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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour. Likewise we will not be publishing every Square-tailed Kite sighting posted to Birdline because of a significant increase in reports in recent years, particularly in coastal areas (with the exception of the far north coast).

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

April 2019
Tue 23highlightSwift Parrot
Mater Dei Estate, Cobbitty
Small flock of around 10 birds observed early morning flying around canopy trees hassled by Bell Miners.
Brendon Levot 23/4 #238328
Mon 22Oriental Cuckoo (possible)
Fairhaven Point (Wallaga Lake)
NOTE from moderators - the observation was made on 27th March, but posting with today’s date so that the post is visible). Pertinent to report my possible sighting on March 27th following the report from Merimbula on April 19th. Large grey Cuckoo with barring on lower half of chest, and yellow legs, look ooking 'lost'. Seen for a few minutes, and managed the attached (completely inconclusive) shot through the binos. The bird flew to the island adjacent to the tip, at the mouth of Fairhaven inlet. Wasn't able to relocate later with my camera.
James Schlunke 21/4 #238313
Sun 21Blue-Faced Honeyeater
Glenmore Park NSW 2745
First time I have seen a Blue-faced Honeyeater and it was happily using our bird bath and then calling out in our neighbours tree. I took a few quick pics and a video as I wanted to identify what it was.
Jessica Williams 22/4 #238320
Ground Cuckoo-shrike
Three birds observed in a paddock at the junction of River Road, Bushrangers Creek Road and Zaias Lane west of Wellington. Appeared to be two adults feeding a younger bird that was begging for food at times.
Anne Collins 21/4 #238311
highlightSwift Parrot (50+)
Fairhaven, Wallaga Lake
very large group of Swift Parrot spread out over Fairhaven Pt. at least 50 birds, possibly more. No flowering trees from what I could see. eBird checklist
Ash Allnutt 21/4 #238304
Regent Honeyeater
The bird arrived at the co-ordinates given by Carol Abbott on April 17th at 1pm joining mixed flock of Noisy Friarbirds, Yellow-tufted and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters in a flowering box tree 20 meters in from the road. Not banded. Only one Regent Honeyeater observed over 1/2 hour.
Gabrielle Rees 21/4 #238303
Sat 20Double-banded Plover, Red-necked Stint
Lake Cargelligo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Found two DBP this morning feeding with about a dozen Red-capped Plovers. Also present were two Red-necked Stint in very colourful breeding plumage. Other birds of note were juv Sea Eagle, Black-tailed Native Hen, Aust Shelduck and Aust Spotted Crake. (Moderator's Note: Double-banded Plover previously reported here on 13/4/19, apparently the first record here. However, in autumn/winter there are occasional reports from Fivebough Swamp & Koonadan at Leeton, Campbells/Nericon Swamp Griffith, Junee STW, Tullakool and in the distance past, Fletchers Lake Dareton on the Murray. AKM)
Warren Chad 22/4 #238314
Pied Honeyeater
Campbells Swamp (Griffith)
At least 4 birds, seen well between the carpark and the start of the boardwalk. eBird checklist
Stephen Mannix 21/4 #238301
Blue-billed Duck
Coleambally Sewage Ponds
Pair of Blue-billed Ducks on the pond closest to the main road. For company they has 300+ Plumed Whistleducks, 150 Grey Teal and 40 Pink-eared Duck.
Darryl Smedley 21/4 #238299
Yellow-faced + White-naped Honeyeaters
Blue Mountains National Park--Narrow Neck Trail
C.11,000 honeyeaters recorded between 9.30-11.30 on a lovely autumn morning at a busy Narrow Neck. Between 8-10:1 ratio of yellow-faced to White-naped with several small groups of Spotted Pardalotes and a few groups of Silvereyes. No migrating wattlebirds or currawongs. Also present a large (presumed female) Brown Goshawk hunting the honeyeaters, and a few flyover Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. Peregrine, Gang-gang + Spotted Quail-thrush along Hat Hill road towards Perry's lookdown, Blackheath later in the afternoon rounded off a good Easter Saturday.
