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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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The moderators support government regulations related to the COVID-19 outbreak regarding access to restricted areas, social distancing and unnecessary travel. We will not publish any reports that potentially breach these regulations. Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the BirdLife Australia Atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) or Square-tailed Kites unless they are in unusual locations or are seen with unusual prey etc. We will however be more open to publishing these and other species during the period of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2020
Mon 23Pacific Swift (+200)
'Wonnaminta' Private Property (50km E of Packsaddle)
A remarkable sight this morning of over 200 Pacific Swift in a fairly tight group heading into the wind, seemingly on migration rather than feeding. Initially alerted to them by their high-pitched calls high overhead.
Max Breckenridge and David Hancock 23/11 #259226
Sun 22Red-browed Pardalote, Bourke's Parrot, Australian Bustard
Silver City Hwy at Nundooka Creek
Close views of a vocal Red-browed Pardalote in eucalypts along the creek just east of the highway. Three Bourke's Parrot also seen here upon pulling up. Further south, just north of Sandy Creek, a bustard was seen by the side of the road before flying off to reveal his mate sadly road-killed. eBird checklist
Max Breckenridge and David Hancock 23/11 #259228
Sat 21Brush Cuckoo
Kurrajong Hills, lower Blue Mountains
Since the last week of Oct, at least 3-5 birds present in our garden and adjoining dry rainforest and fringes. The birds are calling from dawn to dusk, every day - calls have become hoarse over the past week. Both numbers and frequency are unusual, very few records here before 2017. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 23/11 #259225
Pelican Point, Norah Head
Single Sanderling in post breeding moult feeding at northern end of Pelican Beach. A rare visitor to the Central Coast.
Andrew Robinson 21/11 #259215
Fri 20Orange Chat
Chat Alley
Confirming at least one male Orange Chat still present on saltbush in the fenced field on LHS heading away from Euabalong. Presented well when not chased off by White-fronted Chat ... between about 7:50am to 8:30am eBird checklist
Sue Chatfield 20/11 #259211
Little Raven
Six Foot track, Megalong Valley
At least 200 Little Ravens flying east over the Megalong Valley towards the Katoomba escarpment. Rare in The Blue Mountains LGA. eBird checklist
Mark Ley 20/11 #259209
Thu 19Superb Parrot
Between Lyndhurst and Carcoar.
Mid morning today...2 Pair and 2 adult male birds. Posting for people travelling thru the area as I observed these birds whilst driving this morning. Unmistakable flight manner, as I have driven this road every 3 weeks for the last 35 years.
Chris. Catt 19/11 #259205
Spectacled Monarch
Royal National Park
Single Spectacled Monarch seen at southern end of Lady Carrington Drive about 50 metres beyond first picnic table on main track. Vocal.
Dion Hobcroft and Steve Anyon-Smith 19/11 #259204
Wed 18highlightRegent Parrot
6 km ENE of Tooleybuc, Mallee Highway
One Regent Parrot recorded at 7.30 am flying near remnant roadside mallee and wheat stubble; other parrot species flying around including cockatiels.
Philip Maher 18/11 #259199
Straw-necked Ibis, Latham's Snipe
A local birder shared on social media a photo of a flock of about 80 Straw-necked Ibis flying north over Georges River at Oatley on 16 Nov - a hot day with light to moderate westerly winds. I note a report here a few weeks back noting a small number in this vicinity being that observer's first record. I had a single at nearby Peakhurst last year, but certainly 80 is notable. Also, 1 or 2 Latham's Snipe have been regularly seen at Moore Reserve for over a month now - the only records in the former Kogarah LGA (albeit just inside the border) and quite an urban location with many people and dogs walking within 5 metres of the birds constantly.
Chris Rehberg - Sydney Birding 18/11 #259197
Eastern Whipbird
Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
Confirming Sunday's possible sighting. Today I recorded it's voice and got a couple of photos. Species #182 for the wetlands. Still around the river on western edge of the wetlands. (Moderator's Note: Great to have had this confirmed and a very interesting record! MR)
Mark Leary 18/11 #259196
Tue 17Black-necked stork
Tuggerah Nature Reserve (South Tacoma)
Single adult bird with clear plumage distinctions, wading amidst many swans and pelicans opposite Tuggerah Nature Reserve near Lake Road..
