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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Tasmania is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by James Melville, John Tongue and Paul Brooks.

We support ethical birding .

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

March 2019
Sun 17Blue-winged Parrot
Mt Campbell, near Cradle Mtn
A pair feeding amongst alpine heath.
Bill Scott-Young 18/3 #238043
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Notley Hills Rd..
3 eagles over a property at Notley Hills were brought to my attention by a calling Brown Falcon.
Geoff Bromfield 18/3 #238036
Fri 15Wedge-tailed Eagle
Notley Hills Rd
Single bird flew from a tree as I drove by.
Geoff Bromfield 15/3 #238017
Thu 14Painted Buttonquail
Narawntapu National Park
5 birds flushed from a wooded area by the track, 30 minutes out from Badger Head car park on Copper Cove track.
Geoff Bromfield 15/3 #238016
Prince of Wales Bay Sports Grounds
Almost daily sighting over the last couple of months.
Georgina Joyce 14/3 #238014
Wed 13Banded Lapwing
Cape Portland Rd.
Approximately 20 birds flew across the road in front of us when driving.
Frank and Lennice Wilson 14/3 #238008
Sun 10Interesting passerine behaviour
Egg Island, Huon River, Franklin
I was in a group of kayakers having morning tea sitting in our boats near the western end of a small channel that separates a small island off the north-eastern tip of South Egg Island from the northern section of the main island itself. A small bird, possibly an Olive Whistler, landed on top of the water where this channel joins the main river, remained there for several seconds, more or less motionless, and then took off and landed in some thick bushes near the water's edge. Has anyone else observed this type of behaviour? I was wondering if it may have been cooling itself down or trying to remove parasites. The air temperature was probably around 20 degrees Celsius at the time. The water is brackish and at least a metre deep at this point. The bird had a whitish throat, a dark grey-brown body and possibly some pale tail feathers, was whistler-shaped, and had its wings and tail feathers spread out when it was on the water. It seemed a little heavy taking off but didn't appear to be struggling or injured.
Richard Hale 12/3 #237992
White-throated Needletail
Peter Murrell Reserves
Many birds (>100?) this afternoon.
Alastair Richardson 10/3 #237984
Grey Goshawk
Blackmans Bay
Beautiful white morph Grey Goshawk landed on top of our trampoline and looked right at me for about 40 seconds. Beautiful!!! Managed a few photos.
Carly Milner 10/3 #237978
Sat 9Black-fronted Dotterel
Goulds Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
Four Black-fronted Dotterel feeding on mud on east side of lagoon.
Els Wakefield 10/3 #237977
Spotless Crake
Tamar Island Wetlands
Single Spotless Crake observed on a cloudy afternoon for several minutes with great views. Bird was seen on the mudflats near reed beds about 100m north of information centre but viewed from the boardwalk looking back towards the information centre.
Ian Lundy 9/3 #237976
Sat 2Banded Lapwing
Paddock 'behind' Perth
At least 36 birds loafing in paddock across the bypass road from the Perth township. Occasionally see a few here, but this is a bit of a mini-eruption.
John and Shirley Tongue 5/3 #236938
megamegaBrown Booby
Offshore from Pirates Bay, Eaglehawk Neck.
A single juvenile bird was observed by those on the Pauletta on our way back from a pelagic out of Pirates Bay. The bird was photographed as it flew north past the stern coming from the general direction of the Hippolytes. eBird checklist
Els Wakefield 5/3 #236934

February 2019
Thu 28highlightAustralasian Bittern
Tamar Island Wetlands
One bird flushed from the reeds adjacent to the snake information sign. It landed about thirty metres away in the reeds opposite the wetlands centre viewing platform.
Mae (Tamar Island Wetlands volunteer), per Helen Cunningham 7/3 #236953
Tue 26White-breasted Sea Eagle
Queechy Lake
Single immature perched on edge of unoccupied cormorant nest amidst throng of Royal Spoonbills, Great/Little Pied/Little Black Cormorants. Neither the raptor nor any of the prey species seem to be paying the slightest attention to each other.
Richard Ashby 26/2 #236930
Black-faced Cormorant
Queechy Lake
Two birds roosting on exposed mud away from the throng of Great/Little Pied/Little Blacks. Seen this sp. before up river estuaries but never on freshwater and inland.
Richard Ashby 26/2 #236929
Sat 23Spotted Crake
Townsend Lagoon, Lewisham
Two Spotted Crake feeding on mud at Lewisham end of the lagoon.
Els Wakefield and Mona Loofs-Samorzewski 25/2 #236923
highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Lake Dulverton
Observed a solitary Pectoral Sandpiper camouflaging itself and also feeding along the edge of a small mudflat near the rear levee bank of the lake. MODERATOR: CAN YOU PLEASE CONFIRM THIS IS A PECTORAL SANDPIPER AND NOT A SHARPIE [Moderator's note - angle is tricky, but I think there is enough detail there to make out Pectoral Sandpiper, and one was recorded at the same location recently]
Robyn & Alex Lagodzki 24/2 #236912
Fri 22Collared Sparrowhawk
Jennyfield Rd., Bridgenorth
Male bird being mobbed by green rosellas and kookaburras
Geoff Bromfield 23/2 #236905
Thu 21Grey Goshawk
This morning my chooks reacted to an all white bird in the neighborhood. I went to investigate and noted that a number of native birds were also reacting to the presence of this bird. On investigation, it was clear that the bird was a significant predator, best displayed by the reactions of nearby native bird life. I have little doubt it was a Grey Goshawk. This is the first time I have seen this species in the area although some reading suggests they are part of the local bird life population
Graeme Poole 21/2 #236893
Wed 20megamegaPectoral Sandpiper, Double-banded Plovers and high numbers of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers
Lake Dulverton Conservation Area (Oatlands)
An extremely enjoyable expedition to Dulverton! The highlight, of course, was the beautiful Pec, as smartly attired and gentle mannered as always. It would only associate with the Double-banded Plovers, which gave me a real shock when I noticed first one, then another, among the Red-capped Plovers, standing out as being a richly cinnamon colour by comparison. Also worth noting is the astonishing numbers of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, enjoying the low water levels. There were well over fifty birds, and quite possibly a hundred! eBird checklist
George Vaughan 20/2 #236887
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Sulphur Creek
Juvenile bird seen flying from east to west south of the highway. eBird checklist
Frank & Lennice Wilson 20/2 #236884
Tue 19Australasian Grebe
Tasmanian Bushland Garden near Buckland
Two Grebes on the first pond inside the bushland garden have been present for a few days. First observed earlier by Ruth Brozek.
Els Wakefield and Ruth Brozek 25/2 #236922
highlightPacific Golden Plover
Sherbourne, Moulting Lagoon
29 Golden Plover observed roosting on samphire flat behind shore of Moulting Lagoon at high tide. Area only accessible via private vineyard above the lagoon.
Els Wakefield 25/2 #236920
Mon 18Little Corella
Old Beach
Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed several Little Corellas flying overhead - first time I've noticed them this far south in the State. They appear to be hanging out with our resident flock of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos. eBird checklist
Suzanne Hedgecott 18/2 #236838
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