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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Mick Roderick and Simon Blanchflower.

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Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour. Likewise we will not be publishing every Square-tailed Kite sighting posted to Birdline because of a significant increase in reports in recent years, particularly in coastal areas (with the exception of the far north coast).

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

September 2018
Mon 24Barn Owl and White-throated Nightjar
Garigal National Park (East)
Adding to the influx of Barn Owls in Sydney, I had great views of 1 perched at eye level on Slippery Dip Trail at around 11pm, my 4th sighting on the Northern Beaches in under a month, this species is typically rare in the area. 2 White-throated Nightjars were also heard calling throughout the night.
Jayden Walsh 25/9 #235543
Little Eagle
Private property off Hilltop Road East Jindabyne (no public access)
First noticed the Little Eagle last year searching for prey over our property. It has now built its nest in a large gum tree near our house and yesterday caught a rabbit underneath its nesting site. Today it has been circling the paddocks around us and is now sitting on the nest.
Carole Jones 24/9 #235535
Sun 23Yellow-plumed Honeyeater
Combaning State Conservation Area, Cootamundra
A group of 6-8 Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters were seen feeding with 4+ Brown-headed & 6 White-plumed Honeyeaters, and 3 White-winged Trillers on two flowering Mugga Ironbarks, in a sea on non-flowering Box and Ironbarks in Combaning SCA. There is only one previous report (in 1999) of Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters in the Cootamundra District for the Birdata Atlas Data Base 1998-2018, and these birds would be well east of their usual range.
Alan Morris,photo Marg Kibby & 19 members of CCGBNSW 24/9 #235539
Eastern Barn Owl (deceased)
A freshly killed bird seen beside Wilberforce Rd. Also saw the remains of another Barn Owl at Bushells Lagoon the same morning.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235531
Spotted Harrier
Bushells Lagoon
A juvenile Harrier seen beside the dried up lagoon.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235530
Banded Lapwings
Freemans Reach turf farms
A pair of Banded Lapwings with 2 chicks in the turf farm bordered by Batchelors Wharf Rd, Gorricks Lane and Freemans Reach Rd.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235529
Masked and White-browed Woodswallow, Rufous Songlarks
Cornwallis Road, Cornwallis
Along Cornwallis Rd, had a flock of about 40 White-browed and 10 Masked Woodswallows in trees beside the road and the river, 3 or 4 Rufous Songlarks, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Crested Shrike-tit, Olive-backed Oriole and a Sacred Kingfisher.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235528
Western Gerygone and Rufous Whistler
First seasonal records of both Western Gerygone and Rufous Whistler in the district. Other noteable species include Red-capped Robin, Australian Pipit, masked and White-browed Woodswallow, Tree Martin, eBird checklist
David M Watson 23/9 #235523
Sat 22Striped Honeyeater, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and Red-kneed Dotterel
Bethungra Dam, Cootamundra
A pair of Striped Honeyeaters were seen and photographed on the access road just before entering Bethungra Dam, while around the dam edges were two Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and 4 Red-kneed Dotterels. There are no previous records for Striped Honeyeaters or Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, and only one previous record for Red-kneed Dotterels in the Cootamundra-Bethungra District in the Birdlife Australia Atlas Data Base 1998-2018.
Alan Morris, photo Marg Kibby & 19 members CCGBNSW 24/9 #235540
Superb Parrot, Barking Owl & Southern Boobook
Cootamundra Caravan Park
During the period 21-24/9/18 the Central Coast Group Birding NSW held a camp for the Cootamundra District, based at the Caravan Park. During that time up to 6 Superb Parrots were present each day feeding in the trees in the adjoin Park, and were seen to be feeding on Yellow Box blossum, lerps on Yellow- Box and Red Gum leaves and feeding on grass seed on the ground. There were none present on 15-18 May 2018, and during our visited, they were seen in pairs and small numbers at ten sites across the District. Also present in the CP was a Barking Owl, heard by different people on two successive nights and Southern Boobooks were heard calling each night. Despite the fact that there have been 427 atlas sheets submitted to the Birdlife Atlas data Base 1998-2018, for the Cootamundra District, there are no previous reports for Barking Owls and only six reports for Southern Boobook in the database.
Alan Morris, photo Christina Port, & 18 members CCGBNSW. 24/9 #235538
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills
Single bird seen in flowering ironbarks on 22 and 23 Sep. Trees are buzzing with mainly White-naped and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Red Wattlebirds, and a few other species - the Regent can be hard to pick out and is less active than the other species. Sightings so far have been early-mid morning and late afternoon. 5th (and best) honeyeater addition to my home list in this current unprecedented flowering event, which looks like it has a couple more weeks to run. (Moderator's Note: There was also a juvenile bird photographed in a backyard in Springwood on Friday, that has not been seen since. MR) eBird checklist
Eric Finley 24/9 #235533
Whiskered Tern & Eastern Barn Owl
Eastlakes Golf Course
A single Whiskered Tern was the highlight today, other interesting birds in the last 24 hours or so were a flushed Barn Owl, Horsfield’s Bronze Cuckoo and a Noisy Friarbird (very rare in Eastern Sydney)
David Mitford 22/9 #235520
Swift Parrot
Henry Mitchell Reserve, Acacia Gardens
One bird seen in the early morning.
Edwin Vella 22/9 #235519
highlightNorthern Royal Albatross, Wandering Albatross, Antipodean Albatross and Northern Giant Petrel
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
The highlight of 22 September SOSSA trip was a Northern Royal Albatross that stayed with us for much of the day. Other albatrosses included Wandering (2+), Antipodean (7+), Buller's (2), Black-Browed (3) and Shy (30+). We also had a Northern Giant Petrel, a Brown Skua, several Solander and Grey-faced Petrels, plus a number of Fairy Prions. The Short-tailed Shearwater migration is in full swing, with flocks of 30-100 birds constantly moving through, there would have been 5000+ within sight of the boat during the day. (Moderator's Note: Identification has swung back to a Northern Royal. ORAC submission will follow. MR).
Brook Whylie and all aboard the MV Kato 22/9 #235518
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Ulladulla, NSW
2 flying west and calling this afternoon, first for the season. (Moderator's Note: Publishing as it is the first report for the NSW South Coast this season)
Chris Brandis 22/9 #235516
Spotless crake - Porzana tabuensis
Warriewood Wetlands
Heard unfamiliar call from the reeds. Stopped to observe, and a single bird emerged from the reeds and rapidly made its way to beneath the boardwalk and the water's edge. (
David Field 22/9 #235515
Freckled Ducks
Hiney Rd Dam Orange NSW
4 Freckled Ducks with a dozen Pink-ears,Wood Ducks and Black Ducks.
B and C Huxtable 22/9 #235513
Scarlet Myzomela (1) White-naped Honeyeater (3)
Sydney Olympic Park
Plenty of interest at moment: Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (13) Bar-tailed Godwit (20) Latham's Snipe (1) Baillon's Crake (1) Pink-eared Duck (2) Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (1) Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo (1) Mangrove Gerygone (heard) Little Wattlebird (1) 79 species today
Dion Hobcroft 22/9 #235512
Baillon's,Australian spotted,Spotless Crakes,Buff-banded Rail
Pitt Town Lagoon
12 Baillon's Crakes,5 Spotless Crakes,1Australian spotted Crake and a Buff-banded Rail were all seen at Pitt Town Lagoon this morning.