Michael Ellison 20/4 #238297
Gang-gang Cockatoo
Nail Can Hill Reserve. Albury. NSW
4 seen flying over at about 4.30pm. They have been around for a few days
Pattie McGee 20/4 #238296
highlightSwift Parrot
Beauty Point (Wallaga Lake)
One bird circling overhead calling at 4:15. Very briefly landed in tree. I suspect there may have been more birds as I herd a few calls. eBird checklist
Ash Allnutt 20/4 #238295
100+ Plumed Whistling Ducks, Australasian Shoveler
Junee Sewage Treatment Plant
At least 100 Plumed Whistling Ducks, 2 Black Swans, 4 Pink-eared Ducks & 2 Australasian Shovelers we’re seen on and around the 3 ponds at the entrance of the STP today. Hardheads, Grey and Chestnut Teal and Australasian and Hoary-headed Grebes were also observed. Dodgy iPhone photo included eBird checklist
Steven Cooper 20/4 #238294
Restless Flycatcher
Randwick Environment Park
A Restless Flycatcher has been around Randwick Environment Park the last 2 days, near the main entry to the picnic oval Dooligah Ave. Making the zzzzrt calls and low perching & hovering. Uncommon here, the last report in Eastern Suburbs was 7 years ago.
Richard Murray 20/4 #238293
highlightSwift Parrot
Nurragingy Reserve
At least 2 present beside the education trail at the northern end of the reserve this morning.
Edwin Vella, Mark Fuller and CBOC group 20/4 #238292
highlightSwift Parrot
Acacia Gardens
Heard my first one for the season from Henry Mitchell Reserve at 7.20 am.
Edwin Vella 20/4 #238291
Fri 19highlightSwift Parrot, Oriental Cuckoo (possible)
Saw three Swift Parrots flying between trees near the Merimbula boardwalk. Also had a very brief view of a cuckoo which in flight was quite like a hobby and seemed to have barring on the chest. Am thinking possibly Oriental Cuckoo, but am unfamiliar with the species and cannot confirm. Different to Pallid Cuckoo.
Rohan Bilney 19/4 #238286
Eastern Barn Owl
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
A late afternoon visit to my old stomping ground produced a single Eastern Barn Owl. The bird was flushed by Pied Currawongs after its presence was betrayed by chittering New Holland Honeyeaters. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan 19/4 #238285
Thu 18highlightAustralian Little Bittern
Sydney Park
Adult female bittern observed when it flew across from rushes east of the viewing platform (-33.912271, 151.184325), landing west of the platform in a casuarina at around 8am. It sat and sunned itself on a horizontal branch for 20-30mins before dropping into some rank vegetation and subsequently flushing over to the 'island pond' where it perched up briefly. I have attached an average photo what I suspect is very rarely seen sunning behaviour from this skulky species. Ebird checklist from Max and I is linked, Corey and Will's list is here: eBird checklist
Simon Gorta, Max Breckenridge, Corey Callaghan, Will Cornwell, Gavin Gatenby 18/4 #238280
Wed 17Kelp Gull
Nobbys Breakwall Newcastle
Immature Kelp Gull first seen at the end of the breakwall being harassed by Silver Gulls, it then took off towards Stockton. Relocated it 45 mins later sitting on Stockton Beach right next to Stockton breakwall
Jeff Jones 17/4 #238278
Lewin's Rail
Sydney Park
One Lewin's Rail seen for all of 4 seconds at 3:30pm on island in big central pond. The bird scurried between tussocks close to the log which often has turtles on it. Great to see this uncommon, elusive bird in Sydney Park. Only my second record of LR in decades of birding! With many thanks to the birders who found it... Other birds of interest: 1 Little Grassbird, 1 Scaly-breasted Lorikeet and 2 Buff-banded Rails (always on mud in north-east corner of pond with island). No sign of Little Bitterns, unfortunately.
