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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Max Breckenridge, Mick Roderick and Simon Blanchflower.

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Moderators' Note

The moderators are monitoring current government regulations related to the NSW COVID-19 outbreak regarding stay at home orders. We will not publish any reports that potentially breach these regulations. Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the BirdLife Australia Atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) or Square-tailed Kites unless they are in unusual locations or are seen with unusual prey etc.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2021
Mon 25White-browed and Masked Woodswallows
Wentworth Falls
Estimated 100 flew over at 6pm in several tight flocks, though some were almost too high to see and there could have been many more. Approx 90% White-browed and 10% Masked. This is my first sighting for the season in the upper Blue Mountains, though Terese Ramage told me she had several flocks of woodswallows, up to 400 at once, flying over Faulconbridge on 10th October.
Carol Probets 25/10 #261080
highlightSuperb Fruit-dove
Near Nightcap National Park-private property
At approximately 11am I heard the call emanating from a tree nearby. Knew it was a little different. High up in the tree - not helped by the fact a Grey Goss-hawk was being harassed by Currawongs quite close by. Possible helped in me photographing it- I imagine it didn’t want to break cover as it was aware of me under the tree with my camera.
Tony Belton 25/10 #261076
Sun 24Banded Plover
Barnetts Lagoon, Kempsey
Found by Guillaume Doerig yesterday and seen by several local birders today. Associating with approximately 12 Masked Lapwings. Rare bird on the mid north coast. (Moderator: We realise the image is upside down but gave up trying to fix it!)
James Oates 25/10 #261081
Little Button-quail
Eulah Creek
Shortly after midnight, calls of at least two Little Button-quails were recorded near Box Gully Road, 3.5 km off Eulah Creek Road, ca. 20 km east of Narrabri. The birds were found at the interface of woodland covering a hill slope, roadside shrubs along the edge of the woodland, and cattle and sheep paddocks with lush grass growth on the other side of the road from the woodland.
Michael Dahlem 24/10 #261074
Sat 23Black Bittern, Black-faced Monarch, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Nepean Weir, Penrith
Single Black Bittern seen, not seen in area for last 2 years. Black-faced Monarch on hill track, only the 4th record for area on eBird. 2 White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes seen. Lot's of birds around at moment, 88 species seen Saturday morning eBird checklist
Martin Snowball 23/10 #261065
Barred and White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, White-throated Needletail
Historic Cemetery, Gordon St Port Macquarie
The Barred Cuckoo-shrikes are still present after being first reported at this site on 17/10 (#261027), 4 were seen today (2 pairs), along with 1 White-bellied and 2 Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes, as well as Olive-backed Orioles, Figbirds, Satin Bowerbirds, Channel-billed Cuckoos and other fig eating birds. Three early White-throated Needletails flew over about 10.30 hrs eBird checklist
Alan Morris 23/10 #261063
Fri 22highlightAustralian Painted Snipe
Forbes Aerodrome
2 Adults and 2 juveniles
John Shaw & Lauren Munro 25/10 #261082
Bush Stone-Curlew
Dora Creek boat ramp (on private land most of the time)
A lone bird making its way slowly between houses and the foreshore reserve
Maurice Ashton 22/10 #261059
Australian Ringneck
Reporting on behalf of Reece Trickey (supplied the photo) who spotted it near Alma Park, Uralla. Possible aviary escapee, but conditions have been good lately for western birds.(Moderator's Note: Publishing on the off chance it could be a wild bird and others are around).
Tim Henderson (on behalf of Reece Trickey) 22/10 #261056
Thu 21highlightInland Dotterel, Barn Owl, Banded Lapwing
50 km west of Booligal
While driving home late last night I came across about 50 Inland Dotterels along a 10 km stretch of dirt road. There were loads of Pipits, Banded Lapwing and one Barn Owl
Warren Chad 22/10 #261058
Australian Brush-Turkey
Wianamatta Regional Park, Ropes Crossing
An adult Brush Turkey was seen today in Wianamatta Regional Park along the boundary fence for about 5 min and then it went back into the park. This species is unexpected in the Cumberland Plain Woodland habitat of this Reserve.
matai ngaha 21/10 #261054
Wed 20highlightWompoo Fruit-Dove
9 Pollard Close, Holgate
Was doing the Australian bird count on our propety when I saw the 2 Wompoo fruit doves in a tree in our rainforest gully along Fires Creek at Holgate on the NSW Central Coast. Went inside got my camera, and was able to take 96 photographs. Never seen them here before in the 13 years I have lived here, and have never seen one before anywhere else. (Moderator's Note: Rare bird on the Central Coast, with reports only every few years. AKM)
Richard Aichinger 20/10 #261049
Top-knot Pigeon
A flock of c.50 Top-knots flew past my window in formation over Gore Cove heading SW towards Balmain at 9.55 this morning. About 20 minutes later another flock of c.35 flew past in the same direction.
