrot
The Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan
At least 4 Swift Parrots seen near the Stolen Generations Garden in the Australian Botanic Garden. Often being harassed by Bell Miners. 1 also came down for a drink and bath in a small pond. Spend most of their time feeding in the tops of the trees. More photos will be added on ebird. eBird checklist
Timothy Paasila 24/6 #234693
Varied sittella and Little lorikeet
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
5 Varied sitella moving through canopy along Powerline trail. Also along the same trail were a pair of crested shrike tits and 3 brown headed honeyeaters. A pair of little lorikeets observed feeding on small amount of blossom on Eucalyptus fibrosa along the Woolybutt trail. Along Perimeter south trail were double barred finches and a white eared honeyeater.
Peter Lockhart 24/6 #234692
Glossy black cockatoo
Apple Tree Bay
Three glossy black cockatoos spent the morning in the riverine, the south facing aspect towards the upper regions of the small estuary at the end of the car park.
Martin coss 24/6 #234688
Sat 23highlightGrey-backed Storm Petrel, Southern Giant Petrel and Wandering Albatrosses
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
The highlights of the 23 June SOSSA trip were a Grey-backed Storm Petrel, a Southern Giant Petrel and 10+ Wandering type Albatrosses. Other birds of note were 20+ Bullers, 10+ Shy-type, 10+ Black-browed, 3+ Campbell and 5+ Indian Yellow-nosed Albatrosses. We also has 3+ Solander's Petrels, Wilson's Storm-Petrels and many Fairy Prions. (Moderator's Note: Another great day out! Grey-backed Storm-petrel is on the NSW ORAC review list for records north of Ulladulla. MR)
B Whylie and all aboard the MV Kato 23/6 #234687
Little Eagle
Western Sydney Parklands, Dean Park
A little eagle (light morph) seen circling over grassland and Eastern Creek. At times being harassed by a black shouldered kite and Australian ravens.
Peter Lockhart & Irene Lockhart 23/6 #234686
highlightSwift parrot
Nyngan swimming pool/football field/skate park. Feeding in gum trees with musk lorikeets. I would say there was about 14 of them but it was hard to get a count so high up only when the flew off from being harassed by noisy miners. I have more photos (not very good but can be identified) but this one shows 5 in the one shot. I also heard them there on the Thursday too but couldn’t stay to get photo. (Moderator's Note: Remarkable to have so many that far west. MR) eBird checklist
Dianne Ross 23/6 #234685
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher
Belmore River left bank rd.
Red-backed kingfisher still here. At the junction of the link road between Left and Right Bank Belmore river roads
Phillip Shelley 23/6 #234682
Flame Robin
Emmaville NSW
Stunning male in my backyard this morning.
Heather Green 23/6 #234678
Fri 22Pied Butcherbird
At around 4pm I found 2 Pied Butcherbirds perched on telegraph wires along Canoelands rd
Jayden Walsh 23/6 #234680
Pacific Baza
Western Sydney Parklands, Glendenning
Pacific Baza spotted this afternoon cruising above the treetops eBird checklist
David Steel 22/6 #234675
Flame Robin
Integral Park, West Dapto
A single female Flame Robin was seen about 50m East of the playground. It was flitting around the ground and low branches of the shrubs there. eBird checklist
Steven Cooper 22/6 #234674
Little Corella
Long Reef Golf Course
The regular flock of 200+ aerating the fairway. They roost in tall gums at Dee Why, then head north along the coast each morning, pausing to drink at the golf course ponds. Also of interest, one Buff-banded Rail ducking for cover at the 5th tee-off; a Caspian Tern patrolling Long Reef Beach; and at Dee Why Lagoon a well-hidden roosting Night Heron betrayed by a multitude of miners.
David Sawyer 22/6 #234673
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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