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Sun 29Black- browed Albatross, Pomarine Jaeger and Kelp Gull
Maroubra Beach
An early autumn seawatch resulted in the following bird tallies : Black-browed Albatross 1, Pomarine Jaeger 1, Kelp Gull 1, Wedgies 50, Etc.
David Mitford 29/3 #248731
(possible) Little Ravens
Toongabbie has been my new home since 9th Jan. I see corvids flying overhead, but do not hear the dying notes, ever, of the Australian Raven. The call is aaah-a, with the final "a" a shorter, higher note. In describing these calls to Alan Richards, he believes them as typical of Little Ravens (Moderator's Note: Little Ravens are known to be winter visitors to western Sydney but it is not known if there might be resident birds. We are publishing this as a possible record only. MR).
Barrie Ayres 29/3 #248728
Fri 27Bush Stone-curlew
Main Street of Brunswick Heads. Far Nth NSW
On intersection of primary school and bakery corner in town block a bird crossed street towards the health food store side from the school side. Not very busy in towns present so maybe birds able to spread out a bit more.(Moderator's Note: The BSC population from Ballina Northwards to the Qld border is increasing, with support from the LGAs and bird conservation groups. AKM)
Carmen and Duncan fowler 30/3 #249734
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Eleebana Landcare site opposite Lindeman Ave
I was riding my bike at the Landcare Site of Glad Gunson Dr opposite Lindeman Ave when I heard a Glossy Black-Cockatoo. I looked up through the trees & & a pair of Glossy-Black-Cockatoos were flying over. I saw their red tails a they flew over. They appeared significantly smaller than a Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoo. Back to school from home though hopefully I'll see them again.
Archie Brennan 27/3 #247706

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Sun 29White-throated Needletail
I was looking out the window when I saw what, without a size comparison, looked a bit like a distant Peregrine... but then more and more began appearing, and it dawned on me! Swifts!! They were quite a loose flock of some twenty five alien forms, hurtling along with barely a movement, and it was fascinating how the whole "storm front" thing was applying here; the second the rain started, they vanished, and when it tailed off another four went through, taking it up to a healthy twenty nine birds!! eBird checklist
George Vaughan 29/3 #248722

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Sun 29White-headed Pigeon
Aireys Inlet
Single bird was seen feeding with the chickens in the backyard. Stayed for about 30 mins and ate seed from the chook feeder. Second time I have seen this bird in the last week. I suspect it was the same bird that I saw in Anglesea earlier this week.
aaron ledden 29/3 #248730

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