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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Tasmania is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by James Melville, John Tongue and Paul Brooks.

We support ethical birding .

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November 2019
Sat 9Kelp Gull
This has to be one of the highlights of my whole Northern expedition! I was getting some gannet shots when I saw it; a big gull flying along with a very bouncy style, as opposed to the powerful coursing of the Pacifics. I knew this was something special... and there it was! A first year Kelp Gull, all cold brown and white tones and clearly streaky head! The cruncher was, of course, the very slim black bill... to say I was happy would not be enough! This was in the small park at the start of the straight road down to the sewage farm; the last I saw of it, the Kelp was hurtling to and fro along the cliffs of The Nut, seeming very much at home!
George Vaughan 9/11 #242753
Fri 8Yellow-throated Honeyeater
Blythe River, Heybridge
Adult bird scolding Strong-billed Honeyeater noisily, both birds seeking invertebrates under bark of same ti-tree. Smaller Strong-bill not intimidated. Interpreted as Yellow-throat having young nearby and resenting competition for food. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby 8/11 #242741
highlightSwift Parrot
Blythe River, Heybridge
Single bird seen and heard. Sp. also in Wynyard 3 Nov (one, perhaps two birds). eBird checklist
Richard Ashby 8/11 #242740
Wed 6highlightAustralian Masked Owl
Private property, 9 Miles Rd, Sulphur Creek
While spotlighting for mammals on a private property a Masked Owl called spontaneously from a creekline with old growth forest in it. Subsequent playback yielded a strong response, with the owl hovering above us and landing nearby. Listening the next day during the first hour after dusk didn't result in a call and playback was not attempted to avoid disturbance. Will have another listen later this week. Property not accessible to general public but access for research purposes might be feasible. Morepork also present on the property.
Vincent Mourik 12/11 #242780
highlightSwift Parrot
Oyster Cove
eBird checklist
Annie Williams 6/11 #242719
Tue 5megamegaWhite-browed Woodswallow
(Flintstone) Arthurs Lake, Central Highlands
Single bird perched on information sign at the turnaround. eBird checklist
Michael Hitchcock 6/11 #242722

October 2019
Wed 30megamegaWhite-browed Woodswallow
Ferniehurst, Campania
eBird checklist
Tom Sloane 4/11 #242694
Tue 29Blue-winged Parrot
Sisters Beach
Single bird, perched. Species, formerly quite common in small flocks, not seen in this area since 2016 and in the immediate vicinity since 2008. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby 29/10 #241640
Mon 28Australian Pelican
Wellington St., Launceston
Two birds circling high over the city in the early afternoon appeared somewhat out of place. eBird checklist
Geoff Bromfield 29/10 #241639
Sat 26megamegaWhite-winged Triller
Narawntapu National Park
2 Adult males in alternate plumage originally reported by Katherine Johns while on the Twitchathon on Saturday 26/10/19. Three adult males and one adult female since seen and photographed (27 and 28/10/19) at the same location. Males showed a black cap, largely black upperparts, black uppertail, grey rump, white wing bars, and clean white underparts. eBird checklist
Peter Vaughan per Katherine Johns 28/10 #241636
Fri 25Curlew Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and other waders
Orielton Lagoon
In another fantastic day's wader watching, the highlight was an astonishing six Curlew Sandpipers amongst a super-clump of stints! One of the Curlew Sands, however, had also befriended the Golden Plovers, and was feeding very happily amongst them. The tally of Sharp-tails has also now climbed to three for the season! eBird checklist
George Vaughan 25/10 #241592
Thu 24Blue-winged Parrot
West Point and Black Bull Scrub, West Coast
A pair of these increasingly-hard to find birds at each site. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby, Hazel Britton 26/10 #241602
Wed 23Tawny-crowned Honeyeater
Sarah-Anne Rocks turnoff, West Coast
Couple of birds, one of them displaying aerially. Ideal habitat here but they still have to be sought out. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby, Hazel Britton 26/10 #241598
Tue 22 Blue-winged Parrot
Two birds on fence. Feeding from the ground occasionally. eBird checklist
Pete Gibson 31/10 #241670
Blue-billed Duck
Marrawah lagoon
6 birds. Sp. seen here before but rarely. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby, Hazel Britton 26/10 #241597
highlightPink-eared Duck
Smithton Sewage Ponds
Two birds amongst approximately 1000 waterfowl of 21 sp. eBird checklist
Richard Ashby, Hazel Britton 26/10 #241596
highlightOlive-backed Oriole
West end of Louisa St, Triabunna
1 adult. eBird checklist
Alan Wiltshire 22/10 #241567
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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