Lorne Johnson 17/4 #238276
Regent Honeyeater
Viewed the bird at 1.30pm today, approximately 100m up the road from where it was on the 11th. It is associating with Noisy Friarbirds and was very vocal. These are the co-ordinates : 33°07'34.0"S 151°06'46.7"E -33.126120, 151.112960 eBird checklist
Carol Abbott 17/4 #238273
Mon 15Flesh-footed Shearwater (deceased)
Redhead Beach
A beach-wrecked Flesh-Footed Shearwater was found while walking along the beach. I had never seen one in the Hunter & they are quite rare inshore. (Moderator's Note: Moderately common offshore, but few birds are found beachwashed.)
Archie Brennan 15/4 #238262
Sun 14highlightSwift Parrot
Lyndale Ave, Port Macquarie
Four Swift Parrots in the same Lemon Scented Gum they were seen in last year but two weeks earlier this time.
Tim Morris 14/4 #238256
highlightBlack-backed Bittern, Lewin's Rail, Buff-banded Rail
Sydney Park
Black-backed (Australian Little) Bittern seen iIn the largest pond at southern end of park. Of note, two Lewin's Rail spotted on the island in the pond just to the north of the main one (at 33°54'41.1"S 151°11'04.7"E). Also two Buff-banded Rail in that pond to the north - one at top of the small waterfall, the other on the island with the Lewin's Rails. Of behavioural interest perhaps, the Bittern was not sighted amongst the reeds of the north-east corner between dawn and approx 8:45am. Thanks to Neil Broekhuizen who spotted it exactly there another half hour or so after that and called me back, as I had already left. Two checklists submitted (S54926790, S54926794). eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg & Neil Broekhuizen 14/4 #238251
highlightSpiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Dibden Ave Kariong
First seen on the 7-04-2019 bird still here feeding on bottle brush in back yard seems to be enjoying its visit to the Central Coast.(Moderator's Note: Good find Graeme, Possibly 5th CC record, last report Norah Head 2014.AKM)
David Catt and Graeme Catt 14/4 #238242
Sat 13Turquoise Parrot, Spotted Quail-thrush
Yerriyong State Forest, Shoalhaven.
Greenish head with orange bill, bright pale turquoise wing patch/bar. No red on wing. Had a brief view of bird before it flew off from a branch. Clearly no sign of a red rump. In Yerriyong State Forest, an area near to where these birds have been sighted in the past. Our sighting was in an open heath area within the woodland forest. An adult female Spotted Quail-thrush was also observed on a dirt road in the same State Forest.
Carla Jackett, Nerida Hudspith 14/4 #238245
Black Petrel, Campbell Albatross
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
A Black Petrel capped off a terrific day out on the water today. It is only our second record off Sydney in April since 1996. Other highlights included Campbell, Shy and Black-browed Albatrosses. Also Flesh-footed, Wedge-tailed, Short-tailed and Hutton's Shearwaters. Wilson's Storm-Petrel, Providence and Grey-faced Petrels also around. Many Australasian Gannets as expected. Photograph by Neil Broekhuizen. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan, David Mitford and all observers on the Sea Eagle 14/4 #238241
highlightPied Honeyeater, Double-banded Plover
Lake Cargelligo Wastewater Treatment Plant
A visit to check out the Pied Honeyeaters payed off with 10 (5 M, 5 F) seen in total. They arrived around 7:15 flying in from the south to shrubs along the NE side of the ponds, just across the fallen-down fence (roughly here: -33.313714, 146.380634). They were observed foraging, but not calling, before departing to the east. A Double-banded Plover was also seen and photographed associating with the Red-capped Plovers. Very far inland for this species. eBird checklist
Simon Gorta and Thomas Burley 13/4 #238240
Yellow-faced Honeyeater (migration)
Pambalong Nature Reserve
The Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were in full swing migrating through Pambalong Nature Reserve this morning. A total of 3165 of them were counted (in 5's & 10's) between 10:19am and 11:26am (aggregate of three 20-minute counts of 790, 1130 & 1245 birds). There were also a few hundred Silvereyes (which have been moving north for a few weeks now) and up to 30 Scarlet Honeyeaters and lesser numbers of Eastern Spinebills moving through. Of interest I could only account for 3 White-naped Honeyeaters in that entire time and I saw no honeyeaters at all larger than a Yellow-faced moving through. Several raptors were in attendance and always slowed the movement of birds. Looking at the forecast Thursday might be the next 'good day' for witnessing the migration, which I strongly recommend! This migration bottleneck is best viewed from the car park along Cedar Hill Drive, near where the causeway starts. Note that the Blue Mtns had a count of 2388 birds (almost all Yellow-faced) in 20 minutes from Shipley Plateau on Wednesday (per Carol Probets).
