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Thu 27Hooded Plover, Australian Hobby, Topknot Pigeon
Lake Wollumboola, Culburra
An immature, unbanded, Hooded Plover was at the northen end of the lake near the car park, along with 2 Red-capped Plovers, and 2 Pied Oystercatchers. An Austalian Hobby made pass at a Nankeen Kestrel at the carpark and 28 Topknot Pigeons flew over. As we were crossing the Bridge into Nowra from the north there was another flock of 19 Topknot Pigeons.
Christina Port, Anne & Alan Morris 28/4 #230786

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Thu 27highlightSpotted Whistling-Duck
Daintree River--boat trip
2 adults with 5 well grown ducklings / juveniles. Juveniles are probably able to fly so not necessarily a definitive record of local breeding. If bred locally then think this is the southern most record of this species breeding in Australia.
Murray Hunt 27/4 #230784

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Fri 28Swift Parrot
10 to 15 Swifties this morning in River Red Gums
Deb Worland 28/4 #230785
Thu 27White-winged Black Tern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee),
Approx. 50+ No. in full breeding and non-breeding plumage. Seen resting on rocks off shore east of Beach Rd. and hawking in ponds west of Lake Borrie.
Tom Fletcher & Gordon McCarthy 28/4 #230788
Common Bronzewing
Hoppers Crossing
Common Bronzewing perched in the canopy of a large Spotted Gum in someone's back yard in Virgilia Drive. Pestered by Magpielarks that probably weren't familiar with this species. Not near any of the usual habitat that Bronzewings are normally found in. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie 27/4 #230782
Pink Robin
Female/imm, briefly at garden birdbath.
Glen White 27/4 #230781
Wed 26Arctic Jaeger
Altona Beach
Single light morph bird in aerial dog-fight with Silver Gulls off Altona beach just west of the pier 5:15pm. Semi-stormy conditions ideal for seabirds - also Aus Gannet quite close in to shore. eBird checklist
Colin Clark 27/4 #230777

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