Michael Ronan 22/9 #235507
Rufous Songlark
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
First Songlark sighting here this season.
Richard Murray 22/9 #235506
highlightPainted Honeyeater, Masked and White-browed Woodswallow, Little Friarbird
15km Sth of Condobolin along West Wyalong Rd
Although its horribly dry here right now the grey mistletoe at this site has loads of flowers and some fruit. There were 4-6 PHs there this morning calling vigorously and chasing each other around. These and the Friarbirds are the first for the spring. Also very surprised to see a huge mixed flock of Woodswallows pass overhead. I have also seen two smaller flocks in the last week. Didnt think there would be too many here this year. At the adjacent swamp on private property there were White-breasted Woodswallows, A Sea Eagle which is nesting, a Lathams Snipe and one lone Baillons Crake
Warren Chad 22/9 #235504
Fri 21White-eared Honeyeater
Bullarah Locality (80km west of Moree NW NSW) Private Property
1 bird sited/photographed coming into water.
Pat Johnston 21/9 #235500
Eastern Grass Owl
Palmers Island, Yamba
A pair of Grass Owl observed over a grassy field near sugar cane farmland just on dusk. Distinctive long legs extending beyond tail & dangling below body. Didnt seem to be bothered by sugar cane harvesting & burn off activities on surrounding farms. eBird checklist
Darryl, Gary & Margaret Eggins 21/9 #235499
Turquoise Parrot
Cliffords Fire Trail - Northern Kosciuszko NP
2 birds recorded in open woodland just off start of firetrail. Unusual sighting for this area
Les Main 21/9 #235490
Rainbow bee-eater
Two bee-eaters seen and heard, flying over our farm. First for the season. Other noteables include Tree Martin, Hardhead, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater and Crested Shrike-tit
David M Watson 21/9 #235489
Thu 20highlightSwift Parrot
Expedition St, Kellyville
Up to 24 birds seen feeding and roosting in Eucalyptus tereticornis along Caddies creek near Expedition St, Kellyville.
Gavin Thomas 22/9 #235502
Wed 19Shining Bronze-cuckoo
Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney)
Drinking at the pond outflow then flew off
Nicholas Beswick 19/9 #235464
Sacred Kingfisher
Narrabri Tip
A single male Sacred Kingfisher was seen flying across the access road to the Narrabri tip this morning at 10:30. I report this since there are no inland sighting reports on eBird yet other than my earlier report (#235341 on 8 September) from a location ca. 20 km further to the East. (Moderator's Note. In my long experience, now 66 years, the first Sacred Kingfishers usually arrive in NSW (both inland and coastal excluding the far North Coast) about the 20th September, and it is interesting to note that there has only been one arrival on the Central Coast so far, at Chittaway, at known nesting site, on 16/9/18.AKM).
Michael Dahlem 19/9 #235463
Rufous Songlark
Centennial Park (Sydney)
One Rufous Songlark seen on the western Mission Field CP at 9:30 this morning. Bird was on the southern side of the field using old cricket net fencing to perch on. Uncommon in the park though turning up in Sydney at present.
Anne Brophy 19/9 #235462
Tue 18Osprey
Fullers Bridge lane Cove River
Twice now Ive seen a beautiful Osprey swooping & catching a mullet these Ospreys, they must be a breeding pair
Steven Server 21/9 #235496
highlightSwift Parrot, Red-capped Robin
About 10 Swift Parrots seen in a suspected immature Mahogany (Eucalyptus botryoides). Near junction of Benandra Avenue and Bodalla Place, close to the boardwalk. Only a few hundred metres from where a single Swift Parrot was sighted several weeks earlier. A male Red-capped Robin also seen nearby was rather unexpected.
Rohan Bilney 18/9 #235460
Mon 17Australian Bustard
38km north of Broken Hill
Seen at dusk approx 38km north of Broken Hill along Silver City Highway. Its left wing was drooping and appeared to be injured. Later, a Spotted Nightjar was seen in flight a few kilometres closer to Broken Hill. The area is very dry.
Carol Probets and 3 Follow That Bird participants 21/9 #235493
Leaden Flycatcher
King Creek, Wauchope, Mid-North Coast.
A male Leaden Flycatcher seen and heard this morning. First return this season for me.
Clive Meadows 17/9 #235442
Sun 16Musk Lorikeet
Coolah, Coolah Common, Coolah Tops National Park, Black Stump picnic area
A common species on the western side of the Great Dividing Range, but not in the numbers observed on both Friday 15 Sep and Saturday 16 Sep in and around Coolah. My approximate count runs into the hundreds, but extrapolating, and based on the screeches heard while driving along various roads, my estimate is that there are thousands of Musk Lorikeets in and around Coolah at present. In town they outnumber ALL other species (there are no reports on ebird for 2018 at all). Out of town, e.g. at the Black Stump picnic area, they were found feeding on lerps/psyllids, but in town they also appear to be taking young shoots off deciduous garden trees; they looked to be in a feeding frenzy and don't mind humans at all, not even at touching distance (attached). I could find only negligible numbers of flowering trees/shrubs.
Michael Dahlem 22/9 #235511
Turquoise Parrot, Dusky, Masked and White-browed Woodswallow
26km east of Barraba on Kingston Road
Large mixed flock of several hundred Masked and White-browed Woodswallows. Only a few Dusky present. Woodswallows mostly feeding on ground for insects. One pair of Turquoise Parrot in same area.
David Charley 18/9 #235457
highlightPainted Honeyeater
Medhurst Bridge, Martindale Valley
Single bird heard calling. Also ~500 White-browed/Masked Woodswallows and White-winged Trillers present. Looking at eBird and Birdata this is the first report of Painted Honeyeaters for NSW this season.
Dan Williams per Mick Roderick 16/9 #235438
Wandering-type Albatross
Sydney Harbour National Park,North Head
Highlight of a seawatch from North Head today was a very white Wandering-type albatross this is only my second record from shore so far this year.
Michael Ronan 16/9 #235435
Swift Parrot
Cullendulla Nature Reserve
Single bird on the north side of the creek (opposite of the board walk). Also calling Bar-shouldered Doves and a single Whimbrel.