Mick Roderick 13/4 #238239
highlightBlue-winged Parrot, Wood Sandpiper, Spotted Crake
Cotton farm swamp 20 km West of Condobolin
Great morning at the cotton swamp which is now very low with lots of exposed mudflats between the cumbungi At least 50 Blue winged Parrots were present, sitting in the dead trees and feeding on seeding grasses around edge of swamp. Four Wood Sandpipers were still present along with at least 25 Spotted Crakes feeding on the muddy margins. Brolgas were heard and Golden -headed Cisticolas are still present. Surprising to see at least 100 Zebra Finches considering the dry season
Warren Chad 13/4 #238238
Brush Cuckoo, White-headed Pigeon
Glenrock State Conservation Area
A Brush Cuckoo was observed foraging in the canopy over the Yuelarbah Track at -32.960217, 151.720275 and a White-headed Pigeon flew into a fruiting tree. (Moderator's Note: No previous records of Brush Cuckoo for Glenrock in Birdata or eBird and they are very scarce coastally in the Hunter. MR).
Archie Brennan 13/4 #238234
White-throated Nightjar
Gore Creek Northwood NSW 2066
A bird was on the verandah, apparently stunned, before sunrise. A few white spots on the tail feathers, and some tan on soft feathers fallen onto the verandah. A faint white line across the throat. As I went to take it into care, it flew suddenly away, low, to a nearby fig tree, with four sharp squeaky calls. My photograph is through glass and indistinct.
Sheila Walkerden 13/4 #238233
highlightSwift Parrot
Ted Scobie fields, Clifton Bvd, Griffith
While walking the dog today, a soft warbling from an Ironbark was followed by a Swift Parrot bursting out of the tree. The bird circled around for a bit before taking up position back in the Ironbark. At least 2 birds were present. (moderator's Note: This is a very interesting inland record! AKM)
David Parker 13/4 #238230
Thu 11Powerful Owl
Beecroft Reserve, Beecroft
A pair of Powerful Owls observed roosting on different branches of the same tree, about two metres apart. I had heard one owl calling the previous evening but had not been able to find it. Both are within about 20 metres of a previously-used (two seasons ago) nest tree within the reserve. Traffic noise from the very nearby M2 appears not to disturb them.
Gina McFarlane 15/4 #238260
Regent Honeyeater (injured, later died)
Lake Cathie School
A Regent Honeyeater (likely first year bird) was injured after flying into a window at Lake Cathie School, along Ocean Drive. The bird was retrieved and taken into care but later died. Posting here as there might be other birds in the vicinity (Swamp Mahogany trees apparently starting to flower in the area too).
Ken Monson per Mick Roderick 12/4 #238225
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Mogo Creek (near Bucketty)
Regent Honeyeater feeding on flowering gums at Mogo, Great Northern Road, Kulnura. Map co-ordinates - . Ebird observation submitted. eBird checklist
Carol Abbott 11/4 #238220
Wed 10highlightNoisy Pitta
Mitchell Park, Cattai NSW
Sighted whilst birding with Cumberland Bird Observers No photo recorded but seen by a number of members
Bill Coote 11/4 #238221
Topknot Pigeon
A flock of 20+ Topknots seen fllying south-east from the Hume Highway near Ashfield Leagues Club.
Graham Turner 10/4 #238213
Tue 9White-bellied Sea-eagle
Cnr Victoria and Wharf Rds, Melrose Park
A pair circling over the industrial estate about mid-morning.
Rafael Furniss 10/4 #238212
Providence Petrel, Grey-faced Petrel and Shy Albatross
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A good variety of birds in late afternoon gales. 2 fresh looking Providence Petrels, 4 Grey-faced Petrels, 1 Shy Albatross, 1 Sooty Shearwater, 20 Flesh-footed Shearwaters, 250 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, 1 Pomarine Jaeger, 2 Kelp Gulls and a Caspian Tern all seen. A possible Skua(sp) seen briefly a long way out having a go at a Gannet, was also interesting.
