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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Tasmania is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by James Melville, John Tongue and Paul Brooks.

We support ethical birding .

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

May 2017
Sat 20Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Blackstone Heights (private land)
Heard a Fan-tailed Cuckoo calling early this morning for several hours.
Robyn Lagodzki 23/5 #230990
highlightFreckled Duck (10)
Goulds Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
Total of 10 Freckled Duck seen today, numbers seem to be steadily increasing. eBird checklist
Mona Loofs-Samorzewski 20/5 #230947
Fri 19highlightSwift Parrot
54 Mulgrave St, South Launceston
Several birds seen in eucalypts. Small flocks flying north in past 5 days eBird checklist
Des Wingfield 19/5 #230935
Wed 17Swift Parrot
East Devonport
Single bird flying over old carpet factory during an early morning walk. Seems to be a bit of a late leaver. eBird checklist
John Tongue 17/5 #230934
Mon 15Masked Owl
Dial Range, Penguin. Approx 1 km south of Motorcross track
Masked Owl seen perched on branch watching me. eBird checklist
Frank Wilson 15/5 #230917
Sun 14Royal Spoonbill
Queechy Lake
10 birds observed (largest number I've seen here) also Australasian Grebe (with Hoary-headed Grebe) and three Nankeen Night Herons. eBird checklist
Rodger Willows, Alison Roach 15/5 #230913
Masked Owl
Adult female, unfortunately dead on roadside 1 km south of Cressy.
Bill Scott-Young 14/5 #230904
Sat 13Royal Spoonbill
Smithton Sewage Ponds
Another single bird (previous one in Wynyard a few days ago) flew in for ten minutes and then moved on. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby, Hazel Britton 14/5 #230905
Tue 9Little Egret
Don Heads, Devonport
Single bird on estuary, possibly same individual over last few years. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby 10/5 #230877
Beautiful Firetail
Mount Nelson
Whoa!! first time observing. Bird spent a few mins eating various milky type weeds in the garden. Quite bold, and not hassled by NH Honeyeaters. A few hours later saw bird fly across open yard into thick bushes on other side. Bright red rump made for positive ID. eBird checklist
Rod Maier 10/5 #230876
Sun 7Royal Spoonbill
Old Hospital Ck, Wynyard
Single bird, first time at this site in recent decades. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby 7/5 #230853
Fri 5Blue-billed Duck
Smithton Sewage Farm
Single bird seen (8 sp. of duck) for first time at this site. Numbers down for this sp. at the usual site on Hopeless Plains south of Smithton. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby 5/5 #230840
Wed 3Great Crested Grebe
Tamar Island Wetlands
Seen for a couple of minutes as it searched for food near the second bridge. eBird checklist
Helen Cunningham 3/5 #230824
Grey Goshawk
Mount Nelson
Been cruising around for a few months now, seen most days. There is/was a large colony of starlings in a gum tree, hopefully it's after them or blackbirds. eBird checklist
Rod Maier 3/5 #230822

April 2017
Sun 30Azure Kingfisher
Inglis River Walking Track (Wynyard)
Two birds seen catching crabs at low tide in the river at Cape Bridge Reserve. Another, or one of the same birds, seen from the footbridge across Big Creek from York St entrance. eBird checklist
Karen Dick and Mona Loofs-Samorzewski 1/5 #230805
Azure Kingfisher
Sisters Beach
Alerted to sound of window strike to find dazed bird sitting on our front door mat, 150 m from creek. Much 'yawning', presumably to test shocked bill structures. Flew off after 15 min. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby, Erica Ashby 30/4 #230800
Sat 29Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Pure white medium-sized raptor sitting on my Hills Hoist. Wow - never seen one before! Flew off before we could photograph it. eBird checklist
Anna Majdanska 29/4 #230793
Thu 27Australasian Grebe
Stowport (behind Burnie)
Pair of birds with pair of very young fledglings on private farm dam. Species seen sporadically but can't recall seeing chicks in recent years. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby 29/4 #230790
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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