Demetrios Bertzeletos 16/9 #235434
highlightSwift Parrot
Henry Mitchell Reserve, Acacia Gardens
5 birds seen coming to roost at about 5:50 pm around the reserve
Edwin Vella 16/9 #235433
White-browed/Masked Woodswallow, White-throated Gerygone
Scheyville National Park
Woodswallows heard very high overhead but not seen to determine if one or both species were in the flock. A White-throated Gerygone was seen and heard being my first for the season.
Edwin Vella 16/9 #235429
Rufous Songlark, Rainbow Bee-eater, Red-necked Avocet
Pitt Town Lagoon
2 Rufous Songlarks along the fence on the northern side of the lagoon. Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo heard calling. Rainbow Bee-eaters flying overhead. On the lagoon were 15 Red-necked Avocet and about 10 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper. More Rainbow Bee-eaters were seen and heard along nearby Pitt Town Bottoms Rd.
Edwin Vella 16/9 #235428
highlightAustralian Bustard
Near the Albert Priest Channel, 10 Kilometres from Nyngan on the Tottenham Rd.
A single bird seen on the road side at the location.
Michael Crosland 16/9 #235426
Red-capped Robin, Noisy Friarbird etc
Eastlakes golf course
Went looking for ‘blow-ins’ and got lucky: Red-capped Robin, Fan-tailed Cuckoo (2), Horsfields Bronze Cuckoo, Noisy Friarbird, Swamp Harrier, 2 Rufous Whistlers, Brown and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters.
David Mitford 16/9 #235425
Brown falcon
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
The falcon was observed around 2:30 pm circling high above the wetlands area for five minutes. eBird checklist
Derek Stokes 16/9 #235418
Sat 15Black-necked Stork
McPherson Road Swamp, Tuggerah.
Bird first sighted at 10am and other people were advised and came to see it. Last seen at 1600 hours on the same day. It has not been seen since despite extensive checking of local wetlands. First report on the Central Coast since 23/10/16 when an immature bird was seen flying over Budgewoi Lake.
David Russell 19/9 #235465
Australian Pratincole
23km north of Mount Hope on Cobar Road
Five birds flushed from side of road.
David Charley 18/9 #235456
Shy Heathwren, Southern Scrub-Robin, Gilbert's Whistler, Spotted Bowerbird
Round Hill and Nombinnie Nature Reserves
Generally quiet but did locate three pairs of heathwren, pair of scrub-robin and 2 male Gilbert's Whistler. Whistlers were calling well and involved in a territorial? dispute. Bowerbird was at my camp.
David Charley 18/9 #235453
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Capertee Valley
Only two Regent Honeyeaters found during monitoring surveys in the Capertee Valley. Nectar is scarce with eucalypt blossom almost non-existent and below average mistleoe blossom along the river (which is bone dry). This is in stark contrast to the same time last year when nectar was abundant and we had dozens of breeding pairs throughout the valley. White-browed/Masked Woodswallows arrived en-masse on Friday/Saturday and by Sunday afternoon were everywhere. Pallid Cuckoos were ubiquitous and vocal. Other interesting observations included Black-eared Cuckoo, Southern Whiteface and Red-capped Robin.
Liam Murphy 17/9 #235445
Pale-vented Bush-hen
West Byron Wetlands (Restricted access - Council key required)
Two individuals detected calling then briefly sighted.
Nick Priest 17/9 #235444
White-browed Woodswallow, Masked Woodswallow
Kurrajong Heights, lower Blue Mtns
Large numbers moving north in the early afternoon over about an hour. 2 larger flocks of min 225 and 260 birds, with smaller groups between and a few stragglers after. First group were about 1 in 3 Maskeds, fewer than that in the 2nd group. Est minimums of 120 Masked and 420 White-browed. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 17/9 #235443
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, Masked Woodswallow
Capertee Valley
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater seen well near the windmill on Crown Station Rd. Large flocks of mixed Woodswallows - Dusky, White-browed and Masked. Lots of Hooded Robins & Brown Treecreepers. Some green paddocks, but dams and creeks very low or empty. eBird checklist
Jenny & Rod Stiles, Jill Harrison 16/9 #235432
Swift Parrot
Henry Mitchell Reserve, Acacia Gardens (Blacktown LGA)
Continuing birds. 4 Swift Parrots flying from Henry Mitchell Reserve at 5:55 am and heading east. Scarlet and other honeyeaters about as well.
Edwin Vella 16/9 #235427
White-browed and Masked Woodswallows
Shortland, Newcastle
Between 3pm and 5pm this afternoon there was a steady stream of White-browed and Masked Woodswallows passing over Shortland, totalling approximately 850 birds (largest single flock ~100 birds). I noticed some were catching insects. I got plenty of photos but I couldn't get any images with enough detail to work out what the insects were though. A juvenile Swamp Harrier was observed twice flying through the flock of woodswallows, causing some disquiet among them!
Mick Roderick 15/9 #235417
Nankeen Kestrel
Between Central and Redfern Stations
A single Nankeen Kestrel was hunting on railway tracks between Central and Redfern Stations early this afternoon! I was stunned to see it there. I've never seen a NK this close to Sydney CBD.
Lorne Johnson 15/9 #235416
Australian Brushturkey
Beeson St, Leichhardt
Alerted by barking dogs and Noisy Miners, very surprised to find a Brushturkey high in the backyard trees in Beeson St near the Light Rail line. Very uncommon in inner-west Sydney. eBird checklist
Rob Child 15/9 #235414
White-browed&Masked Woodswallows,white-winged Triller,Rufous songlark
Putty Valley.
Returning migrants to Putty Valley were 2 Masked and 7 White-browed Woodswallows,4 White-wingedTrillers,1 Rufous songlark and about 10 Rainbow Bee-eaters.
Michael Ronan 15/9 #235413
White-browed & Masked Woodswallows
Tathta Taila HSD Mangrove Mountain
Today at 1600 hrs a mixed flock over 400 White-browed and Masked Woodswallows flew over Margaret and Barry Pointer's property at Mangrove Mountain where they were seen by Margaret and Kaye, although around Midday Kaye heard them calling but the birds were too high up to determine what species they were at that time. Around midday at Lisarow on the Central Coast, Darren Earnshaw heard and then saw a large flock (100+) Woodswallows pass over his house which he believed were White-browed Woodswalloows but they were just too high to be 100% sure.
