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Fri 18highlightBanded Stilt
Stockton Borehole Swamp (west side of Lake Macquarie)
Juvenile Banded Stilt observed this morning. Bird moves around a bit. Sometimes with the other stilts, but mostly solo. Bird has subsequently been seen by several observers today. Photo by Ted Elks. eBird checklist
Caius Christoe 18/10 #241534
One bird seen flying over houses near Hoskins St. (Moderator's Note: Very westerly record. MR)
Michael Crosland 18/10 #241531
Common Greenshank
Deeban Spit, Port Hacking
Common Greenshank spotted 7.30 to 8.30 am on Port Hacking tidal flats with 17 Bar-taild Godwits, 14 Eastern Curlews (1 with leg flag and ring from Jiangsu China) and 1 Whimbrel.
Julie Keating 18/10 #241530
Thu 17Crimson Chat, Glossy Ibis, Black-tailed Native-hen
Wonga Wetlands, Albury
One adult male Crimson Chat flew across one of the ponds. Two Glossy Ibis and 2 Black-tailed Native-hens which although often present in the past, have not been reported recently. Many White-browed Woodswallows feeding overhead.
Alan Morris & 26 members of CCGBNSW 18/10 #241538
highlightCrimson Chat
Ringwood Road, Goulburn River NP (Upper Hunter)
A male Crimson Chat was found in Goulburn River National Park (Upper Hunter Valley) yesterday by Neil Fraser. The bird was foraging on the ground in the "camping area" 2 km north of the Poggy Station gate.
Neil Fraser per Mick Roderick 18/10 #241533

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Fri 18Crimson Chat
Andersons Firetrail, Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park
A minimum of 7 Crimson Chats seen today along the Andersons Trail, 3 at the junction of Andersons Trail & Chiltern-Yackandandra Rd, and another 4+ about 400 m further down the trail. Other birds present include Dusky, White-browed and Masked Woodswallows, and Black-chinned, Brown-headed, Fuscous & Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters and White-winged Trillers feeding in flowering Box.
Alan Morris & 22 members Central Coast Group, Birding NSW 18/10 #241537
Wilby, Stewart st
Counted 27+ wild cocktails on vacant land feeding on grasses that I could see and 9 perched on powerlines down the Rd
Brendan Toll 18/10 #241536
Bendigo Sewage Ponds--Wallenjoe Road Ponds
3 Cockatiels flew from dead tree on Wallenjoe Rd, heading west. eBird checklist
Malcolm Cousland 18/10 #241532

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