Ted Nixon 20/10 #261048
Mon 18highlightCrimson Chat
Wybung Head
An adult female Crimson Chat in breeding plumage was seen at Wybung Head, Munmorah SRA on the Central Coast. Its discovery was after several days of strong westerly winds It was literally 100 metres from the sea. This is the first Crimson Chat recorded on the Central Coast LGA. Photo courtesy of Andrew Robinson (Moderator: A report was also received from Marjorie Kibby, so a few people are seeing this bird, great record for the Central Coast. MR).
Allan Benson 18/10 #261045
Painted Button-quail
Matraville, Sydney
I found freshly dead and flattened in forecourt of petrol station on Bunnerong Road. [Moderators Note: lots of PBQ in Sydney moving through currently - I’ve had 3 in recent weeks in Mosman including one in my front yard. Also this kind of carelessness is very upsetting and disappointing SB].
Chris Gladwin 18/10 #261043
Australian Little Bittern
Pilliga Lagoon TSR
This morning at 10, not far from the end of the dirt track along the Pilliga Lagoon, an Australian Little Bittern was heard calling. A top expert IDed the recorded calls as male advertising calls (to be posted on my website soon; cannot attach here).
Michael Dahlem 18/10 #261041
Sun 17White-throated Nightjar
Red Hill, Sydney.
Flushed a White-throated Nightjar while walking in the Heath on top of Red Hill this morning.
Michael Ronan 17/10 #261036
First return that I’ve observed so far.
Claire Wolinski 17/10 #261035
Barred Cuckooshrike
Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park, Port Macquarie
Nice to find at least 5 Barred Cuckooshrikes this morning in the historic cemetery, just off Gordon St Port Macquarie. Poor photo shows 3 of them.
James Oates 17/10 #261027
Sat 16White-throated Needletails
Sawtell, Mid-North Coast
About 30 WTN over Sawtell, at 15:00(blue skies, no storms), eventually drifted northish after swirling around from fairly low to quite high; first ones I've seen here this season.
Peter Higgins 18/10 #261038
Pallid Cuckoo and Chestnut-rumped Heathwren
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park--Bobbin Head Trail
Chestnut-rumped heathwren heard 300 m north along trail - called several times. Pallid Cuckoo seen another 200 m farther on. Both now unusual in the northern suburbs.
Ian Mcallan and David Martin 17/10 #261031
Painted Button-quail
Gwydir Avenue Trail North Turramurra
Single bird flushed twice on slope below trail. Male Leaden Flycatcher also seen as well as adult White-bellied Sea Eagle.
Ian Mcallan And David Marrtin 17/10 #261030
White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Magpie Goose, Superb Parrot
Middle Creek crossing, Pilliga to Wee Waa Road
Stopping at an ephemeral wetland by the side of the Pilliga to Wee Waa Road, a few km east of Pilliga, at around 11:15, we found two juvenile White-bellied Sea-Eagles, a Magpie Goose and a Superb Parrot (the latter being heard only; photos by V. Collins).
Michael Dahlem & Vanessa Collins 16/10 #261026
Red-necked Avocet
Southgate Lagoon wetland (16km NE of Grafton)
Pair of adult Red-necked Avocet observed roosting in shallow water at edge of wetland then flew to opposite side of pond showing distinctive black & white wing pattern. Rare species in Clarence Valley. Wetland on private property, clear view possible from School Lane. 29°36’50.4”S 153°00’42.3”E eBird checklist
Darryl Eggins 16/10 #261023
Painted Button-quail
North Head NP Sydney
One Painted Button-quail seen at close range crossing the track in front of us and later heard calling.
Ivan Chapman 16/10 #261021
Red Knot
Taren Point Shorebird Reserve
A single Red Knot was feeding on the mud with the Bar-tailed Godwits.
Richard Murray 16/10 #261020
Torresian Crow
Norwest Hillsong church area, Baulkham Hills
Repeated call of Torresian Crow , very distinctive and not seen this far south before.