Margaret and Kaye Pointer per Alan Morris 15/9 #235412
White-browed Woodswallow and Masked Woodswallow
Freeman Avenue Reserve (Oatley)
For infomation view eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 15/9 #235410
Shining Bronze-cuckoo ssp. lucidus
Brownlow Hill Loop Road, Cobbitty
One male Shining Bronze-cuckoo ssp. lucidus observed hunting caterpillars in a monoculture of Broad-leaved Privets. Also at least 4 other ssp. plagosus Shining Bronze-cuckoos, and a Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo heard. eBird checklist
Timothy Paasila 15/9 #235409
highlightWhite-browed Woodswallow
Centennial Park (Sydney)
At least 10 woodswallows feeding over Centennial Park around 1:30 pm today. I was able to photograph 3 for identification and they are all White-browed Woodswallows. I see no previous records on eBird at this location, and observations in eastern Sydney seem to be sparse overall. Will create an eBird list later tonight.
Andrew Schopieray 15/9 #235408
highlightWhite-browed and Masked Woodswallows
Bobbin Head Rd North Turramurra
Big flock (est 300+) flew over my house approx 1pm - alerted by calling. Seemed to come from east but hard to tell. Birds at just above treetops to very high (tiny specks - type not known). Definite IDs for both species for the lower down birds. Ratio seemed about 4:1 in favour of White-browed. Birds drifted SWly direction. (Moderator's Note: I just received a message from a friend in Berowra that is currently witnessing the same thing. MR).
Tom Wilson 15/9 #235407
Pacific Baza
Bird in trees by the oval at Artarmon Reserve, believed present since 13 Sep
Nicholas Beswick 15/9 #235405
Fri 14Painted, Black, Grey-fronted, White-fronted and Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters
10km north of Lake Cargelligo (Murrumbidgee Reserve?) East side of road.
Mistletoe in flower. Painted Honeyeaters almost over looked as they were not calling but just foraging quietly in mistletoe. Three Painted HE observed. Numerous White-fronted and lesser numbers of the other honeyeater species. Numerous other species present.
David Charley 18/9 #235451
Black Honeyeater, Yellow-plumed Honeyeater, White-fronted Honeyeater
Lachlan River crossing (Murrin Bridge) on Lake Cargelligo to Euabalong Road
A superb early morning birding with large numbers of honeyeaters and other birds present. Mistletoe in flower so expected Painted Honeyeater.
David Charley 18/9 #235450
White-fronted Tern (40), Common Tern (10)
Belongil Creek estuary, Byron Bay
Following on from other recent reports of high counts of White-fronted Tern further south, today I counted 40 White-fronted Tern resting on the beach at Belongil Creek mouth, almost double my previous highest ever count for far northern NSW area. Also 10 Common Terns are recent arrivals to the area. eBird checklist
Steve McBride 14/9 #235402
Noisy Friarbird
Nr Whitlam Centre Liverpool.
Four Noisy Friarbirds enjoying blossoming ironbark with Rainbow Lorikeets. Friarbirds hawking from upper branches presumably for insects. First record for this site. Another refugee species from dry inland? (Moderator's Note: Not likely drought refugees; many Noisy Friarbirds and other honeyeaters are on the move at the moment, so likely transient birds. MR).
Ian Bailey 14/9 #235401
Eastern Koel
Bellevue Hill (Sydney eastern suburbs)
Calling bird today. Early for here,(as is the channel-billed cuckoo here since 10th).
Chris Gladwin 14/9 #235397
Thu 13Yellow-tufted Honeyeater
Morton National Park
3 birds seen in wet sclerophyll woodland on the edge of the 'Sunken Forest' at end of Yarrunga Creek where the convict road begins. The first time I've seen Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters in Morton in many years of birding in the National Park.
Lorne Johnson 16/9 #235424
Square tailed Kite
Woolgoolga Headland
Single bird flying low over coast banksia scrub adjacent to ocean, harassed by Masked Lapwing
Bob Moffatt 13/9 #235396
Double-banded Plover
Lake Cathie
Single bird observed near loafing Crested Terns, looks to be in Breeding plumage, poor quality pic due to distance from shore.
Stephen Gallivan 13/9 #235395
Swift Parrot
Fairfield showground
10 swift parrots counted (possibly more unseen) in West of the showground near the creek and above the reserve at the corner of Moonlight Road and Christie Street. Feeding on lerps of Corymbia Maculata and taking refuge among the casuarina of the creek. Harrased by noisy miners.
Leo Skowronek 13/9 #235393
Fan -tailed Cuckoo and Olive-backed Oriole
Pinecliffe, 10kms SW of Molong
Both species are uncommon here and I have not seen this cuckoo for some years
Bruce Tinsey 13/9 #235392
Wed 12Redthroat, White-winged Fairywren, White-backed Swallow
Broken Hill - eastern regeneration area at edge of town
Birds singing well even though area in drought. Old Man Saltbush in very good condition and providing good habitat.
David Charley 18/9 #235452
Australian Masked Owl, Sooty Owl, Boobook Owl, Australian Owlet-nightjar, Tawny Frogmouth
Morton National Park
I've spent the last five days camping in Morton National Park. Fabulous to hear Masked and Sooty Owls calling around 11:30pm on 12.9 in the vicinity of Beehive Point, where Yarrunga Creek meets the Kangaroo River. Boobook Owl and Australian Owlet-nightjar also heard there. Australian Owlet Nightjar was heard at Griffins Farm on 10.9, Easy Landing on 11.9 (3 birds calling) and at Meryla Pass on 13.9. Tawny Frogmouth also at Easy Landing on 11.9. A good week for nocturnal birds.
Lorne Johnson 15/9 #235404
White-browed Woodswallow, Masked Woodswallow, White-winged Triller
Murrumbo Gap, Durridgere Road (Upper Hunter Valley)
First reported White-browed/Masked Woodswallows for the Hunter Valley seen yesterday at Murrumbo Gap (total of about 8 birds, mostly White-browed). 2 White-winged Trillers feeding on Durridgere Raod, north of Ulan 11/09. Quite a few Rufous Songlarks and Pallid Cuckoos in the area + Horsfield's Bushlark at one site.
Mick Roderick 13/9 #235390
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Blue Gum Swamp, Winmalee
Pair quietly feeding in small Casuarina beside track towards northern end of Blue Gum Swamp trail this morning. Also 2 Gang-gangs in same area. 4 Australian King Parrots, Superb Lyrebird & a Pilotbird towards junction with Shaw's Ridge trail. eBird checklist
Mark Smiles 12/9 #235388
Tawny Grassbird
Jerrara Dam, Kiama
eBird checklist
Louise Summerhayes 12/9 #235385
Tue 11Major Mitchell
Mutawintji National Park
A good flock of 30+ observed early morning. Country very dry and being devastated by the feral goat population. Permanent waterhole of Homestead Gorge fouled by large number of dead goats floating in it. Water now unsuitable for all other animals.
