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Sat 21highlightMusk Lorikeet
Michel Drive Currumbin waters 4223
About 50 birds seen in flowering lemon-scented gum in my backyard. Many other eucalypts around but not flowering so it is a wonder as to how the birds found this nectar source. When first seen on Saturday 21st, the crown was full of musk lorikeets but a couple of the usual Rainbow Lorikeets were skulking in a nearby ponciana. Since then the birds have been there each day but in lesser numbers and sharing the tree with Rainbows and Scalys. The blossom is now starting to decline but I counted at least 5 Musks in the tree this afternoon. I have not seen them here before despite living here for 53 years. Also I cannot recall BirdLife Gold Coast Local Branch recording these birds locally in the 12 years I have been a member.
Beth Hall 26/4 #234238

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Thu 26Black Bittern
Midjungbul Nature Reserve, Tweed Heads
Seen by BirdLife Gold Coast Local Branch members from the first section of the boardwalk. Was foraging among mangrove roots at very low tide (2.30pm). For the most part the bird was in deep shade but moved into some sunlight to see brown rather than black back so thought to be a female.
Beth Hall with BirdLife Gold Coast Local Branch 26/4 #234237
Wed 25highlightYellow-plumed Honeyeater
Single adult (non breeding plumage) Yellow-plumed Honeyeater was observed for several minutes. It was calling and associating with a small group of Fuscous Honeyeaters. Other noteworthy birds in the immediate area (on private land, in the village of Burrumbuttock): pair of Diamond Firetail, small group Dusky Woodswallow and Little Friarbirds. In the same location on 7 April 2018, a lone small buttonquail was flushed (little or red- chested). Since 2003 when we moved here, these are the first records of yellow-plumed honeyeater and any buttonquail species in this area.
David M Watson 27/4 #234242

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Thu 26Beautiful Firetail
Pt Sturt Rd--private property (restricted access)
Two or more birds calling and feeding in allocasuarina trees. eBird checklist
Michaela and Simeon Doecke 26/4 #234234

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Thu 26Pink-eared Duck
Romsey Sewage Treatment Ponds
Observed four groups of this species, each group swimming in a tight circle, obviously feeding. The largest group consisted of about 70 birds, the smallest about 25. They were hard to count as the birds in each group were so close together. Hadn't seen them feeding in this way before and HANZAB doesn't mention it.
Peter Houston 26/4 #234241
highlightPeaceful Dove
Epping Recreation Reserve
Single bird (Small Geopelia with blue orbital ring etc.) flushed from carpark onto fence bordering main oval at 1042. Allowed approach to within 5 m before flying into nearby trees (Thanks to my boss who stopped truck to allow closer look). While in such an urban setting might not look good for a wild bird would argue more likely one considering run of recent records in Greater Melbourne within last month (At least 5 I'm aware of), indicating dispersal of this species further S of its normal range perhaps in response to very dry conditions inland. No leg bands observed, nearby appropriate habitat and Darebin Crk corridor feeding from the N support wild bird theory.
Dan Ashdown 26/4 #234235
Freckled Duck
Lake Pertobe
Nice to observe a pair of Freckled Duck in the quiet NW corner of the lake today. Other species were: Pink-eared, Duck, Hardhead and Shoveler.
Martin O'Brien 26/4 #234233
Wed 25Peaceful Dove
One adult
Leonie Daws 26/4 #234236

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