Mark Clayton 16/10 #261018
Fri 15Satin Flycatcher
McCoy Park, Toongabbie
First found and reported by Nathan Ruser. A male and female in the trees on the northern fence line. Another rarity for the Parramatta LGA. eBird checklist
Joel Poyitt 16/10 #261019
Brown Falcon
First time I've sighted a Brown Falcon within Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and the last thing I expected to see. It was heading north from Diamond Bay over Christensen Park.
Biggles Csolander 15/10 #261015
Australian Brush-Turkey
Dame Mary Gilmore Road, opposite Oatley Park, Oatley.
Numbered 097, this bird walked along the top of my deck railing before disappearing into the rainforest garden next door. It is the same bird ( 097 ) that appeared in my front garden on 7 May, this year.
Dave Koffel 15/10 #261013
Thu 14Spotted Turtle-Dove
Moses Street - Merrigal Street, Griffith
Single bird observed on powerline, calling. (Moderator's Note: Rare bird in Griffith-Leeton. AKM)
David Parker 14/10 #261006
Grey Plover
Bicentennial Park (Sydney Olympic Park)--Waterbird Refuge
Continuing bird- noticeable breeding flush on chest
Jacob Starling 14/10 #261002
Eastern osprey
Marks Park, Tamarama
Seen this morning flying north along the coast towards south Bondi Beach. I have lived in the area for over a decade and have never seen an Osprey in the area. (Moderator's Note: in recent years there have been a number of sightings of Ospreys along the Eastern Suburbs coastline, as Ospreys continue their push south into Southern NSW although, although there has only been one as yet for 2021. AKM)
Charles Hunter 14/10 #261001
highlightRuddy Turnstone
Goulburn Wetlands
Of all the waders that might turn up at Goulburn Wetlands, this was probably the most unexpected! This is only the second record (in eBird) for Goulburn Mulwaree - the first being on 19 October 1991 at Lake Bathurst. There was also one recorded in the ACT (Fyshwick Sewage Ponds) on 13 October 2013. Record shots in my eBird checklist. eBird checklist
Frank Antram 14/10 #260997
Wed 13Brolga, Black-necked Stork, Grey-crowned Babbler
Tullymorgan Road (private land), Tullymorgan
Pair of Brolgas w chick and a pair of BNS with juvenile foraging in wetlands after recent rain. Many other wetland birds present (cattle/little/intermediate egrets, royal spoonbill, white-necked and white-faced heron, black duck, plumed whistling duck). Family group of 7 x Grey-crowned Babbler also.
Ian Colvin 15/10 #261008
Tue 12Black-necked Stork
Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah NSW
This image of the Black-necked Stork was taken at Central Coast Wetlands 12th Oct 2021 in the afternoon whilst walking with my grandkids. Apologies for the blurry image, by the time I had my camera ready it was quite a way in the distance. (Moderator's Note: Uncommon bird in the Central Coast LGA, last two sightings were 1/8 & 30/8/21, each time seen flying over Wyong. AKM).
Paul Henson 14/10 #260995
Satin Flycatcher (1) male
Rookwood Cemetery
A lot of excellent migrant action today with also Leaden Flycatcher (2), Black-faced Monarch (3), White-throated Gerygone (1) and a Dollarbird. Striated Pardalote nesting behaviour in central woodland. Most migrants in northern woodland.
Dion Hobcroft 12/10 #260988
Grey Plover
Sydney Olympic Park-Waterbird Refuge
Beautiful adult in worn breeding plumage was a rare visitor here. First record to my knowledge. Several people came to see it when the word got out.
Dion Hobcroft 12/10 #260987
Mon 11Apostlebird
Dumaresq Dam
A single Apostlebird in the exotic shrubs next to the entrance gate. Rare on the Northern Tablelands. Survey details -
Krishna Nagarajan 12/10 #260985
highlightLittle Curlew
Queensland Rd, Casino
A photo of a Little Curlew was posted on North Coast Birds & Wildlife Facebook group on 6th Oct. I took advantage of freedom day & went over to Casino for a look & found it in the swampy paddocks adjacent Queensland Rd, opposite Jabiru Geneebeinga Wetlands, north side of Queensland Rd. Apparently it was first seen at this location on the 5th Oct. (Moderator's Note: This species is on the Review List of the NSWORAC. AKM)
Steven McBride 12/10 #260981
Sun 10White-winged Triller
Spring Creek Reservoir, Orange
The White-winged Triller is a rare bird in the Orange District. Also seen were 3 Little Corellas,3 Cattle Egrets and a Whistling Kite
Bernard Huxtable 12/10 #260983
Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Eastern Koel
Wajard Park Wildlife Corridor, Coutts Crossing
Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling and then observed flying towards Village. Eastern Koel heard calling - first recorded at Village on 7 October.