David Mitford 9/4 #238210
Mon 8Brush Cuckoo
Toongabbie Creek, Westmead,where Briens Road crosses the creek
I spotted a juvenile Brush Cuckoo after noticing movement in a tree. It froze as I approached and seemed to adopt a cryptic pose at the end of a branch. Seen along Toongabbie Creek just off Briens Rd opposite the hospital precinct.
Gina McFarlane 9/4 #238209
Plumed Whistling-duck, Zebra Finch, Spotted Harrier
Doughboy Hollow, Singleton
We counted a minimum of 500 Plumed Whistling-ducks along both sides of the hollow. A small group of 5 Zebra Finches also flew through past the hollow whilst we were observing the PWDs. A young Spotted Harrier was also hunting over the adjacent paddocks being harassed by a magpie. (Moderator's Note: Similar numbers were at this site in winter last year and in the past there have been greater numbers, eg ~800 in June 2013 and ~1000 in July 2012. MR). eBird checklist
Heath Milne and Tim Henderson 8/4 #238200
Powerful Owl
West of Nepean Park, Yarramundi
Two Powerful Owls heard calling at around 2230 last night from my house at the end of Thornbill Way, Yarramundi. I haven't heard them here for several years.
Jason Grubba 8/4 #238194
Sun 7Restless Flycatcher (1 female), Eastern Barn Owl (1)
Sydney Olympic Park
Seen at the Water Feature Pond, calling intermittently, showing some orange wash on upper breast. Also of note an Eastern Barn Owl at the Armory located by Noisy Miner hullaballoo perched in a Casuarina close to Parramatta River/Art Gallery.
Dion Hobcroft 7/4 #238186
Sat 6Wedge-tailed Eagle
The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan
One bird soaring over hilly eastern section of the Gardens, close to Hume Highway, mid-morning. The bird was harassed by five Australian Ravens. I've never seen a WTE in this spot before.
Lorne Johnson 8/4 #238197
Noisy Pitta
suburban house window at Bronte
A Noisy Pitta came into WIRES care today that had crashed into a window. Gillian, the WIRES carer advised that two years ago, around a similar date, one also crashed into a window at Bronte. The previous one survived and was released in an appropriate site on the Central Coast, where hopefully this one might also join it!
per Alan Morris 6/4 #238176
Plumed Whistling-duck
Wilberforce and Bushells Lagoons
Had 15 Plumed Whistling-ducks fly off and heading west from Bushells Lagoon in the morning where there are still large numbers of ducks (but not the Wandering Whistling-ducks this time) and other waterbirds as well as good numbers of raptors present. Like last Sunday, a single Great Crested Grebe was seen on the lagoon. At nearby Wilbeforce Lagoon viewed from Argyle Reach Rd I relocated most likely the same 15 Whistling-ducks (as per attached photo).
Edwin Vella 6/4 #238174
Musk Duck
McGraths Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant
Adult male Musk Duck seen well from Windsor Rd. No sign of the 2 Freckled Ducks I had there last weekend but saw 32 Freckled Ducks in the early afternoon at nearby Pitt Town Lagoon with an adult pair of Blue-billed Ducks and 264 Pink-eared Duck.
Edwin Vella 6/4 #238173
highlightPied Honeyeater
Old Canobolas Rd, Mt Canobolas SCA
Greatly cropped photo of the Pied Honeyeater. Great that Steve found M & F after I thought I had spotted the male yesterday. The birds are just inside Mt Canobolas SCA and preening in Exocarpus that was burnt in the Feb 2018 fires. About 30 Dusky Woodswallows hawking in the same location, including a number of juveniles. The Pied Honeyeater and the European Goldfinches I also saw are additions to the list for the SCA.
Rosemary Stapleton 6/4 #238172
highlightPied Honeyeater
Old Canobolas Road
A male and a female bird viewed in a dead tree for 30 seconds. The male clearly seen with black head, medium down curved beak and white wing stripe. The greyer female sitting on a branch just below. The birds had been reported to me from the previous day as a possible sighting.