David Charley 18/9 #235454
Ballion's Crake
Bada Cres Dam - Dolphin Point NSW
On the fortnightly outing with the Mud-birders we were very surprised to come across no less than 6 Ballion's Crake the first sighting in this area, other Birds of note were 2 Reed Warblers another first for this dam. Looks like the dry weather out west is certainly starting to have a big effect on the wetland birds.
Charles Dove in the Company of MUDbirders 14/9 #235398
Black Facon
Single Black Falcon perched on transmission line tower near M1 Taro exit
Biggles Csolander 12/9 #235384
Rufous Fantail, Olive-backed Oriole, Sacred Kingfisher
Single Rufous Fantail seen at southern base of Boambee Headland this morning; they tend not to stay here in Sawtell. One or two Sacred Kingfishers heard and seen near Sawtell Headland and flying over Sawtell Beach. Oriole heard calling in suburban street; first calls for season. Single Sacred Kingfishers can be seen through winter in or near Sawtell, although I don't recall winter sightings this past year.
Peter Higgins & Michael Cheers 11/9 #235369
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Eulah Creek
First bird of the season heard calling at 6 am, near the Box Gully Road junction with Eulah Creek Road, 20 km E of Narrabri.(Moderator's Note. This is the last Channel-bill report we will publish unless there is some thing extra ordinary like flocks moving south, on unusual concentrations etc. AKM).
Michael Dahlem 11/9 #235368
Sun 9Fuscous, Yellow-tufted, White-cheeked and White-eared Honeyeaters
Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills
A major ironbark flowering now into its 5th week has attracted masses of honeyeaters to the Western Sydney dry rainforest edges where the trees are flowering. Fuscous, Yellow-tufted, White-cheeked and White-eared were all first records for the location. Dominant species is White-naped, present from ground to canopy level, followed by Yellow-faced - both also moving south this weekend. Little Lorikeets also numerous. Bell Miners have lost interest in aggressive defence of territory and are letting the other species feed freely, perhaps due to abundance of food. Other sp include first arrival Pacific Koel, Rose Robin, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, 6 Brown Cuckoo-doves. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 10/9 #235366
Common Sandpiper
Long Swamp, Bermagui
Seen with 7 Sharp -tailed Sandpipers and a Double banded plover. Northern end of swamp. eBird checklist
Ash Allnutt 9/9 #235361
Black Kite
3 Black Kites seen soaring over the fruit shop and rural properties on George Downes Drive, Kulnura. First seen from car then I pulled over and managed a phone shot of one of them. Black Kites are not often seen on the Central Coast, this is only the second record this year. The last record was from Tuggerah in April (thanks AKM for the info!)
Nick Carson 9/9 #235360
Swift Parrot, White-cheeked Honeyeater
Henry Mitchell Reserve, Acacia Gardens (Blacktown LGA)
At 6:15 am this morning I was certainly delighted to have 6 Swift Parrots flying over my backyard and heading northwards towards the Ponds (my fourth record from my backyard this year and 6th record for my backyard in total). They must be still feeding somewhere between my area and Rouse Hill as the last couple of times I have had them was in that direction. A White-cheeked Honeyeater was a new addition for my backyard list - no 107. Possibly also another seen feeding with 8 other honeyeater species over both Saturday and Sunday.
Edwin Vella 9/9 #235356
Plumed Whistling Duck
Belmore River, Left bank Rd. Gladstone
Approximately 50 roosting on side of river. Have not seen here before.
Phillip Shelley 9/9 #235353
White-throated Gerygone
Eulah Creek
On private property near the Box Gully Road turn-off off Eulah Creek Road, 20 km E of Narrabri, found my first White-throated Gerygone of the season this morning at about 9 am. The bird was silent while I observed it (for about 10 minutes).(Moderator's Note: Still waiting for the first one to arrive on the Central Coast, it will be a late date compared to recent years. AKM)
Michael Dahlem 9/9 #235350
Sat 8Caspian Terns
Pitt Town Lagoon
Two Caspian Terns in breeding plumage resting in Pitt Town Lagoon. Infrequent visitor, looks like the last eBird report here was 4 years ago.
Richard Murray 25/9 #235546
Sacred kingfisher
Old Turrawan Rd ,Narrabri
Private property I didn’t realise this would be an early return as it a Is at my daughters every year, until I read Michael’s report of a sighting at Narrabri tip
Gabrielle Rees 19/9 #235469
Pallid Cuckoo, Black Honeyeater
4km west of Brewarrina
Single cuckoo observed well. Adult. Also calling. Seven Black Honeyeater observed. This species was also calling well.
David Charley 18/9 #235459
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
River crossing, 43km east of Bourke
Large flock coming in to drink at river. Numbers estimated in excess of 170 birds as birds were coming and going all the time. Good counted of 166 obtained.
David Charley 18/9 #235458
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Morton National Park--Bundanoon Sector
3 GBCs close to Bonnie View Access Road in Morton NP (2 adults and a juv). My second record for Bundanoon, and the first time I've had the species in Morton NP. They are very rare birds in the Southern Highlands of NSW.
Lorne Johnson 8/9 #235348
Australasian Figbird
Mudgee Public School
Solitary male calling perched at the top of a large Silky Oak on the edge of the school. Bird was calling for several minutes before flying away in westerly direction. I've never recorded this species so far west, nor in the centre of town. eBird checklist
Tom Kelly 8/9 #235347
highlightWandering and Buller’s Albatross
Offshore- Sydney Pelagic
Today’s highlights were : 2 Antipodean (Gibsoni) Albatross, 1 Buller’s Albatross, 2 White-faced Storm Petrels, 2 Providence Petrels, 6 Grey-faced Petrels, 5 White-fronted Terns feeding offshore together and a constant presence of Fairy Prions. Judging by photos, an Anarctic Prion may have been retrospectively confirmed as seen.
David Mitford, Vincent Mourik et al aboard Avalon 4 8/9 #235344
Sacred Kingfisher, White-backed Swallow, White-browed Woodswallow, Masked Woodswallow, Little Eagle
Bullawa Creek near Eulah Creek bridge, 15 km E of Narrabri
Checking for the return of migrants at the vertical bank of Bullawa Creek, ca. 200 downstream from the Eulah Creek bridge, I found as highlights a flock of 1000+ woodswallows (and another, similarly large one, a little later when driving home to Eulah Creek; there were woodswallows everywhere, descending into trees, socializing, not just flying over), a single Sacred KF (my first of the season), 2 White-backed Swallows and an extremely high-flying Little Eagle. There were also a good number of Rainbow Bee-eaters about. No sign yet of Red-backed Kingfishers.
Michael Dahlem 8/9 #235341
Fri 7White-fronted Tern
Canoe Pool (Newcastle Baths)
A count of 160 White-fronted Terns loafing on the exposed sand in the Canoe Pool, immediately to the south of Newcastle Baths.