Peter Jurd 18/11 #259192
Orange Chat [2+], White-fronted Chat, Brown Songlark
Chat Alley Lake Cargelligo
Eventually saw 2 Orange Chats after a couple of hours. Met a Sydney birder Andrew who had been at the site since 7.15 and he got some good photos of the birds. Big worry is that the other side of the road has been cleared of saltbush. Just bulldozed into piles. I hope this is not what might happen to the other birding side as well. Who do you contact to find out what is the reason for the clearing?!
Max O'Sullivan 17/11 #259185
Mon 16highlightWompoo Frui-dove
293 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove West
After posting for identification I was directed to report the sighting. The Dove was in my front yard area and we are on a main road. It seemed very hot and I thought it may have been injured however flew across the other side of the road. I could also get quite close to it which made me think it was unwell. I called Sydney Wildlife; they registered it however it had flew off before they could collect it/check it. Their bird expert said it looked ok in the photos and should be fine. What I am concerned about is the cause of the sighting. There is a very extensive building working going on just down near the bush belt with four huge cranes (like buildings themselves) and loud drillings. It has already scared the Powerful Owl pair away that had been settled there for several years. I am concerned that I am seeing this Dove because it has been scared out of its area.
Danielle Whitmore 16/11 #259165
highlightAleutian Tern
Farquhar Inlet, Old Bar
5 Aleutian Terns loafing on the sandbar in the same spot as previous years. Mixed roosting flock kept getting flushed by kitesurfers so I didn't stay long to wait and see if more might fly in. (Moderator's Note: This is the first report of Aleutian Terns this season. MR) eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 16/11 #259162
Sun 15Black-chinned Honeyeater
Jacana Hsd Clarenza
On a very hot afternoon a Black-chinned Honeyeater was a surprise visitor to our birdbath
Eric Wheeler 15/11 #259158
(Possible) Eastern Whipbird
Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
First heard yesterday afternoon and heard again this morning. Heard in trees by the river on western side of the wetlands. (Moderator’s Note: Publishing as a possible record due to the very unusual location, hoping that someone might be able to get a visual on the bird(s). MR).
Mark Leary 15/11 #259153
Sat 14highlightAustralian Bustard
Lemongrove Rd, The Marra, c.1 hour north of Nyngan
Pair of Australian Bustards with 2 chicks c.half the height of the adult female. On the western side of the road near -30.9146,147.3057. (Moderator's note: It's very likely that the adult seen by myself, GB and SG, is one of this pair. MB). eBird checklist
Michael Kearns 17/11 #259181
White-winged Trillers and Red-kneed Dotterel
Richmond Lowlands
Trillers on Onus Lane and Powells Lane. Dotterel on Powells Lane
Gabrielle Rees. and Birding NSW group 15/11 #259152
Hybrid White-browed/Masked Woodswallow
Durridgere State Conservation Area, Upper Hunter
The White-browed and Masked Woodswallows have arrived belatedly in the Upper Hunter woodlands. Yesterday in and around Durridgere State Conservation area and along Summerhill Rd I found many flocks of White-browed, with just the odd Masked seen. Birds are prospecting for nesting sites and I saw two pairs copulating. Whether they stick around to breed is another matter, but it's interesting that they have come here at all given the conditions further west. Among them was a hybrid male bird; the third such bird I've seen in the Hunter Valley. I always marvel at why we don't see many more birds like this given how these species travel together and have near-identical calls, ecology etc. Also present are very large numbers of White-winged Trillers (some on nest) and Rufous Songlarks.
Mick Roderick 15/11 #259151
Gilbert's Whistler
Weddin Mountains National Park--Ben Halls Cave Campground and Basin Gully
On the road in to the camp ground
Paul McLelland 14/11 #259147
Ground Cuckooshrike
Quandialla Rd at the T junction with Quambatook Lane
3+ on the verge of the road approx 4pm
Paul McLelland 14/11 #259146
Common Gull-billed Tern (Asian species)
Stockton Sandspit
An uncommon Common Gull-billed Tern was resting with a single Australian Gull-billed Tern at Stockton Sandspit today. Smaller size, chiseled bill and distinctive markings. This species is a regular summer visitor here now, was reported at this location the previous 2 summers, The bird today was slightly different to previous years, it has brown outer-primaries. eBird checklist
Richard Murray 14/11 #259145
Fri 13Square-tailed Kite
Terrigal Beach
A single bird hunting around the high unit blocks being harassed by Magpies and Noisy Miners. I have seen StK's in Terrigal taking juvenile Common Mynas which are plentiful in the area. This appears to be great feral reduction method. (Moderator's Note: published because of the interesting prey information.AKM)
Paul Shelley 13/11 #259140
White-throated Needletail
Macquarie University, North Ryde Campus
Flock of approx 35-40 birds over Mac Uni pool complex approx 7:30-7:45 am. Very low at times, but also some birds quite high. My 1st sighting in Sydney metro area this season and reporting here as not seen any other Sydney reports. Moderator's Note: Previously reported from the Central Coast 18-24 October on four occasions, however also reported from Wamberal and Bateau Bay mid Morning today 50+ each site. AKM)
Tom Wilson 13/11 #259139
Thu 12highlightBlack-necked Stork
Tuggerawong Central Coast
I saw a Young Black-necked Stork this morning at Tuggerawong end of February St. (Moderator's Note: I have been advised that two Black-necked Storks were present this morning 13/11/20, probably an adult and juvenile, which could mean that this is a breeding record for the Central Coast. More information to follow. AKM)
Andrew Melville 13/11 #259137
Wed 11Spotted Dove
Menindee township.