Stephen Gross 6/4 #238170
Fri 5Musk Lorikeet (numbers)
Rankin Park (suburban Newcastle)
730 Musk Lorikeets counted going to roost before dusk. (Moderator's Note: Similar to this time last year there appears to be a large influx of Musk and Little Lorikeets into sub-coastal and suburban areas. MR)
Tom Kendall per Mick Roderick 7/4 #238181
Black Noddy
Sydney Airport
Continuing Black Noddy at Sydney Airport today, ranging from the southern end of the third runway, towards the Port Botany Hutchison Ports terminal and at the Mill Stream mouth. The presence of 2 immature white-bellied sea-eagles along the Mill Stream didn't seem to bother it. Also of interest, 6 Double-banded Plovers have arrived at the south end of the third runway, the first arrivals of an expected 14-18 that over-winter here, and a single Double-banded Plover at the eastern end of the east-west runway (an unusual daytime location for the night during curfew they scatter all over the place to feed).
Nigel Coghlan 5/4 #238168
Thu 4Mulga Parrot, Ground Cuckoo-Shrike, Pied Currawong
Wardry HSD house yard, 43 km West of Condobolin
This site is on the river and today I saw a pair of Mulga Parrots fly over heading up river. Nowhere near any mallee or their usual habitat. Theres a couple of Pied Currawongs been hanging here all summer which are out of their normal local range. Since December 2018 I have also recorded Brown Honeyeater, Black Honeyeater, White-fronted Honeyeater and Crested Shrike-tit in this garden, all of which I would not expect to see here. Very strange. There were also 6 Ground Cuckoo-Shrikes flying by today.
Warren Chad 4/4 #238164
highlightSouth Polar Skua
Pelagic off Forster
A pale South Polar Skua was the highlight of an otherwise very quiet pelagic out of Forster today. The bird was seen about half way to the shelf (-32.1257447, 152.7966345) and made a couple of passes of the boat before disappearing. A submission will be made to NSW ORAC. Photograph by Liam Murphy.
Mick Roderick and others 4/4 #238159
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Tepko Road, Terrey Hills
Three Glossy Black-Cockatoos were observed flying over Tepko Road in Terrey Hills. Calls were heard at the time of the sighting and approximately 10 minutes later. Birds were flying south toward Mona Vale Road.
Emily Rix 4/4 #238158
Wed 3highlightVaried Triller
Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah
During a visit to the Dairy Swamp on Wednesday afternoon an adult Varied Triller was seen and photographed near the commencement of the Greenfleet Paddock, adjacent to Tuggerah Creek. The site has some remnant creek side rainforest vegetation, but this area was specifically planted with indigenous rainforest trees and shrubs by volunteers in the period 2006-2012, to restore the original vegetation complex of the site.. This is the third Central Coast record for a Varied Triller. The first was seen in some remnant rainforest vegetation at Umina in August 1991, and 4 birds were seen at Mill Creek, Dharug NP by the late Neville Schraeder on 1 October 2011.
David Russell 8/4 #238199
highlightBlue-winged Parrot, Red-necked Stint, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Cotton farm swamp 20 km West of Condobolin
A single Blue-winged parrot first heard then seen and photographed in dead trees in swamp. My first record for the Lachlan Shire. 4 Sharpies and one Red-necked Stint showing good breeding plumage. Other birds of note were Spotted Crakes, Black-tailed Native Hen (24), Red-kneed Dotterel (70) and 2 Shelducks, numerous White-breasted Woodswallows (Moderator's Note: No records of Blue-winged Parrot from near Condobolin in Birdata or eBird. MR).
Warren Chad and Jo Lenehan 3/4 #238153
Speckled Warbler
Scheyville National Park - Stockroute Trail
Found 2 Speckled Warbler in low saplings near the trail, and was able to watch them for some time. Other highlights were 4 Little Lorikeets, Fuscous Honeyeaters, Varied Sittelas and a Crested Shrike-tit. eBird checklist
David Steel 3/4 #238148
Tue 2Noisy Pitta
Gore Creek Reserve, Lane Cove
A Noisy Pitta (deceased unfortunately) in Lane Cove, flew into a window from the looks of things.
