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Wed 5Azure Kingfisher
Cotter River, 100m downstream from the dam
Saw a single Azure Kingfisher flying up & down the Cotter River this morning. Unsure how common/uncommon they are in the ACT but I've certainly never seen one!
Adam FitzGerald 5/5 #260135

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Mon 3Square-tailed Kite
Thornlands Rd area, Thornlands
This Square-tailed Kite has been a regular in recent years, soaring over houses less than 1km from Moreton Bay. As you can see from the photo, the bird is watching me as I am photographing it from my driveway.
George Chapman 4/5 #260131
Stubble Quil
28 degrees,6 min S , 152 deg,42 min E. , Blackrock area, south of Boonah, Qld
3 birds, the first Stubble Quails I have seen in this general area since May 2015. this species was once {1970's } the most common quail in this area. Nowdays the Brown Quail is abundant in the area, when once it was not all that common.
Errol stenzel 3/5 #260128
Sun 2Restless Flycatcher
Store Road ,Yandina
Male, on River bank at far end of Store Road .Typical rasping call.No buff on chest.Glossy dark head and back with cut off to white at beak line.
Ross Sinclair 2/5 #260124

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Wed 5highlightSwift Parrot
Pembroke Park Minto
4 Swift Parrots foraging in Eucalyptus crebra blossom in reserve.
Brendon Levot, Amy Legge 5/5 #260134
Fri 30Brolga
Moomin, NSW
Two Brolga birds seen flying from flood waters at Moomin. Previously were foraging in the water. (Moderator's Note: Publishing on the assumption that this refers to Moomin Creek, in the Gwydir River system).
Georgia Pianko 5/5 #260133

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Wed 5Painted Buttonquail
Black River campground
Single bird seen circling and feeding, associated with Superb Fairywren feeding at freshly exposed bare ground. Many platelets in the area suggest a good population.
Jenny Ostenfeld 5/5 #260136

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Wed 5highlightGrey Goshawk
Disney Street, Bittern
Single adult Grey Goshawk seen this morning in the garden for 30mins. Flew off southwards towards Coolart Wetlands (4km away) at 920am. My first on the Mornington Peninsula. To note, subsequent to this record, it appears that the same bird was seen a few kms away two days prior to the sighting on 5th May.
Richard Hook 6/5 #260138
Tue 4megamegaSpangled Drongo
Seen briefly on powerlines this afternoon at the height of a cold, wet and windy antarctic blast. Pursued down the street in wet weather gear with Canon in hand to gain some distant photographs. Good enough for positive ID purposes. Heard the bird calling the previous afternoon before both of us observed it today. No further sightings within the Marlo township. This observation follows on from recent report from Wuk Wuk north of Bairnsdale
Len and Jacquie Axen 5/5 #260137

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