Richard Nicholas per Mick Roderick 8/9 #235342
highlightBlack Honeyeater
Mount Kaputar National Park--Upper Bullawa Creek
In a flowering box gum teeming with different species of honeyeaters (Brown, Brown-headed, White-plumed, Yellow-faced, Fuscous, ca. 20 Yellow-tufted), all being chased by a Noisy Friarbird, found (by photo ID) an immature (likely male) Black Honeyeater. Ca. 1 km short of Foggy Dell, on the ascent to the hill, at the roadside (southern side). 3 distant ID shots attached; note curved bill, front/back contrast, yellow gape, indication of streaking on breast and chin turning black. No visible edge lining on wing coverts, which rules out Pied Honeyeater.
Michael Dahlem 7/9 #235334
White-browed Woodswallow, Masked Woodswallow
Mount Kaputar National Park--Upper Bullawa Creek
Around 3 pm found a mixed flock of ca. 100 woodswallows returning. They were spotted hawking for insects above the open grassland at the entrance to Foggy Dell. The attached composite shows 2 male White-browed Woodswallows (top), an immature Masked Woodswallow (bottom left) and a high-flying adult Masked Woodswallow (bottom right). The density of the flock was at times high enough for me to take photos of 6-8 birds in one shot (at 75 mm focal length). At times the flock flew high enough to prevent me from seeing any birds, while I could hear their calls clearly; later they descended to just above the treeline along Bullawa Creek.
Michael Dahlem 7/9 #235331
Shining Bronze-cuckoo
Sitting quietly in a tree at the mouth of Berrys Creek [9.15 a.m.] while a mixed flock of Silvereyes [Mainland & Tassie races], Superb Blue-wrens and a Grey Fantail fed voraciously around it. My first for the Lower North Shore, and my 104th species for Greenwich since 2007. Spring has sprung. I also got a Sacred Kingfisher in the same spot near the mangroves on the 4th. Almost certainly a migrant, as none over-wintered in the mangroves here this year.
Ted Nixon 7/9 #235330
Thu 6Speckled Warbler
Approx 28 km north of Cobar
One Speckled Warbler seen in Bimblebox woodland. My first record north of Cobar.
Philip Maher and outback tour group 6/9 #235324
Whiskered Tern, White-fronted Tern,
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
One Whiskered Tern roosting on rock reef with 49, mainly immature, White-fronted Terns. Also 41 Crested Terns, 54 Red-necked Stints, 3 Double-banded Plovers + 7 Ruddy Turnstones present. The Whiskered Tern was principally in breeding plumage but had a black bill which seems unusual (thoughts welcomed - alas no photos!) Close by from Cape Solander c.6000 fluttering-type shearwaters moving south/on the sea with Wedge-tailed Shearwaters present in low hundreds plus smaller numbers of gannets + White-fronted Terns.
Michael Ellison 6/9 #235323
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Woodfield avenue Bundeena
Returning migrant - Just heard (10.05am) my first Channel-billed Cuckoo for this season at this locality (Moderator's Note: This will be the last returning Channel-bill we will publish, unless there is something unusual in any subsequent posts).
Deryk Engel 6/9 #235312
Wed 5Barn Owl
Hornsby Railway Station
Surprised to see this species here. My attention was drawn by the local Ravens, Miners and Magpies to something that displeased them. In a eucalyptus next to the top car park three ravens were complaining about something. I watch for a while and saw them physically attacking the owl, biting and pulling its wings and feet. Due to the owl's plumage it was invisible to me in the tree, but eventually it gave up and flew off, and in its panic/stress being chased promptly smacked into a window pane of a nearby building.
Lewis Benham 5/9 #235311
Between Mt Hope and Cobar
Pair of malleefowl feeding on Kidman Way roadside 83 km south of Cobar.(Moderator"s Note: Knowing how hard it can be to see a Malleefowl on a trip, all I can say Phil is "how lucky was that"!.AKM)
Philip Maher and outback tour group 5/9 #235310
Grey Fantail, Rose Robin, White-throated Gerygone
Crossmaglen Rd, Bonville
70+ Grey Fantails. Hawking from understory to canopy in small section of Flooded Gum forest along creekline in Great Divide foothills. Joined by small number of Rose Robins, White-throated Gerygones and Golden Whistlers. Also large numbers of Grey Fantails in South Boambee Valley (reported by Kevin Cheers.)
Michael Cheers 5/9 #235309
Mon 3Brown Songlark
Moonee Beach Nature Reserve, NSW
Seen foraging actively on low, grass covered dunes in quite close proximity to the beach.
Joshua Matthews 4/9 #235305
Regent Bowerbird
Crossmaglen Rd, Bonville
30+ Regent Bowerbirds feeding on sandpaper fig fruits along creekline. 10 full coloured males. Joined by flocks of fig birds and satin bowerbirds.
Michael Cheers 3/9 #235301
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Bullarah Locality (80km w of Moree NW NSW) Private Property
1x Channel-billed Cuckoo being shadowed/moved on by a pair of Australian Ravens
Pat Johnston 3/9 #235299
Turquoise Parrot
Brunswick Heads
Healthy single bird feeding on grass seeds in the heathland between Simpson Creek and the ocean. Ps I have a clear video but cannot upload it through this report
Seamus Faithfull 3/9 #235298
White-winged Triller
Eulah Creek
First returning White-winged Triller of the season seen at 9 am on a private property on Eulah Creek Road near the Box Gully Road turn-off, 20 km E of Narrabri.
Michael Dahlem 3/9 #235293
Sun 2White-headed Petrel,Grey-faced Petrel, Shy Albatross.
Sydney Harbour National Park-North Head.
Fantastic views of a White-headed Petrel 200 meters off North Head flying south with large flocks of Fluttering,Huttons and Wedge-tailed Shearwaters also about 30 Shy and 20 Black-browed Albatross, 1 Grey-faced Petrel and 5 Brown Skuas.
Michael Ronan. 2/9 #235282
Square-tailed Kite
Yallah Bay Foreshore
1 Square-tailed Kite sighted late morning being harassed by a Lapwing. Also sighted 1 Peregrine Falcon, 1 Black-shouldered Kite, 1 White-Bellied Sea Eagle and 3 Ospreys.
Biggles Csolander 2/9 #235281
highlightSwift Parrot
CSU campus carpark, Port Macquarie
Swift Parrots still present adjacent to the carpark at Charles Sturt Uni. Port Macquarie. Approx 10 calling and observed in Red Gum, Rainbow Lorikeets, Noisy Friarbird and Noisy Miner recorded as well.