Greg & Val Clancy 10/10 #260971
Varied Sittella, White-throated Honeyeater
Armidale Road, 4 km NNE of Coutts Crossing
Dead Sittella and Honeyeater together on road, apparently hit by motor vehicle. Probably interacting when hit. Sittella is a threatened species and has declined in recent decades in the Clarence Valley.
Greg & Val Clancy 10/10 #260970
White-necked Heron
Coutts Crossing village
Adult Heron tending nest for at least 5 days at edge of Village. Same tree as two previous breeding events.
Greg & Val Clancy 10/10 #260969
Brolga, Pectoral Sandpiper, Lewin's Rail
Boyters Lane, Jerseyville
While Ian Bradshaw and other people have reported these birds in the past few days, no one has reported them to Birdline NSW! The pair of Brolgas were near the Turf Farm at Jerseyville today, but have been visiting Boyters Lane too; waders included the Pectoral Sandpiper, 3+ Curlew Sandpipers, a Greenshank, 2 Black-fronted Dotterels, a Grey-tailed Tattler & about 25 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. A Lewin's Rail and two Buff-banded Rails showed well. Unless good rains fall in the next few days this, and most of the other wetlands in the lower Macleay Valley, will be completely dry! eBird checklist
Alan Morris, Fran Smith, Julia & Peter Hudd, James Oates 10/10 #260967
Painted Honeyeater, Red backed Kingfisher, Budgerigar
Lake Banar 20 km SE of Condobolin
Small flocks of Budgies flying over, Painted HE in mistletoe in Belah trees and 1 REDBACK KF hunting beside lake. Also hundreds of Whiskered Terns feeding over lake and Sea Eagle with nest out in the water.
Warren Chad 10/10 #260966
Curlew Sandpiper, Scarlet Honeyeater
Sydney Olympic Park
Pleased to spot two Curlew Sandpipers at the Waterbird Refuge at Sydney Olympic Park this morning. Not recorded on ebird for this site since 2014. Also present in nearby Bottlebrush were at least two Scarlet Honeyeaters. Not nearly as rare, but not often seen at this site. eBird checklist
Jenny & Rod Stiles 10/10 #260964
Whiskered Tern, Spotless Crakes
Prospect Reservoir
6 Whiskered Terns seen foraging over the reservoir this morning (not many perhaps this season with conditions looking good for them inland but I have had about 150 here in the past). Also seen were 2 Spotless Crakes (moving through a small reed bed adjacent to the Walter Park picnic area) at least 10 Great Crested Grebes (2 pairs seen displaying.One can see up to 200 Great Crested Grebes during the winter on the reservoir) and a Swamp Harrier.
Edwin Vella 10/10 #260963
Satin Flycatcher
Johnston Street, Annandale, Sydney
1 female in scrappy street trees (Silky Oak and Brush Box) on busy road until 10am when it flew off and could not be relocated despite much effort. Note dark undertail, hint of rufous on edges of wing coverts, very dark mantle and dark satin head, as well as intensity of orange on throat and upper breast. (Photo by Tony Palliser)
Tony Palliser, Chris Gladwin 10/10 #260961
Sat 9White-winged Triller
Had one adult male calling being only my 3rd sighting so far this season within the Blacktown LGA.
Edwin Vella 9/10 #260951
Satin Flycatcher, Australian Brush Turkey, Australian Owlet-nightjars
Wianamatta Regional Park, Ropes Crossing (Blacktown LGA)
Saw a male Satin Flycatcher on migration this morning. Also it was the first time I have seen a wild Australian Brush-turkey here and in the Blacktown LGA. Also a couple of Australian Owlet-nightjars calling to each other from seperate tree hollows but nearby to each other during the day. Other birds seen included an adult male Emu (I had an adult male Emu with 8 young as well as 2 other adults here the previous weekend. A well established breeding population), a displaying Brown Goshawk, an Azure Kingfisher, Dollarbird, Little Lorikeets, Varied Sittellas, Dusky Woodswallows, Restless Flycatcher and lots of Double-barred Finches amongst the 67 species recorded this morning here.
