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Wed 21Pallid Cuckoo, Painted Button Quail, Black Falcon
650 Bungawalbyn/Whiporie Road Private property
At least 3/4 Pallid Cuckoos calling and feasting on large grubs. All seemed to be sub-adults and one distinct juvenile. Dollarbirds, Brush Cuckoos and count of 9 Rufous Fantails. One Black Falcon and excellent views of female Painted Buttonquail in the gallery forest adjacent to Bungawalbyn creek.
June Harris and members of Richmond Brunswick Birders 21/10 #258967
Tue 20Cattle Egret
Narrabri Lake
Another breeding record for the bird refuge island at Narrabri Lake: Both Cattle Egrets and Great Egrets with nuptial flush. Ca. 50 Cattle Egret pairs nesting. The water level is low right now, but good rain in the forecast for the coming days.
Michael Dahlem 21/10 #258962
Sun 18White-eared Monarch
Iluka Nature Reserve
A short walk produced a White-eared Monarch and several Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves. 1 RCFD was collecting nesting material. Both species regulars to this site. eBird checklist
Steve Edwards 21/10 #258970
Sat 17Rose crowned fruit dove
Bundjalung National Park--Woody Head
>20 Rose crowned fruit doves observed feeding on Acronychia in the littoral rainforest between Woody Head campground and the Iluka Road.
Phil O'Shea 22/10 #258972
Fri 16Great Knot, Red Knot & Sanderling
Farquhar Inlet, Manning Point
Three members of the Hastings Birdwatchers took part in a spring survey of Farquhar Inlet at high tide. Highlights were 10 Pied Oystercatchers (including 3 nesting pairs), 37 Pacific Golden Plover, 24 Red-capped Plover,48 Eastern Curlew, 119 Bar-tailed Godwit, 56 Red Knot, 5 Great Knot, 2 Sanderling, 5 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and 26 Red-necked Stint. A count of 426 Little Terns was obtained which was a mixture of birds in breeding and non-breeding plumage, some courtship of breeding birds was happening. No Common or Aleutian Terns were seen.The day was very windy and the birds were often disturbed by repeated forays by White-breasted Sea-Eagles.
Silas Darnell, Clive Meadows and Alan Morris 21/10 #258965
Thu 15highlightAustralian Bustard
Silver City Highway, 70 km south of Tibooburra
One male seen beside the highway
Elisabeth and Tom Karplus 21/10 #258964

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Wed 21highlightEastern Yellow Wagtail
Tinnaburra, Lake Tinaroo
One wagtail seen briefly at close range on point south of water intake at Tinaburra, then flew across to opposite shore of the lake where it could be seen foraging. A very pale and grey individual worth a closer look if anyone is in the area.
John Grant 21/10 #258963

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Wed 21megamegaTawny Grassbird
Dandenong Valley Wetland
Along the westernmost track heading north approx. 100m up from the main cycle path. Heard calling and saw in flight late in the afternoon. Blurry record shot taken, and was seen by another birder (Bruce Wedderburn) at the same time. eBird checklist
John Daniels 21/10 #258969
Arctic Skua (Jaeger)
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
Single dark morph harrying a juvenile Pacific Gull at ~17:00.
Mark Stanley 21/10 #258966

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