I sighted a Spotted Dove today in Menindee far west N S W. I have seen over 200 birds in the Menindee area, but have never seen this bird here before, as it is along way from it's normal habitat. Maybe the good rains we have had this spring has this species visiting the area.
Geoffrey Stuart Looney 11/11 #259132
Sun 8highlightLittle Shearwater
Wanda Beach, Cronulla
A weakened Little Shearwater was recovered from the water by fisherman and brought into care. Unfortunately, the bird weighed only about 60% of a normal bodyweight and died within 36 hours. The plumage looks in perfect state. All tail feathers and the outer primaries have retained sheaths around the bases. Although speculative, perhaps this was a freshly fledged juvenile on its maiden flight from Lord Howe Island? An ORAC submission will be prepared and the specimen will be lodged with the Australian Museum.
Vincent Mourik, Pauline Duncan 16/11 #259160
Red Knot, Curlew Sandpiper
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
Visited reef to follow up am e-bird report of Curlew Sandpiper earlier in the day. Just after pm high tide and tide not fallen far, but birds roosting on reef regularly disturbed by 2 fishermen out there, and very flighty. 2 Red Knot seen (2x size of R/N Stints) and bulky looking. 1 Curlew Sandpiper (intermediate in size between Knots and Stints) and with marked downcurved tip to bill. Also 48 Red-necked Stint, 6 Pacific Golden Plover (at least) and 9 Turnstones, plus a very fleeting appearance from a Reef Egret (came in from south, landed, spooked by the fishermen and flew off north). Offshore large numbers of Short-tailed Shearwaters moving through (in a 5 minute period I counted 250 birds) eBird checklist
Tom Wilson 9/11 #259122
highlightCook's Petrel, White-chinned Petrel, Northern Giant-Petrel and shearwater migration
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
A last minute trip, 6 hour afternoon trip from 13:00-19:00, off the back of consistent southerly winds the previous few days. Highlights included: a Cook's Petrel at the shelf which came close past the back of the boat, a White-chinned Petrel with a pale eye ring which may suggest this bird is from the Indian Ocean, rather than a subantarctic New Zealand breeder, a relatively late Northern Giant Petrel, and plenty of other great seabirds. A second "cookilaria" was also seen, and its identity will be dependent on photographs. Sightings of Providence Petrel and White-faced Storm-petrel well inshore (5-10km) were unusual. Spectacular Sooty and Short-tailed Shearwater migration was also great to watch with flocks of over 200 birds of both species observed moving south, mostly from 2-10 km out, but some activity also at the shelf. Photo by Prue Reid. eBird checklist
Simon Gorta and 14 others on the Avalon IV 9/11 #259121
Little Black Cormorant, Little Pied Cormorant
Brothersons Swamp, Coutts Crossing
6+ nests of Little Black (4+) and Little Pied (2+) Cormorants in paperbarks Melaleuca alternifolia at edge of wetland. Observer's first breeding record of these species in the Coutts Crossing area. Large nestlings and branchlings present.
Greg Clancy 8/11 #259116
Great-crested Grebe
Tuggerah Waste Water Treatment Plant
A single bird observed within the evaporation ponds at 2pm today. (Moderator's Note: Rare sighting for the STW.AKM)
Paul Shelley 8/11 #259115
Sat 7Australian Shelduck, Pacific Golden-Plover, circa 200 ducks
Bega - Angledale Rd Lagoon
Interesting ephemeral Wetland on private property visible from Angledale Rd (scope recommended though) - five shelduck visible plus approx 200 various ducks - both teal spp., hardhead, pacific black. Windy day made scope views hard but I wouldn't be surprised if there were other interesting species to be found here at the moment. Three Pacific Golden-Plover flushed by Swamp Harrier also. eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg - Sydney Birding 7/11 #259112
Fri 6Black-necked Stork
Porters Wetland Watanobbi
At 0700 a single Jabiru was seen flying high above the wetland being harassed by a pair of Pacific White-necked Herons and two magpies. Flew northwest direction toward Warnervale.