Edwin Vella 9/10 #260950
Powerful Owl
Windsor Downs Nature Reserve
In the north-eastern part of the reserve, near to corduroy trail. Not many reports on ebird for this part of Sydney. eBird checklist
Bashir Khan 9/10 #260949
Striped Honeyeater
The Entrance North Foreshore Reserve
Sighted a pair attending a nest possibly incubating as the female stayed with the nest. (Moderator's Note: Striped Honeyeaters are relatively common birds in the Swamp Oaks and Paperbarks around the foreshore of Tuggerah Lakes, the record is published because not everyone sees a nest! AKM)
Lester & Wendy Koch 9/10 #260946
Torresian Crow
Acacia Gardens
Seen flying over while calling about 6.55 am and I believe this maybe the first record for Sydney. Very familiar with the calls of corvid species. Over the years I have been seeing them come closer and closer to Sidney. Prior to this the nearest I have had them to Sydney is at Palmdale. (Moderator's Note: There appears to have been one previous record in Sydney, from Sydney Olympic Park 15th April 2011. The species is now occupying many 'new sites' in the Lower Hunter and is being reported more regularly on the Central Coast, possibly expanding its range south towards Sydney. MR)
Edwin Vella 9/10 #260943
Fri 8Australian Brushturkey
One bird beside Blackmore Bridge over Hawthorne Canal. The first Brushturkey I’ve seen in the Inner West in more than two years.
David Hair 8/10 #260937
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
South Creek Reserve, Gledswood Hills, NSW
eBird checklist
Anthony Katon 8/10 #260936
Wed 6rainbow bee-eaters
Terrace Road North Richmond
over 20 birds in a single flock - large number for this location
David Potter 6/10 #260926
White-fronted Chats
Bronte Road Bullarah NW NWS (70km west of Moree)
3 White-fronted chats in table-drain. (Moderator's Note: Rarely recorded in recent times in this Region. AKM)
Pat Johnston 6/10 #260925
Tue 5Black-faced Monarch
One bird spotted on my suburban block in the middle of Randwick surrounded by apartments. Feeding between Murraya hedge and a Pittosporum. Very surprised but delighted to see it was not the usual Noisy Miner! Clearly on the move.
Anne Brophy 5/10 #260919
Mon 4Restless Flycatcher
Royal National Park--Bonnie Vale Campground
A rare visitor to the Royal. Seen catching insects from perches in the mangroves and casuarinas.
Dave Robson 5/10 #260918
Common Sandpiper
Rileys Island Nature Reserve Brisbane Waters KBA
A single Common Sandpiper was observed feeding on the sandy shore, south east point of the Island 9.00am
Doug Hocking 4/10 #260914
Lewin's Rail
Sydney Olympic Park--Wentworth Common
In a small pond near Wentworth Common and the spiral hill thing. Heard it calling whilst looking for crakes. Possibly recorded earlier on the 25th of September by David Irving - he didn't leave any notes so I'm not sure if this was in the same location. Prior to this the last records in Olympic Park seem to be 2013 or 2014.
John Harrison 4/10 #260912
Pacific Baza breeding pair
Lane Cove National Park--Byles Creek, Beecroft
The bazas are breeding in the area again this year. Both parents have been sighted along with one juvenile.
Tim Morgan 4/10 #260911
Sun 3Common Sandpiper
Rhosendhal Reservoir, Port Mcquarie
One seen well this morning on the rock main wall, and then on the muddy margin on the northern side of the dam. Not many local records in the Manning/Hastings/Macleay Region.
James Oates 3/10 #260903
Sat 2Lewin's Rail
Sydney Park
In the gated area to the W of the lower lake. Pair heard calling and very active, in the open and under the boardwalk. (Moderator's Note: Lewin's Rails in Sydney Park are a great plus for this constructed wetland and good for the birders who can access this site, however, it is probably time that we gave this pair a rest, as obviously it is no longer "unusual" for this location. Great photo! AKM)
Neil Broekhuizen 3/10 #260907
Restless Flycatcher
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
A single flycatcher seen feeding near the derelict soccer stadium. Last record from this site was in 2017. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan 3/10 #260902
Fri 1White-throated Needletail
Fernbank Creek, Port Macquarie NSW
At about four thirty this afternoon I observed about a dozen Needletails over head there was a storm front approaching. First spring report for the Manning/Hastings/Macleay Region.
Tony Morton 1/10 #260896

September 2021
Thu 30Rainbow Bee-eater
Kamay Botany Bay NP - top of Henry Head Ln
When on the tracks at the top of the hill, I heard Rainbow Bee-eaters call. I walked out into the open where the golfclub is, and saw two RBE heading south, rather high up. When they were right above me the turned abruptly around disappearing towards the north. It appeared to me like typical migration flight, and the birds confronted with the water didn't want to pass to Kurnell. I believe eastern Sydney records for this species are fairly rare.
