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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Tasmania is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by James Melville, John Tongue and Paul Brooks.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

March 2020
Sun 29White-throated Needletail
I was looking out the window when I saw what, without a size comparison, looked a bit like a distant Peregrine... but then more and more began appearing, and it dawned on me! Swifts!! They were quite a loose flock of some twenty five alien forms, hurtling along with barely a movement, and it was fascinating how the whole "storm front" thing was applying here; the second the rain started, they vanished, and when it tailed off another four went through, taking it up to a healthy twenty nine birds!! eBird checklist
George Vaughan 29/3 #248722
Fri 27White-bellied Sea Eagle
Mt Stuart
While in my kitchen, I heard a White-bellied Sea Eagle calling which sounded almost like a duck. I went out onto my balcony from where I watched it slowly circling and calling while being attacked by two Forest Raven. They were rising higher and higher until they were just specks in the sky.
Els Wakefield 28/3 #247719
Thu 26Black-headed Honeyeater
Sandy Bay, adjacent university
An infrequent visitor to our garden, seen every two or three years typically in March as it apparently migrates through. A group of about six initially seen in eucalypt in our neighbour's yard. One juvenile was later photographed in our plum tree. Other winter migrants returning today were Yellow-throated Honeyeater and Crescent Honeyeater. An abundance of birds in the garden today also included Superb Fairywrens, Grey Fantails, Brown Thornbills, New Holland Honeyeaters, Little Wattlebird, Yellow Wattlebird and Silvereyes.
Ian Lundy 26/3 #247702
Wed 25highlightWhimbrel
Jetty area, Robbins Is
Single bird, feeding busily amongst DB Plover.
Richard Ashby 27/3 #247709
Curlew Sandpiper
Guyton Pt, Robbins Is
60 birds - good flock for these days - many colouring up, in flock of 250-300 birds, mainly turnstone. Also single, very beautiful Golden Plover in breeding plumage. Bird permitted very close approach in kayak. Individual feathers distinguishable through bins.
Richard Ashby 27/3 #247707
Mon 23White-throated Needletail
Rookery Beach, Walker Is, north of Robbins Is.
Dozen birds at low altitude. Probably more obscured by intervening ridge.
Richard Ashby 27/3 #247710
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Big Sandy Petrel Is, north of Walker Is, north of Robbins Is
Not a sp. that I normally bother to report but pair of birds with substantial numbers of Forest Ravens at shearwater rookery. Presume opportunistic timing for inexperienced fledglings emerging from burrows. See also Grey Goshawk report on 3 Mar.
Richard Ashby 27/3 #247708
Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Esperance Road, just north of BiG Roaring Beach Rd turnoff
Initially, a Grey Goshawk observed crying from a large eucalypt; 20 minutes later, 2 Grey Goshawks observed flying across paddock and perching in a further eucalypt.
Cath de Little 23/3 #247685
Sat 21Masked Owl
Abbotsham behind Ulverstone
Bird screeching on margin of dense woodland and farmland at 2030 hrs.
Richard Ashby 22/3 #247676
highlightWhite-throated Needletail
Back Cam Road, Somerset
1415hrs - 100+ hawking above tree canopy. Fine, sunny with light breeze.
Rodger Willows 21/3 #247671
Thu 19Grey Goshawk (white morph), Brown Goshawk
Sandy Bay, adjacent university
Grey Goshawk in our neighbour's pine tree early in the morning (same spot as the peregrine the previous day). Then a Brown Goshawk in our almond tree at lunch time. These are both fairly regular visitors but a treat to see both on the same day.
Ian Lundy 22/3 #247677
Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Notley Hills
Female seen perched at 40 m from our house at 1000 hrs was being mobbed by Yellow Wattlebirds and Grey Currawongs. It was later seen on our property on Jennyfield Rd and was hanging around our chook house. This explains the disappearance of Maccer, a rooster, 2 days ago. The goshawk was seen repeatedly throughout the day and was mobbed by ravens, magpies, lapwings and New Holland Honeyeaters.
