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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Tasmania is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by James Melville, John Tongue and Paul Brooks.

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Moderators' Note

Birdline Tasmania will not publish any reports deemed to be in contravention of the current restrictions on unnecessary travel and reserve closures due to COVID-19. The moderators encourage everyone to limit non-essential travel - including birding. While restrictions are in place, the criteria for publication of Birdline reports will be relaxed so sightings of interesting or unusual birds for your back yard will be acceptable. Please bird at home!

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November 2020
Sat 21Blue-winged Parrot
Notley Gorge Rd., nr Conmurra Farm, Bridgenorth
Single bird flew from roadside where it was feeding dangerously. This species used to be seen regularly and in reasonable numbers but this is the first bird seen in 5or 6 years in the area.
Geoff Bromfield 21/11 #259220
Fri 20Blue-winged Parrot
Arthur Pieman Conservation Area
Sighted 7 of these birds over 4 days. Not sure about the in 7 in total, on 2 separate days sighted 2 lots of 3 in close proximity. The photograph taken 20/11/20 of 1 individual was taken south of Rebecca Lagoon. 3 seen north of Couta Rocks Road, 3 near Nelson Bay Road, all on the Arthur River Road. eBird checklist
Russell Twining 20/11 #259212
Wed 18megamegaPink-eared Duck
Queechy Lake
Pair of Pink-eared Ducks (first reported 7 October and one at least seen on each visit since) with 6 ducklings. Seen briefly on open water but they retreated to reeds. My first visit to the lake since 10th Nov, so can't say when ducklings first emerged. I'm sure the nest is on the willow island towards eastern end. [Moderator's note: potentially a first breeding record for Tasmania]
Tina McGlynn 18/11 #259194
Tue 17highlightPink-eared Duck
Bonnington Dam, Cambridge (privateproperty)
Two Pink-eared Duck on the lower dam before the house were resting on the wooden fence above the water in the low sun but swam off when I approached.
Els Wakefield 17/11 #259186
Mon 16Australian Hobby
Distillery Creek, Somerset Tasmania
Hunting Welcome Swallows over dam at dusk.
Simon Gates 17/11 #259183
Sun 15highlightSpotless Crake
Shorewell Creek, Burnie below Three Mile Line
One adult and three chicks
Simon Gates 17/11 #259182
highlightCommon Sandpiper
Wynyard Yacht Club
High tide roost.
Simon Gates 16/11 #259163
highlightCommon Sandpiper
Near Forth River boat ramp
Seen foraging for crabs along the waterline at low tide around 6:30 pm.
Dean L Hohn 15/11 #259159
Sat 14Cape Barren Goose
Harbour Islets, Woolnorth Point
c 35 birds + chicks at various stages of development.
Richard Ashby 14/11 #259144
Fri 13Bar-tailed Godwit
3 Bar-tailed Godwits on the Wynyard foreshore. A first for me in that location.
Michael Parsons 14/11 #259143
megamegaSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Marion Bay
When I saw three Oystercatchers flying in to land amongst their herd and the fantastic Godwit/Knot swarm on the inland side of the spit, I didn’t think anything of it at first... and then they started calling. Two were totally normal... but the other one? What the devil was that?! The cry was incredibly high and burbling compared to the others, almost as liquid as a Greenshanks call (which immediately came to mind)... and then they landed. I zoomed in on the strange bird with a real sense of inevitability... and there it was!! There was no shock or astonishment now, only certainty and deep, deep contentment... the tiny, thick legs mostly hidden by feathers... the thin spear of a beak a good third longer than the Pieds great chisels... I kept saying to myself “it is! It is!!” And indeed it was!! It was noticeably more lethargic in nature than it’s relatives, except for an impressive moment of stretching those two spears of mandibles. When the bird flew off with the same two Oystercatchers from before, my mind totally broke!! The huge white wing panel went right to the trailing edge, quite astonishingly obvious even with the naked eye!! Alas, that was the last I saw of this bird... but there it was! A South Island Pied Oystercatcher, at long long last in Tasmania, after years of checking every single Pied I’ve come across!!! More than this cannot be said; it was mind blowing to see how when one sees a South Island Pied, one immediately knows!! Not only this, but two Sanderlings, hundreds of Stints, Godwits, a single Knot mostly in its breeding best and an astonishing photo shoot with an incredibly alert Turnstone made this one of the most enjoyable birding adventures of my life!!
George Vaughan 13/11 #259142
Tue 10Bar-tailed Godwit
At the mouth of the Sulphur Creek
One bird seen at the mouth of Sulphur Creek over the last couple of days. Feeding at low tide, then moves up amongst the rocks, sleeps and preens then flies off before high tide, with Masked Lapwings. Can't see where it goes to at high tide.
Frank & Lennice Wilson 10/11 #259128
Sun 8highlightSwift Parrot
East Esplanade Smithton
10 Swift Parrots feeding in flowering blue gum near boat ramp. 20 SP seen in same tree on 21/10/2020.
Jenny Ostenfeld 9/11 #259124
Tue 3Latham's Snipe
Shorewell Creek, Burnie
Pair of birds. Common sp. but this seems to be the first Birdata sighting in suburban Burnie
Richard Ashby 3/11 #259089
Blue-billed Duck
Penna Settling Ponds (restricted access)
One male viewable from Penna Road.
Keith Reid 3/11 #259086
Mon 2highlightSwift Parrot
Sandy Bay, adjacent to the uni
Single bird flew over low at about 6.30pm and appeared to land in the trees somewhere near French St. Distinctive long thin tail with red vent and distinctive Swift Parrot flight call. My last record here was in October 2014.
Ian Lundy 2/11 #259084
highlightPied Stilt
Cask Lake (King Island)
4 Pied Stilt feeding and resting on the eastern side of the lake. eBird checklist
Ray Turnbull and Margot Oorebeek 2/11 #259078

October 2020
Sat 31highlightSwift Parrot
26 Epsom Road, Penguin
Since my last report on October 3rd, flocks of Swift Parrots have been feeding every day in the flowering Eucalyptus viminalis in our garden.
Ian Jury 31/10 #259063
Fri 30Nankeen Night Heron
Queechy Lake
Only one seen which flew from water's edge to willows at eastern end of the lake.
Tina McGlynn 30/10 #259056
Sun 25Freckled Duck
Goulds Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
One bird in the same spot as reported on Friday; still sleeping!
Qug McKendrick King 26/10 #259034
Australian Reed Warbler
Distillery Creek, Edward Street, Somerset Tasmania
I first heard it about three days ago and have not previously heard or seen this bird at this site (I have lived here for over six years).
Simon Gates 25/10 #259022
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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