Vincent Mourik 1/10 #260893
Curlew Sandpipers (4)
Mill Stream Lookout (Botany)
A group of 4 x Curlew Sandpipers was feeding near the 15 x Bar-tailed Godwits roosting here today. First time I have ever seen this species here in 200+ visits.
Richard Murray 30/9 #260888
Wed 29Painted Button-quail
Oatley Park
One bird seen on the side of the track to the ponds, burrowing down hiding from passers bye. I managed to observe it turning and foraging for several minutes in the one spot. When I returned from my walk it was gone. This is the first time I have seen this bird in this park.
Ashley Hewson 29/9 #260884
Tue 28Sooty Owl
Repentance Creek (near Minyon Falls, Nightcap NP)
Just heard a Sooty Owl give the 'bomb drop' call out in farmland/Camphor Laurel gully forest. Have had them up in Nightcap NP and on adjoining forested land, but not out in more degraded environments.
Ian Colvin 28/9 #260879
Painted Button-quail, Dollarbird, Pacific Koel, Channel-billed Cuckoo
Sheldon Forest (Turramurra)
Surprised to have good views of Painted Button-quail just off the track. Aligns with the recent influx in coastal Sydney of late. Migrant return is also in full swing. eBird checklist
Theo Kemp 28/9 #260878
Blue-faced Honeyeater
Sydney Park
We were stunned and stoked to find a Blue-faced Honeyeater in the city farm area of Sydney Park at 7:15am. The bird, harassed by Noisy Miners, only stayed with us for a few minutes, then vanished. It called a few times. Photo taken as bird flew. An amazing record for Sydney's inner-west and Sydney Park.
Lorne Johnson and Steve Edwards 28/9 #260875
Mon 27Rose Robin
Hawthorne Canal Reserve Leichhardt
Juvenile seen high up in trees on the Greenway corridor, probably a young bird dispersing. One other record from winter 2019. Photo by David W Noble.
David Hair and David W Noble IWEG Greenway Birdos survey 2/10 #260901
White-throated Gerygone. Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Lake Parramatta Reserve, Parramatta
Two firsts for the reserve! First I heard the White-throated Gerygone calling and then was able to follow the call back to the tree it was in. A rarity for Parramatta. Another one was seen last week down at George Kendell Riverside Reserve in the Parramatta River ... maybe the same one? The Shining Bronze-Cuckoo was first heard calling on 24/9, and it was calling for three days eBird checklist
Joel Poyitt 1/10 #260899
White-throated Needletail
Magenta Shores, North Entrance
A single bird seen hawking bugs above the bush on the side of the road as I drove past this afternoon.
Daniel McKeon 27/9 #260873
Sun 26White-browed Woodswallow, Budgerigar, Crimson Chat, White-winged Triller
Manna Forest Road, SE of Condobolin
Heard White-browed Woodswallow calls as driving on western side of Manna State Forest. Towards the southern end there was an active group of 20-30 Woodswallows in Callitris and Eucalypt forest. Behaviour and high proportion of males suggested they may be nesting. Attached photo of female looks as if she has a brood patch (if they have these). Three Budgies flew up from roadside grass as we stopped. Further north near Ludlows Lane a Crimson Chat was on the fence beside a Canola crop and 2 male Trillers were calling from the forest trees. Actual locations entered in Birdata.
Catherine and Rosemary Stapleton 27/9 #260871
Short-tailed Shearwater
Kamay Botany Bay National Park--Cape Banks
First migration activity of the season for me. Intermittent flocks, some quite large, others about 200 birds. I reckon several thousands of birds passed in the 2 hours long seawatch. Also 1 Giant Petrel sp, 2x Black-browed A. and 4x Shy Albatros, plus a steady stream of small numbers (total few hundred) of the by now regular again wedgies. eBird checklist
Vincent Mourik 26/9 #260868
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher, Painted Honeyeater, Diamond Firetail, Little Button-Quail
Stock route 35 km Nth of Condobolin.
Second sighting of two Painted Honeyeater feeding and calling from Mistletoe in Box trees. Fourth Red-backed KF for the season. They are usually super rare around here. Little Button-quail still in same area as last week. Firetails also very uncommon here, only sighted one bird. Heaps of breeding activity and a lone Pallid Cuckoo still calling.
Warren Chad 26/9 #260863
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