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Wed 24Black Bittern
Hilliards Creek Park, Ormiston
A single Black Bittern was observed hunting near the causeway over Hilliards Creek next to Sturgeon St at Hiillards Creek Park (now renamed to Fellmonger Park). In the park there were also 3 Magpie Geese and two Buff-banded Rails.
Ted and Alex Wnorowski 26/5 #231015

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Fri 26Sanderling
Salty Creek mouth, Evans Head
Single non-breeding plumage Sanderling on the beach at Salty Creek mouth, uncommon here at this of time of year. Also 11 Little Terns still hanging around. eBird checklist
Steve McBride 26/5 #231014
highlightSwift Parrot
Werakata State Conservation Area (Pelton)
Reporting here (again) as this site is on public land and numbers appear to be building. I had 14 Swift Parrots last week and counted 33 this morning. Birds are best observed very early when they are associating in flocks. The one I managed to photograph 18 birds of a flock that had about 25 birds in it. From about 0730 onwards the birds settle down to feed/preen etc and are a little harder to find. Head down Pelton Road (dirt track that goes east in from the village of Pelton) and park at the second left hand turn. Just listen for the Bell Miners! Regent HEs may not be far away too, so eyes and ears peeled if you visit (a good place to look is further to the north either side of the gully that you cross). There are now likely at least 200 Swift Parrots in the Cessnock woodlands. Steve Roderick again visited the site late this afternoon and counted 47 birds. Further information
Mick Roderick 26/5 #231008
Thu 25Topknot Pigeon
Feeding in Camphor Laurel tree on Junction Rd - near Cnr Grosvenor Rd. (*not sure if publish worthy - have submitted to e-bird for record S37147408) eBird checklist
David Vickers 26/5 #231007
highlightPink Robin
Bowral - Holly Street.
Pink Robin (not Rose Robin) with black head, bright pink tummy and black/dark brown? tail. Round body like a Blue Wren. Sighted at 5pm on Thursday evening in Hakea tree surrounded by Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Ivy, feeding on small insects and darting in and out of vines for cover. Beautiful specimen, healthy and good colour. Feathers smooth and very quiet song. Chipper chipper chipper.(Moderator's Note: Reports of Pink Robins in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Sydney region are subject to review by the NSW Records Appraisal Committee).
Mrs. Jane Smith 25/5 #231003

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Fri 26Chestnit Teal
Cape Cleveland Rd salt pans
About 20 Chestnut Teal among the many Grey Teal and Pink-eared Ducks. At leas four males present. (Moderator's Note: - Rarely seen in the Townsville region) eBird checklist
Niel Bruce 26/5 #231010
Red-necked Avocet
Cape Cleveland Rd salt pans
Two Red-necked Avocet among the stilts. (Moderator's Note: - Rarely seen in the Townsville region) eBird checklist
Niel Bruce 26/5 #231009
Sun 21highlightRed-capped Robin
Ponderosa Road, Mutarnee, North Queensland
Female red-capped Robin seen and photographed on private property at Mutarnee approximately 67k north-east of Townsville. Moderator's Note: - This is a most unusual sighting for the coastal lowlands of North Queensland. Only one other Eremaea Birdline multiple reports of one immature Red-capped Robin at Tyto Wetlands, Ingham by Tony Ashton from June-July 2008)
Brian O'Leary 26/5 #231012

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Wed 17highlightDiamond Dove (3)
Murray-Sunset National Park--Lake Walla Walla
Three Diamond Doves were observed on the bank of the Lindsay River near the northern end of the lake. Access to the site was via a dirt access road off Old Mail Road, also at the same location was an overwintering Pallid Cuckoo eBird checklist
Tim Nickholds, Dan Ashdown, Alison Nisbett, Jack Parrington & Robin Rider 26/5 #231011

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