Jenny Farrell 2/4 #238145
Ground Cuckoo-Shrike [2]
Chat Alley via Lake Cargelligo
Birds seen, one on the fence and one on the ground nearby, on the road going down to Chat Alley. No chats nor any other birds were seen at Chat Alley itself.
Max O'Sullivan, Allan Richards 2/4 #238144
highlightPied Honeyeaters [20+], White-winged Fairy-Wren
Lake Cargelligo Poo Ponds
At least 10 male Pieds counted with females along with numbers of White-winged Fairy-wren. All birds seen in the Box Thorn/saltbush patch on the northern edge of the ponds.
Max O'Sullivan, Allan Richards 2/4 #238143
highlightBlack Noddy
Mill Stream Lookout (Botany)
A Black Noddy was feeding with Gulls and Terns in the shallows close-in at Mill Stream Lookout. First reported at Sydney Airport in February. It seems to be missing some primary feathers and its tail feathers are tatty, so it may stay on this side of Botany Bay at this good food source until its feathers are sorted out eBird checklist
Richard Murray 2/4 #238141
Dusky Woodswallow
Single bird on the powerlines along Bangalow Road near James Gibson Road intersection. (Moderator's Note: Very few records for this region. Likely transient bird.)
Ian Colvin 2/4 #238137
Mon 1highlightBlue-winged Parrot
Private property 30 km north of Yass
A single blue-winged parrot flushed from an extensive area of low shrubland. (Moderator's Note: the observer is very experienced with this species and communicated with the moderators before we published. MR).
Mark Allen 5/4 #238167

March 2019
Sun 31Freckled Duck
McGraths Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant
2 Freckled Ducks seen from Windsor Rd.
Edwin Vella 31/3 #238130
Freckled Duck, Blue-billed Ducks
Pitt Town Lagoon
This morning I had an exact count of 61 Freckled Ducks on the lagoon being my highest count for this species in Sydney. It is highly likely other Freckled Ducks were hidden from view. There were also the 3 young Blue-billed Ducks too among 192 Pink-eared Ducks present.
Edwin Vella 31/3 #238129
Eastern Osprey
Further to Biggles outstanding raptor list I also had also over Wilberforce Lagoon an Eastern Osprey and 2 Little Eagles including the dark morph bird. On Bushells Lagoon were 16 Wandering Whistling-ducks and a single Great Crested Grebe. Attached is a photo of the Osprey with one of the Little Eagles it was picking on.
Edwin Vella 31/3 #238128
Wandering Whistling Duck
Bushells Lagoon
11 Wandering Whistling Ducks sighted along with many Pink-eared Ducks. Also numerous raptor species, ie. 3 White-bellied Sea Eagles, 1 Little Eagle (dark), 1 Wedge-tailed Eagle (over Wilberforce Lagoon), 1 Peregrine Falcon, 2 Australian Hobbys, 2 Nankeen Kestrels, 1 Black-shouldered Kite, 4+ Whistling Kites, 2 Imm. Swamp Harriers and 1 Imm. Brown Goshawk.
Biggles Csolander 31/3 #238121
Sat 30Little Friarbird (2)
Hawks Nest
At least two, but possibly more. Were moving through with Noisy Friarbirds and Blue-faced Honeyeaters. (Moderator's Note: Scarce coastally south of Forster. MR). eBird checklist
David Vickers 31/3 #238124
highlightHudsonian Godwit
Lake Wollumboola
There were hundreds of Bar-tailed Godwit, it was from the help of a Peregrine Falcon I was able to get some flight shots. Thanks to Carla Jackett & Demetris Bertzeletos for the information.
Geoffrey Hutchinson 31/3 #238116
Bar-shouldered Dove
I was somewhat stunned to see a pair of Bar-shouldered Doves at the end of Sherwood Drive, close to Mittagong Creek, early this afternoon. I’ve never seen this species in Bowral. My third ever Southern Highlands record (Bundanoon and Moss Vale other spots).