Paul Shelley 6/11 #259108
Thu 5Southern Emu-wren
Werrikimbe National Park--Mooraback Rest Area
Pair of Southern Emu-wrens, creek-line just east of Mooraback Hut.
Patrick Johnston 8/11 #259113
Little Bronze-Cuckoo
Coutts Crossing Village
Single bird heard calling in tree along Armidale Road in the village. Observer's first record of this species for the season. Not recorded on Twitchathon on previous weekend.
Greg Clancy 5/11 #259099
Wed 4White-necked Heron
Edge of Coutts Crossing Village
Adult pair of Herons nesting in same tree (Large-leaved Spotted Gum Corymbia henryi) as previous nesting event in March-April 2020 but on different branch.
Greg Clancy 8/11 #259117
Tue 3highlightFlock Bronzewing,Australian Pratincole,Orange Chat.
15 Kilometers North West of Bourke.
Fantastic morning while photographing Pratincoles about 8 birds including one sitting on nest 3 Flock Bronzwings came and landed about fifty meters away from me thay didn't seem to worry about me being there, great photo opportunity also 7 Orange Chats about.
Michael Ronan 3/11 #259087
Mon 2Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush,Bourke's Parrot, White-browed Treecreeper
9 km south-east of Fords Bridge on Bourke Road
at a location 9 km south-east of Fords Bridge, 3 Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush, a pair of Bourke's Parrots and 4, possibly more White-browed Treecreepers were found in a patch of Mulga, when looking for Hall's Babblers which were not located!
Steve Edwards & Mike Kuhl per Alan Morris 4/11 #259095
Sun 1Mangrove Honeyeater
Saltwater Inlet, Iluka
One Honeyeater heard calling in mangroves on edge of Inlet.
Black-necked Stalkers Twitchathon team (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago and Daniel Getaz) 2/11 #259077
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, White-eared Monarch, Little Shrike-thrush, Regent Bowerbird
Iluka Nature Reserve
At least three, probably more, Fruit-Doves heard calling in canopy, two observed, White-eared Monarch calling in response to imitation of its call, a juvenile (recently fledged) Little Shrike Thrush in small tree at head height, and a female plumaged Bowerbird in the canopy.
Black-necked Stalkers Twitchathon team (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago and Daniel Getaz) 2/11 #259076
Black Noddy, Beach Stone-curlew, Sooty Oystercatcher
Back Beach, S of Woody Head, Bundjalung National Park
A Black Noddy was observed flying just off the rock platform at Back Beach by the Black-necked Stalkers Twitchathon team in the early afternoon. It was flying north but eventually returned to the rock platform where it was photographed. This is quite ironic as during the 2009 Twitchathon the team observed the same species 5 minutes before the start time but it flew off 1 minute before so couldn't be counted. Observers' first record of Beach Stone-curlew at this site. Three Sooty Oystercatchers on rocks.
Black-necked Stalkers Twitchathon team (Greg Clancy, Gary Eggins, Russell Jago and Daniel Getaz) 2/11 #259074
Musk lorikeet
central Bathurst
seven Musk lorikeet found feeding in a flowering iron bark tree
Robert and Sue Porter 1/11 #259070

October 2020
Sat 31highlightAustralian Bustard
Marra Road, The Marra near Willie, Macquarie Marshes
Single bird seen in the same spot two days in a row. eBird checklist
The Dodgy Drongos (Simon, Max and Grant) 17/11 #259179
White-throated Gerygone
6km south of Condobolin
Single White-throated Gerygone calling from a wooded swamp about 6km south of Condobolin. Very few records in this part of the Lachlan.and generally a western record for NSW.