Chris Slade 2/9 #235279
Lathams Snipe, Glossy Ibis, Black Falcon
Condobolin Sewage Treatment Works
First clear ,sunny and calm morning here for a week. First Latham Snipe for the spring, to go with two Sharpies last week. Other birds of note were a hunting Black Falcon, 10 Glossy Ibis, 2 Shelducks, White-fronted Chats, 1 lone Magpie-Goose and Black-tailed Native Hen
Warren Chad 2/9 #235273
Sat 1Rainbow Bee-eaters
Sawtell, NSW
A couple of birds overhead, moving south. My first records this year but first heard Sawtell 2 Aug, overhead and moving south (Michael Cheers). (Moderator's Note: There was a report, including photograph, of a bird at the Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens 19/08/2018. Birds also reported at some Lower Hunter sites in the past few days. MR).
Peter Higgins 3/9 #235292
Banded Lapwings, Brown Songlarks, Variegated Fairy-wren
Freemans Reach
Judging by behavior, the Banded Lapwings present along Freemans Reach Rd appear like they may be nesting. The attached photo was taken whilst parked alongside the road and not getting out of the car. At nearby Bushells Lagoon were still 2 Brown Songlarks. Interestingly I also had a female Variegated Fairy-wren in the long grass of the dried up part of the lagoon on the western side of the causeway about a week ago quite some distance from nearby suitable habitat. At Wilberforce beside Argyle Reach Rd were 21 Nankeen Night Herons roosting in the trees.
Edwin Vella 2/9 #235287
Eastern Koel
Greenwich, Gore Creek area
In the early hours of this morning, before sunrise a Koel was calling repeatedly from the bushland between Greenwich and Northwood.
Judy Clark 2/9 #235271
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Lake St Blackwall Bay, Woy Woy
A Channel-billed Cuckoo flew across the road calling at Lake Street Blackwall Bay at 8 am this morning. First report for the Central Coast. Nearby the pair of Ospreys nesting on the communications Tower in central Woy Woy were on the nest!
Will Chronopolos and Janet Ryan 1/9 #235268
Whistling Kite
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Single Kite seen flying north. My first sighting over CP for 2018. On Erne Hoskins CP list, but now rarely seen.
Biggles Csolander 1/9 #235265

August 2018
Fri 31White-breasted Woodswallows
Sawtell, NSW
A couple of White-breasted Woodswallows heard high overhead. A single bird seen at edge of nearby playing fields the following day (Sat 1 Sep), a site where a number of birds remained throughout last spring-summer (and may have nested). First records here for this season - they do not winter here. (Moderator's Note: White-breasted Woodswallows have been present in the Hunter Estuary and Central Coast sites since early-mid August. MR)
Peter Higgins 3/9 #235291
Channel-billed Cuckoo
My first for the season - calling vigorously and being mobbed by Pied Currawongs, Berrys Creek , Greenwich.
Ted Nixon 31/8 #235264
Greater Bluebonnet
Single bird flushed from the roadside 6km NE of Wellington. This must be very close to the eastern distribution of this species.
Darryl Smedley 31/8 #235261
Swift Parrot
Merimbula Boardwalk
A single Swift Parrot seen, heard and photographed briefly feeding in a Coast Grey Box. Approximately half way along the boardwalk. Quite a lot of flowering Coast Grey Box in the area at the moment.
Rohan Bilney 31/8 #235259
Thu 30megamegaSouth Polar Skua
Offshore--South West Rocks Pelagic
From close scrutiny of photos and some help from a few experts, we've been able to confirm that our 'pale Brown Skua' from yesterday's South West Rocks pelagic was indeed a South Polar Skua. See attached eBird list for further photos and notes. Photo by Shorty W. (Moderator's Note: A great record which will be subject to review by either BARC or NSW ORAC. MR). eBird checklist
Liam Murphy and 6 others aboard the Lauren Maree 31/8 #235258
Australian Logrunner
Royal National Park--Lady Carrington Drive
Female Logrunner seen late this afternoon about 1 km south of Jersey Springs. There may well have been at least one other going by the rustling in the understorey. Also seen were at least 100 feeding Topknot Pigeons.
Paul Johnstone 30/8 #235257
highlightWhite-headed Petrel, Wandering-type Albatrosses
Offshore--South West Rocks Pelagic
The highlight on today's South West Rocks pelagic was nice close views of a White-headed Petrel. The bird (or possibly a different individual) made a another pass of the boat about an hour later. We also had at least two Wandering-type Albatrosses. Still examining photos but both looking like Antipodean (gibsoni). Other birds included a juvenile Shy-type Albatross (likely White-capped), immature Campbell Albatross, Grey-faced and Providence Petrels, Fairy Prions & a South Polar Skua. (Moderator's Note: amended post, refer to #235258 for details on the South Polar Skua. MR).
Liam Murphy & 6 others aboard the Lauren Maree 30/8 #235256
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Australian Reed Warbler
Bicentennial Park (Sydney Olympic Park)--Waterbird Refuge
Single Sharpie at the north (hide) end of the waterbird refuge approx 7:40am. Was loosely mingling with the Dotterels. No others seen in the samphire or on the margins. Single Reed Warbler seen picking over the wooden infrastructure that juts out into the Eastern Water Treatment pond approx 8am. Again only a single bird seen and not calling. (Both early returns - although the Warbler could have been an over-wintering bird?)
Tom Wilson 30/8 #235254
Wed 29Eastern Koel
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Andrew and I heard a Koel calling in the distance up towards Oxford St. We did not sight it.
Graham Nelson 3/9 #235295
White-throated Nightjar
Coomba Park
1 Bird calling at 5.10am. First time heard this early in the year - common in summer. Early arrival or on its way further south?
Maret Vesk 30/8 #235253
Red-necked Avocet
Warren Wetlands and Wastewater Treatment Plant
Seven at the Wetlands. Also noted we're approx 300 Pink-eared Duck, a pair and possibly two pairs of Australasian Shoveller and a pair of Australian Shelduck.
