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Sat 15White-fronted Chat
Denman Prospect, Wyndam Avenue
A friend just sent me this cropped phone image of three birds he saw running up & down the footpaths adjacent to a construction site at Denman Prospect last week. He thought they were a Chat but wasn't sure. Three birds seen, believed to be two males & a female.
Bevan McGregor 20/2 #245493

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Fri 21White-headed pigeon
Thought I was seeing things as I was driving on King street! Earlier report confirms that there is a white-headed pigeon hanging about the southern end of Newtown!
Amit Kelkar 21/2 #245499
Thu 20White-throated Needletail
Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve, Wollar
Approximately 45 birds flying at moderate to high altitude. Sighting sent to Professor Michael Tarburton. (Moderator's Note: An interesting Central West record. AKM) eBird checklist
Tom Kelly 20/2 #245496
Black Bittern
Boys Walk (Avondale College, Cooranbong) (restricted access)
After chasing a Striated Heron down Dora Creek I some how stumbled upon a Black Bittern sitting in a tree... a very pleasant surprise
Daniel McKeon 20/2 #245494
Wed 19Pacific Baza, Spotted Harrier, Satin Flycatcher
Oatley Park
Pacific Baza reported by a local birder on 19 Feb to north of baths at Oatley Park. I found the bird later in the evening, toward the lower entrance gate. Someone at the park told me they'd seen 3 Bazas in Baker St in recent days. Same local birder posted photo of young Spotted Harrier flying over baths on 18 Feb and male Satin Flycatcher at Webster's lookout on 16 Feb, with comment about a possible female at Jewfish Bay lookout although I didn't personally locate those two species. eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg 20/2 #245492
Wompoo Fruit Dove
Fig tree - waters edge opposite 68 Little Street, Forster
There are a pair of these birds living in the fig tree. We first noticed these birds only a few weeks ago, having never seen them in this area before. (Moderator's Note: While it is not unusual to have Wompoo Pigeon in rainforest patches in Forster, it is unusual to see them perched on a surburban balcony. AKM)
Chris & Carol Jarvis 19/2 #245487
Sun 16highlightDiamond Dove
Old airfield, Hat Hill Road Blackheath
Three birds seen in the burnt out area near the old airfield along Hat Hill Road at Blackheath. Very rare in the Blue Mountains.
Sally and Tony Garman per Mark Ley 20/2 #245495
Little Buttonquail
Cooney Creek, Argyle
Flushed from the millet paddock on the property, obvious white-cream flanks and dark outerwing. My second record of LB in the Armidale LGA with the first record coming from ~5km from this site in a Lucerne paddock in February 2013. eBird checklist
Heath Milne 20/2 #245491

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Wed 19Banded Stilt
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
3 in adult plumage (with bands) resting on rocks out of the wind, just behind a flock of 150 Crested Terns.
Sean Dooley 19/2 #245489

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