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Wed 28Swift Parrot
HEZ, Kurri Kurri
Flocks of 6 and 4 flying over HEZ woodlands, more birds heard nearby, unable to locate (Moderator's Note: This is the 3rd site where Swift Parrots have been found in HEZ this season. For everyone's info the Pelton birds appear to have moved on or have dwindled to very low numbers [last confirmed report 11/06]. MR).
Steve Roderick 28/6 #231247
Crested Shrike-tit
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
Was surprised and happy to hear a Crested Shrike-tit calling today, unfortunately could not locate the bird however will look again in the coming days. Only 4 other Northern Beaches records that I am aware of.
Jayden Walsh 28/6 #231246
Sat 17Elegant Imperial-pigeon
Old New Brighton Road, NSW 2483
How likely is this observation. I was riding my pushbike along the Old New Brighton bike/walking track when i saw a dark coloured bird fly up off the road into some trees entwoned in vines about 100mts in front of me ... looked a bit like a male Satin Bowerbird but it was a gloomy grey day. I know the birds in this area pretty well, a Satin Bowerbird would be pretty rare anyway. I got off my bike, got out my binos and walked about 20mts and saw it come back onto the road. It was a pigeon I had never seen before. In my mind i eliminated the obvious pigeons I knew, of approx the same size... like a topknot, white-headed, brown, feral and wonga pigeons, what was obvious and what i remembered was the yellow eye, grey head and belly and the metallic green sheen on the wing coverts, like an emerald dove and head a bit like a topknot without the topknot and a beak like a white-headed pigeon Arriving home 10 minutes later and consulting the new Australian Bird Guide, the only bird that came close was the Elegant Imperial-pigeon. I had been assisting with planting trees for the NPWS so did not have a camera An hour later at 3pm when i returned it was gone. A Rose-crown and a Bar-shoulded was calling. I will keep looking, this time with a camera. [Moderator Comment: Published in case there are others in the area that may be interested in trying to follow up this promising report. AR. Subsequently, it has been pointed out to the Moderator's that some juvenile White-headed Pigeons, when transitioning to adult plumage have the appearance of an EIP.AKM)
Jan Olley 17/6 #231164

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Thu 29Shining Bronze-cuckoo
private bushland in Elphinstone
Calling loudly! I was so surprised I recorded the call so I could confirm with another birder, and yes, it's a shining.
Tanya Loos 29/6 #231250

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