Darryl Smedley 30/8 #235248
Freckled Duck
Harrington Park Lake
2 seen on the northern part of the lake eBird checklist
Anthony Katon 29/8 #235245
Rainbow Bee-eater
Bullawa Creek State Conservation Area
10 km along Mt. Kaputar Road, just beyond the bridge to Eulah Creek, at the unofficial parking lot of the Bullawa Creek SCA 3 Rainbow Bee-eaters were found; later a fourth was heard in the SCA itself. The first returning migrants of the season in this area. The only recent report from inland NSW that I can find on ebird is from Inverell, 200 km NE of here. eBird checklist
Michael Dahlem 29/8 #235238
Topknot Pigeon
Pelican, near Swansea
Large flock of Topknot Pigeons 100+ feeding in Cabbage Tree Palms in area bordered by Soldiers Road, Pacific Highway and Cabbage Tree Palm Crescent, Pelican
Bill Boyd 29/8 #235236
Bassian Thrush
Lane Cove National Park--Browns Waterhole
2 Bassian Thrush seen on the Riverside Walking Track about 200m west (upstream) from where the track heads off from Browns Waterhole at approx 8am. Flew off track and across river to the Macquarie Park/Epping side. Other bush birds quite active despite it being about 4C at the time - White-throated Treecreepers specifically very vocal. eBird checklist
Tom Wilson 29/8 #235234
Tue 28Banded lapwing
Windsor Turf Farms, Windsor
9 banded Lapwings spotted at the site previously mentioned. 3 Birds where around 300mtrs from the roadside ( Freemans reach road ) other 6 birds at the far side towards Bachelors Wharf road eBird checklist
Paul Heath 30/8 #235251
(Probable) Red-chested Button-Quail
Ringwood Road, just north of O'Brien Crossing (Upper Hunter)
I nearly stood on small button-quail along the edge of Ringwood Rd yesterday (near O'Brien Crossing where the road goes over the Goulburn River, -32.3246722 / 150.034903). The bird literally scurried from under my feet into long grass in the table drain. I did not get a very long look and the only detail I got was that it was very small and light brown dorsally. It was either a Little or Red-chested and I’d say it was most likely a male Red-chested because it didn't appear richly-coloured on the back (I saw nothing of the birds underparts because it was literally at my feet!). It was not seen again. There’s a line of long grass that leads into a property through a barbed wire fence (that connects with a drainage line) and that’s almost certainly where the bird went.
Mick Roderick 29/8 #235235
Bradleys Head
Two Ospreys seen landing on the mast of HMAS Sydney (I) on Bradley's Head about 3:45 PM. A single Osprey was sighted nearby in Taylor's Bay on Saturday morning. My first sightings of Ospreys within the Harbour, apart from a few sightings over and beneath North Head, despite over a decade transiting in and out of Sydney Harbour.
Biggles Csolander 29/8 #235233
Masked Owl
Fortis Creek National Park, 30km north of Grafton
A Masked Owl heard calling near trail in Euc forest early in the evening. Aware of an old survey record in this location, no other recent records. No other forest owls heard. Also several Owlet-nightjars and a Tawny Frogmouth. eBird checklist
Darryl Eggins 29/8 #235230
Black-eared Cuckoo, Hall's Babbler, White-fronted Honeyeater
Ledknapper NR, 40km East of Enngonia
Three separate cuckoo's were seen in mulga scrub along the low Sandhills. Two Hall's Babbler seen near eastern boundary of the reserve. Appear to be close to the eastern range for Hall's Babbler. One bird attended a nest for about a minute whilst under observation. No other babblers recorded in spite of a half days observations.Two White-fronted Honeyeaters on vicinity of flowering mistletoe in mulga. This NR seems to be rarely visited but is worth the effort if you are travelling through those parts. Road is good gravel and hard sand. Darryl Smedley
Darryl Smedley 28/8 #235229
White-fronted Tern
Terrigal Haven
I accidentally found myself having coffee at Terrigal Haven today and looking from the coffee shop down onto the rocks I could see that there appeared to be a lot of White-fronted Terns roosting amongst the Crested Terns. So I went down to check and counted 31 White-fronted Terns, which is a very large number for the Central Coast. So I immediately crossed to the other side of the point (200 m) and looked on the seaward side and in a sweep of the sea close to the rocks I got a count of 61 White-fronted Terns, feeding with a few Wedge-tailed Shearwaters just offshore. As with the sighting of the terns yesterday at Mistral Point, this number of WFT (92) is unprecedented for the Central Coast.
Alan Morris 28/8 #235226
Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Victoria Park Nature Reserve (Alstonville)
An interesting sighting of a juvenile cuckoo being fed by a pair of Large-billed Scrubwren. From the behaviour and age/plumage of the cuckoo the egg must have been laid during late June or July.
David Charley 28/8 #235225
Mon 27Arctic Jaeger
Tacking Point Lighthouse
2 Artic Jaegers, 1 light and 1 dark morph, flew past together during a seawatch late yesterday afternoon. I didn’t start seeing this species from Tacking Point until mid-late October last year. Also >600 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters migrating past in a constant stream. ~140 Fluttering-type Shearwaters and 2 prion sp.
Liam Murphy 28/8 #235224
Kiacatoo RD 25km West of Condobolin
Saw three Brolga standing by a dam in a bone dry paddock as I came home from work this afternoon. Slim pickings here this year but I did notice the big irrigation pumps nearby had started so the cotton swamp will soon have water in it again just to the Nth
Warren Chad 28/8 #235223
Australian Brush-Turkey
Ringwood Road, Goulburn River NP
A single brush-turkey was seen just before dusk drinking from a puddle along Ringwood Road (near Lees Pinch). This is a long way west for this species in this part of its range.
Mick Roderick 27/8 #235222
White-fronted Terns & Grey-faced Petrel
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A very interesting seawatch. Firstly over 140 White-fronted Terns, these numbers are unprecedented, and there could have been more. I had counted 79 in one sweep and they were feeding in two feeding events. But just as I was about to leave I noticed a flock coming up from the south that counted 97 together! Also associating with the feeding events were: 600 Hutton’s Shearwaters, 150 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, 20 Fluttering Shearwaters, 5 Shy Albatross, 3 Black-browed Albatross, 5 Grey-faced Petrels, 1 Giant Petrel (sp) and a single Fairy Prion.
David Mitford 27/8 #235221
Scaly breasted Lorikeet
Wollongong Botanic Garden
Two birds observed feeding with Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets in a flowering Ironbark. This species is rarely recorded in the Illawarra region.
Terrill Nordstrom 27/8 #235216
Sun 26Channel-billed Cuckoo
Albion St, Pennant Hills
My first channel bill of the season; heard calling around 8.30 am. heard again later in the day. (Moderator's Note: This is the second report of a calling bird so no doubt they will all soon be back. We will publish the first few reports from across all Districts, then draw a line!.AKM)
Nick Hodges 27/8 #235215
Crested shrike tit
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
3 Crested shrike tits observed along Herb trail. Large numbers of Dusky woodswallows, approx. 20 also along herb trail. An immature Rose robin along Powerline trail and a flock of 8 Little lorikeets along Woolybutt trail
Peter Lockhart 27/8 #235212
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Cumberland State Forest
One bird calling eBird checklist
Gerard Duane 26/8 #235211
Pink-eared Duck
Centennial Park (Sydney)
12 birds on eastern side of Duck Pond late afternoon. I've never seen this many Pink-eared Ducks in Centennial Park. A lone Red-kneed Dotterel and Fairy Martins also present in same area. A single Barn Owl was seen in usual palm.
Lorne Johnson 26/8 #235210
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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