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Wed 20Budgerigar
Hughes Road, Barratta Q 4809
Three days in a row:- (Monday 18-01-2021) 3X Budgerigars first seen beside the road feeding on the seeds of Gomphrena Weed (Gomphrena celosioides), flying up to the powerlines above as I drove slowly past. The next day I saw 7X Budgerigars in exactly the same spot and about the same time late afternoon. Then again today, (Wednesday 20-01-2021) there were 8X Budgerigars feeding there same time of day. There appeared to be some juvenile birds there too. They flew up to the powerlines again and after a short time flew back to the road to resume feeding. I had a camera this time and took some photos and a video. (Moderator's Note: - Unexpected and unusual to see this species so close to the NE coast which has been experiencing inclement monsoonal weather now, while their inland habitats would seem more suitable)
Rob Dwyer 20/1 #259598

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Wed 20White-bellied Sea Eagle
Badger Head
1 (possibly 2 birds) seen above coastline from the coastal traverse path.
Geoff Bromfield 21/1 #259599

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Thu 21Scarlet Honeyeater
Greenslopes Rd at The Birdcage, Whiteheads Creek
I was sitting in my car in the parking area at the start of Greenslopes Rd. when a male Scarlet Honeyeater landed in a Silver Wattle about 3m from my car. I had finished my walk along the Rd., not hearing or seeing any SHE's. This is my first record of this species for Greenslopes Rd. This spot is not far, as the honeyeater flies, from the Rail Trail on the other side of the River, where I saw this species on the 18th of January. Last seen near this part of the River in 2017. eBird checklist
Val La May 21/1 #259602
Wed 20Double-banded Plover
Clonmel Island, Corner Inlet
While surveying the island for the Beach-nesting Bird Project we came across this Double-banded Plover in full breeding plumage. We assume that the individual has simply migrated very early
mark lethlean 21/1 #259600
White Bellied Sea Eagle
Nuns Beach Portland VIC
Two adults and a juvenile soaring over the cliffs. Seen 2 days in a row, first day adults harried by 3 Kelp Gulls.
Roy Chester 20/1 #259597
Tue 19Powerful Owl
Warramate Hills Flora and Fauna Reserve
Perched in tea tree near the dry swampland. Magnificent creature.
Sue Lush 20/1 #259594

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