Mick and Steve Roderick 3/11 #259092
Black kite
Hastings Point
Black kite circling over Hastings Point bridge at 11.25 am
Eric Wheeler 31/10 #259060
Fri 30Gull-billed Tern
Yarrie Lake
Small flock of 10 birds seen above Yarrie Lake around 14:00. They did not stay long and headed off in a northerly direction. First sighting at Yarrie Lake, and first in inland NSW since August 2013; no reports on ebird for 2020 other than coastal and extreme far west (Broken Hill, Tibooburra). eBird checklist
V. Collins & M. Dahlem 30/10 #259057
Thu 29Glossy Black Cockatoo, Australian Owlet-nightjar
Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre
Where Crosslands Rd ends, near the gates to the Youth and Convention Centre, an Australian Owlet-nightjar called from inside an old gum, mid-morning. There were also 4 Glossy Black Cockatoos here, one an immature, which wheezed, or begged for food, continually.
Lorne Johnson 30/10 #259055
Scarlet Honeyeater
Girrahween Regional Park
Quite a few Scarlet Honeyeaters in flowering mistletoes along Wolli Creek. Also happy to record Variegated Fairy-wren, White-cheeked Honeyeater and Fan-tailed Cuckoo in Sydney’s inner west. eBird checklist
Alistair Poore 29/10 #259051
Wed 28Masked Owl, White-throated Nightjar
Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre
A Masked Owl called once at 10:10pm in the forest behind the Youth and Convention Centre. This bird (or another) also called at 8:50pm on the 27th, but from the other side of Berowra Creek. Definitely not a Barn Owl call. Unfortunately, as I was on Yr 7 camp supervision duties, I couldn't pursue the bird, which I still need to tick. A WT Nightjar called on five occasions before and after dusk from hilltops behind Centre.
Lorne Johnson 30/10 #259054
highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Woy Woy Memorial Park 5pm
Sitting on sea wall. I was looking for previously reported birds. Squat looking oystercatcher with significant white on bottom of wing bar. Short legs and bizarrely one foot missing. Long bill. Flew off with significan’t white underwing including all secondaries and most of primaries. Wide upper wing bar extending to secondaries and merging with tail and rump.
Neil Broekhuizen 28/10 #259045
Tue 27Cicadabird
Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre
A single Cicadabird the highlight of today's birds at Crosslands. 12 hours in the area today while on a school camp produced 41 species. Scarlet Honeyeater also worth a mention.
Lorne Johnson 27/10 #259041
Mon 26Pomarine and Arctic Jaegers
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A significant seabird passage is occurring off Sydney atm, today’s highlights : Short-tailed Shearwaters >1000 per hour Wedge-tailed Shearwaters- 200 per hour 10 Arctic Jaeger 6 Pomarine Jaeget 7 Flesh-footed Shearwater 4 Sooty Shearwater (min) Both Hutton’s and Fluttering shearwaters were identified, however, under today’s conditions exact numbers were hard to determine, out of about 150 ‘Fluttering’ types noted, I would guess about 70/30 in favour of Fluttering. Significantly, not a single Albatross seen.
David Mitford 26/10 #259036
Cattle Egret
Yetholme on private dam
three cattle egrets in breeding plumage found today at a private dam in Yetholme, I believe this is not a common sighting for Yetholme and certainly the first for us
Robert and Sue Porter 26/10 #259033
Sun 25Hall's Babbler, White-browed Treecreeper
Fords Bridge
3 Halls Babbler seen along the Lower Lila Rd off the Hungerford Rd. Along the Hungerford Rd was a White-browed Treecreeper calling.
Edwin Vella, Tony and Stephanie Dawe 5/11 #259105
Little Tern, Pied Oystercatchers & Peregrine Falcons
Sydney Airport
A pair of Little Terns flying in the embayment between the two parallel runways, the first we've seen this season. A pair of Pied Oystercatchers are currently attempting a second nesting this season after a failed attempt last month. The local Peregrine Falcons have had 3 chicks this year who have all fledged but are remaining 'indoors' near the nest - mum and dad are quite busy trying to keep the food supply coming!
Nigel Coghlan 27/10 #259042
Australian Bustard (Ardeotis australis)
19 km south of Burren Junction along Bugilbone Road.
-30.2316139, 148.8686309 Pair of bustards seen foraging on the western side of Bugilbone Road at 3pm.
Brendan Schembri 26/10 #259028
Wandering Whistling-duck
A pair of Wandering Whistling-duck giving good views all day on a private dam at Wivenhoe Village, Cobbitty. I haven't seen these in this area before.
Gregg Johnson 26/10 #259026
highlightBlack Bittern
Goulburn Wetlands
Flushed from dense vegetation by the main pond. Stunning! My first record in Goulburn Mulwaree and, according to eBird records, the nearest other records are from Nowra in 2009 and Canberra in 2018. eBird checklist
Frank Antram 25/10 #259019
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