Lorne Johnson 30/3 #238114
Australian Little Bittern
Sydney Park
One adult female Australian Little Bittern refound at 4:20pm on north-east side of the southern pond as seen by Lorne and Steve on 29-3-2019. Bird was foraging in tall grass near northern viewing platform. Missed in December so lovely to have good views today.
Anne Brophy 30/3 #238113
White fronted Honeyeater, Black Falcon
Condobolin Sewage Treatment Works
First record of this species in Condo, bird feeding in a flowering gum beside sewerage ponds. Sign of the dry times. Black Falcon was hunting along an adjacent irrigation paddock trying to scare up any passing waders.
Warren Chad 30/3 #238110
highlightAustralian Little Bittern (a.ka. Black-backed Bittern)
Batemans Bay
juvenile came into care (Sandy Wortho on FB ABID with photograph), (Moderator's comment: Rarely reported in Eurobodalla Region. AKM).
Nikolas Haass (for Sandy Wortho) 30/3 #238107
Fri 29Australian Little Bittern
Sydney Park
One adult bird flushed twice from reeds on eastern side of the big pond at southern end of Sydney Park. 5:20pm. Footage taken. Awesome! With thanks to Steve Edwards who saw the bird a little earlier and put me onto it. So good to see an LB here again after my December 2018 discovery.
Lorne Johnson 29/3 #238104
Wed 27Powerful Owl
Laurieton Retirement Village
At 11.15 pm was aware that a large group of Rainbow Lorikeets had been put to flight, this happened again 15 minutes later and I became aware of a Powerful Owl calling from the forest edge some 100mts away. The owl continued to call for 30 minutes. Confirmed call on smart phone and was the same, there have been reports of a large owl reported to me by local residents over the past few months, but this is my first confirmation. (Moderator's Note: Powerful Owls are regularly recorded from the Hastings River Valley. MB.)
Stephen Gallivan 28/3 #238095
Little Friarbird
Mount Royal National Park
My first sighting of this beautiful little bird. It arrived early morning and joined a Crimson Rosella at the bird bath, both enjoying their time. Access to the site is private I'm sorry, but the National Park is a large area, may be found anywhere I suppose. eBird checklist
Dale Sandra Badman 27/3 #238092
Tue 26highlightHudsonian Godwit
Lake Wollumboola east
Continuing bird first found by Demetris Bertzeletos 2 days previously. Details on eBird. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 27/3 #238088
Swamp Harrier
Bicentennial Park (Sydney Olympic Park)--Waterbird Refuge
Juvenile in first molt, it had been seen the day before over the river at the Armory, and I also saw it in the Nature Reserve at the Armory on the 24th.
Geoffrey Hutchinson 27/3 #238085
Turquoise Parrot
Curra Ck, Royal National Park
One spotted in the (burnt out) coastal heath from the Coastal Track
David Noble 26/3 #238084
highlightBlack Noddy
Port Botany
Single Black Noddy observed well, flying low over the water between port Botany and the eastern runway, from a boat. I think one was reported from the airport not too long ago.
Max Breckenridge 26/3 #238081
Black Kite
Pymble, NSW
Six Black Kites observed circling above Hope Street, Pymble.
Emily Rix and Leesa Keogh 26/3 #238078
Mon 25Pacific Swift
Sawtell Beach
Loose flock of 36 Swifts drifted north above the beach at ~18:30, not at any great height.
Peter Higgins 26/3 #238079
highlightLesser Frigatebird
Brooms Head
Single Lesser Frigatebird seen soaring over the eastern end of Brooms Head Holiday Park (northern NSW). It appeared to be a different bird to the one seen at Ballina on Sat.
Steve McBride 26/3 #238076
Musk Lorrikeet
Beauchamp Rd, Matraville
Coming home after a weekend away small flocks of Musk Lorrikeets are flying around over the neighbourhood. Melaleuca's have been flowering profusely in the Eastern Suburbs, and I'm aware of some scattered sightings of Musk's in the past weeks, but it appears to me they're moving in at full force now. Similar events happened autumn 2016 and 2017, but I don't recollect this from last year.
Vincent Mourik 25/3 #238072
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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