Geoff Bromfield 19/3 #247652
Wed 18Peregrine Falcon
Sandy Bay, adjacent to uni
Adult Peregrine sitting high in a pine tree in a neighbour's yard. Great views as it hung out for quite a while before flying off. A very occasional visitor here.
Ian Lundy 18/3 #247647
highlightSwift Parrot
Back Cam Road, Somerset
Flock of 80+ wheeling around Eucalypt canopy
Rodger Willows 18/3 #247645
Wed 11megamegaWhite-headed Pigeon
West Launceston
One male in backyard. Quite tame and curious. [Moderator's note: it's possible that this bird is an aviary escapee; inquiries are being made]
Constanza Angelucci 11/3 #246604
Tue 10Royal Spoonbill
Tamar Island Wetlands
Three birds feeding in the southern lagoon (1700 hrs).
Geoff Bromfield 11/3 #246605
Sun 8Blue-winged Parrot
Pieman Road, west of the Huskisson River
4 birds, 2 together the other 2 were at 50 metre intervals along the road. All birds were feeding on a grass verge along the side of the road.
Frank and Lennice Wilson 8/3 #246583
Sat 7highlightGrey Plover
Garden Point between Kelly Basin and Payne Bay, Port Davey
Solitary bird on spit near pair of Double-banded Plovers, Red-capped Plovers and both oystercatchers.
Richard Ashby 10/3 #246597
Thu 5Common Greenshank
Ralphs Bay Conservation Area (Lauderdale)
Two Common Greenshank in the corner of the bay opposite the primary school.
Anne Collins 5/3 #245569
Wed 4Wedge-tailed Eagle
Mt Ossa Track
Pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles riding the thermals as we descended from Mt Ossa to rejoin the Overland Track.
Greg Hunt 18/3 #247643
highlightPink-eared Duck
Tamar Island Wetlands
20 Pink-eared Duck were intermingled with the Grey Teal at the second bridge. eBird checklist
Margot Oorebeek 13/3 #246619
Southern Giant Petrel
Spain Bay, Port Davey
Beachwashed specimen, beaten up but still hint of green on lower mandible.
Richard Ashby 10/3 #246598
Tue 3Kelp Gull
Spain Bay, Port Davey
10 birds at northern end of bay. Sp. much commoner in general area than on last visit 10y ago and certainly much commoner here than Pacific, the latter only seen as individual birds.
Richard Ashby 15/3 #246634
highlightMusk Lorikeet
Bramble Cove, Port Davey
Way out of range for sp. but unmistakeable small parrot sotto voce 'quivering' call heard in blossoming tee tree or melaleuca. No other Tas parrots make this sound except for corellas which are much louder. Bird not seen unfortunately.
Richard Ashby 10/3 #246602
highlightGrey Goshawk
Southwest National Park--Breaksea Islands
Bird perched in dead tree at edge of Short-tailed Shearwater colony, presumably watching for naive chicks to poke a hread out. Quite surprised to see this species in this environment. Some arboreal cover on islands but woodland only a km or two across water.
Richard Ashby 10/3 #246600
Sun 1megamegaTopknot Pigeon
Wesley Vale - private property bordering Bass Strait
Sighted bird perched atop a dead gum tree. Observed for approximately 15 minutes before he flew eastward. He was being harassed by Forest Ravens but then landed atop another dead gum tree about 1km from first sighting. Perched there for about 10 minutes then flew further east and out of sight. eBird checklist
Donna Evans 1/3 #245546

February 2020
Sat 29Southern Emuwren
Bathurst Narrows
Heard, not seen, at upper limit of hearing, birds driven from adjacent heathland into denser vegetation by days of 20-25 kn winds and rain.
Richard Ashby 10/3 #246599
Outside normal range
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